The 10 major symptoms that will appear in the early pregnancy, one of them may be a good "pregnancy"

Menstruation is normal. In the case of sexual life, menstruation has been postponed for a week. Is it pregnant?

The pregnancy test strip was not measured, and it was too early to go to the hospital for examination. If you are pregnant, what other signs will you have in your body?

Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy vary from person to person. Different physical fitness will have different reactions, but it is nothing more than the following situations. If one is said, or most of the cases meet your characteristics, then congratulations on you are pregnant.Essence

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

1. Men stop menstruation

If your menstruation rules and you can usually predict when it will start, then this symptom can definitely indicate early pregnancy.You may find that your menstruation comes before any other pregnancy signs.

2. Breast

Due to the changes in body hormones, more estrogen and luteal ketones produce cause the gland to grow in the breast.Some people feel that breasts are heavier and sore than before.

3. Frequent urine

After the embryo is in bed, the slow change of the conference is squeezed into the bladder, which will cause pressure on the bladder. Increased blood flow will also cause pressure on the kidneys and cause urine to increase.

4. vaginal bleeding

Bleeding in bed with fertilized eggs will bleed, but it needs to be distinguished from menstruation to prevent pregnant women from getting pregnant without knowing themselves.Menstruation is a large amount of blood, and bed bleeding is a amount of blood wire or blood dots.

5. tiredness

Due to the rise of hormones, as one of the signs of pregnancy, most women will feel particularly tired.

6, dizziness

The body is generating new blood vessels in the early pregnancy, so blood pressure may change.This is probably the reason for your dizziness.But dizziness may also be caused by hypoglycemia.

7. Can’t breathe out

The fetus that grows slowly in the stomach requires oxygen, so you may feel a little hypoxia.

In the next long October, this feeling may be accompanied by expectant mothers until the end of delivery.

8. There is a feeling of back pain

If you do n’t hurt your back, this may be because the ligaments on your back are relaxing so that you have to be prepared for the next year.

9. Emotional changes

If you are really pregnant, you will gather many new hormones in your body.

This means that you may be angry or shed tears for no reason for inconspicuous incidents.

10, appetite changes

Some people have an appetite, and they usually want to eat things that they don’t like to eat, while others have a bad appetite and have no appetite.

Not everyone has obvious symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. Many people may not be different from usual. For some careless people, they even know that they are only two or three months pregnant.

So if you are more sensitive, if you have sexual life and menopause, you must pay attention to the above symptoms.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the following points


Stop sex:

Sexual life is prohibited in the early pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity or the incomplete embryo, the normal sexual life can stimulate the cervix and cause uterine contraction, and it is easy to cause early abortion.


Supplement folic acid:

Early pregnancy is a critical period for fetal brain and neurophayids, and folic acid is an important substance for helping neurosteopament.

Began to take folic acid regularly before preparing for pregnancy, and take the doctor’s advice after pregnancy.


Do a good job in private hygiene:

Due to hormone changes in early pregnancy, vaginal secretions will significantly increase to produce bacteria and trichomonas.

It is important to do a good job in private hygiene.It is recommended to wash the private part with water.


Do a good job of birth and early pregnancy B -ultrasound:

Do not ignore the examination of early pregnancy B -ultrasound, which can help eliminate ectopic pregnancy; check for single, twins, or multiple babies; eliminating ovarian and uterine abnormalities.


Reduce opportunities to gather together:

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers’ resistance will decline, and to densely crowded public places, it is easy to be infected with diseases.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers go to these places as little as possible, and bring a mask if they go out.


Pay attention to rest and avoid tiredness:

It is easy to feel tired in the early stages of pregnancy, and excessive fatigue can easily cause miscarriage. Especially for elderly women, pregnant women who have a history of abortion, and have chronic diseases, they should pay attention to rest.


Diet supplements should be moderate:

Avoiding special supplements will cause excess nutrition and obesity.

Generally, you can eat more fresh green vegetables and dairy products to help the fetus develop.


Careful use of medication:

If you are pregnant, you ca n’t use medicines. You must go to the hospital when you are sick. You must use the medicine according to the doctor’s advice. You must not use the medicine blindly by yourself, so as not to affect the development of the fetus.

(Note: The above content is for reference only, and can not replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment.)

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