The "Early Students" mobile phone appointment function is opened!Hangzhou 23 free checkpoint updates

Tide News Client reporter He Lina Correspondent Pan Lamin

Whether it is a sweet little couple who is planning to get a certificate, or a couple of one, two, and three children, you can conduct free pre -marital medical examinations and pre -pregnancy eugenics health examinations (referred to as "eugenics")!

Why do you want to check?

Because preventing birth defects start from the source.Before the sperm and eggs are encountered, you must prepare for it, and you need to get a planned pregnancy.

What can you check?

Log in to the Zhejiang APP, search for "Zhejiang has good education", and click the "Early Student Tips" on the right side of the name to see the introduction and service content of the "Early Students" project!

There are medical history inquiries, conventional medical examinations, reproductive system inspections …

There are more laboratory inspection items, leucorrhea routine, gonococci, sandyticae testing, urine routine, blood routine, blood glucose, liver and kidney function, thyroid function test, hepatitis B syphilis HIV test, and the most familiar TORCH examination.

In addition, B -ultrasound, chest tablets, etc. are also indispensable.

What else is there after the inspection?

After the test results come out, there will be doctors interpret, risk assessment, and eugenics guidance.There are also personnel follow -up to follow the pregnancy situation, or remind you if you need to take a further consultation.

The point is, where is the wool?

A few days ago, Zhejiang Province’s free pre -marital inspection and free pre -pregnancy health examination opened the mobile phone reservation function.

At present, some districts, counties (cities) such as Gongshu District, Xihu District, Yuhang District, Lin’an District, Tonglu County, Jiande City and other places such as Gongshu District, Xihu District, Yuhang District, Yuhang District, Yuhang District, Yuhang District, Yuhang District, Lin’an District, Lin’an District, Tonglu County, and Jiande City are open.Newcomers and prospective parents with service needs can make an appointment for inspection by the "Zheli" APP appointment.

Operating procedures

1. Log in to the Zhejiang -run app, search for "Zhejiang has good health", find the "fertility" module, and click "Equipment Two Exemptions";

2. Click "Online Appointment" to appear the interface of the "service agency", and make an appointment based on the positioning, time, and remaining numbers;

3. After selecting the time, please fill in your personal information, and mark "*" as a required item;

4. After filling in "Booking", you can see the submitted application form after returning.

Where can I check it?

At present, the organizational management of the city’s "eugenics and two exemptions" project is led by the Hangzhou Women’s and Child Health Service Center.The city has a total of 23 "Equipment and Two Exemptions" checkpoints, covering each district and county (city).

"Please indicate the source"

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