Ten pregnant women, nine constipation

[Powerful smile] [Popular laugh] Extraction of progesterone levels

After pregnancy, progestin secretion is increasing, and progesterone has the effect of inhibiting intestinal peristalsis, and constipation occurs like this.

Some pregnant mothers also take fetal preservation medicine, and the main component of fetal medicine is also progesterone, which is even more heavier.

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[Gaze] [Gaze] The huge uterus blocked the passage of the stool

The uterus that gradually increases during pregnancy will occupy more abdominal space. At this time, the intestines are under pressure and reduced peristalsis. They cannot reach the anus in time, and constipation will occur.

[Touch your head] [Touch your head] Easy diet, leading to insufficient dietary fiber

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will often not eat things because of pregnancy, so the lack of raw materials will lack bowel movements.

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In addition, things that can’t be eaten can easily lead to obvious insufficient intake of dietary fiber. The intake of the intestine will slow down. The food you eat is too fine, which will also cause insufficient dietary fiber.

[Delivery] [Delivery] Health products with self -confidence attributes

The supplementary health products during pregnancy, such as iron and calcium, will increase constipation. If too much supplement during pregnancy, it is more likely to lead to constipation.

Let’s take calcium as an example: Generally, calcium orally entering the gastrointestinal tract, the absorption rate is not high, most calcium will be excreted through the form of feces, and the calcium is easy to use the intestinal foods.Waiting for the combination of hard -soluble substances, so that the stool will become dry and cause constipation.

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[Little applause] [Little applause] The body is not moving, and the intestines are too lazy to move

Entering pregnancy, pregnant mothers are worried that the fetus will be affected and may reduce daily exercise.But remember that it is possible to reduce exercise appropriately, but if the exercise is insufficient, intestinal peristalsis will also be reduced, causing constipation.

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Therefore, it is best to maintain an hour of exercise per day during pregnancy, walking, pregnant women yoga, etc.

Excessive pressure and blocked bowel movements

Excessive mental stress is also one of the causes of constipation. It will interfere with the nerve regulation mechanism of defecation.

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