The "toothache" of expectant mothers is likely to affect fetal health. These five methods to ensure oral health during pregnancy

According to some studies, expectant mother’s gum infection is very dangerous, because bacteria of gum infection will directly enter the blood circulation, and it may cause premature birth after reaching the fetus.Although this possibility is not high, if the expectant mothers really have a problem of toothache during pregnancy, it will really be uncomfortable because "although toothache is not a disease, it is really terrible."

Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must do a good job of dental protection. In addition to brushing their teeth at least twice a day, they can also try the following 5 methods to help ensure the health of teeth during pregnancy.

First, brush your teeth and clean your teeth with your teeth, and use fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.When brushing your teeth, you should pay attention to skills. Excessive force and easily hurt the sensitive gums, causing bleeding or even shrinking.When brushing your teeth, brush the tongue coating can also fight oral bacteria and keep your mouth fresh.

Second, if you ca n’t brush your teeth after eating, eat a piece of gum.Because the chewing movement can make the saliva in the oral cavity more, thereby cleaning the teeth; if the gum contains lignol, it can also prevent tooth decay.Or you can eat a piece of hard cheese, which can reduce the acidity of the mouth, and acidity is a major cause of tooth decay.

Third, pay attention to diet health.Sweets between the two meals, including sticky foods such as milk sugar, must be brushed more after eating.Eat more foods with high vitamin C content. Vitamin C can make the teeth stronger and reduce the probability of gum bleeding.And must meet the body’s needs for calcium, which can not only protect your teeth, but also help your baby’s teeth grow.

Fourth, during pregnancy, no matter whether you have tooth discomfort, the expectant mothers should do a dental examination within 8 months before pregnancy to clear the plaque. This can reduce the risk of causing tooth decay.The problem further deteriorated.But during pregnancy, you should stay away from all dental beauty surgery.

Fifth, women who are preparing for pregnancy, but tooth decay and other problems.It is best to treat the teeth before pregnancy, or at least the more serious tooth decay of the problem.Because dental surgery or treatment during pregnancy is a dangerous matter, and inconvenience of mobility will also increase the difficulty of treatment.

And if there is a problem of toothache during pregnancy, or suspect that you have tooth decay, you should go to the advice of the doctor as soon as possible, because the gingivitis that does not get the treatment will develop into a more serious gum problem, just like periodontitis and as much as possible and as much as possible and as much as possible.Severe pregnancy complications are inseparable.In short, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must protect their teeth health and avoid trouble to themselves and their babies.

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