Talk about the three years of marriage without children, but after taking the test tube road, I naturally become pregnant (1)

My husband and I met for ten years. I got married in November 2015. I ended my long -distance running (we love each other early, and when junior high school classmates are married 24) I have no children for three years.He said to his house that he didn’t want to be small because he was still small. In fact, we were very anxious, but there was no movement.My mother took me to drink Chinese medicine mother -in -law and took Chinese medicine with Chinese medicine.When you hear where you drink a Chinese medicine pipe, you go to the hospital to check it.I forgot for a few months in 2017. I finally couldn’t sit still. I called my mother -in -law and said that I went to a large hospital to check the reason. I drove to a hospital for 5 hours. I found the tubal blockage during the examination.The tiger mouth was high, and the hospital at that time asked to perform minimally invasive surgery.Do you do surgery, it’s painful, my husband looked at me and asked me, and I wanted to do it.The fellow also said that in fact, you are not a problem. You go home first and skip the rope (meaning tiger mouth high first. Try it first) I recommend a Chinese medicine for you to try it. It is good to treat the fallopian tube blockage.At that time, my mother -in -law wanted to make to do it, and I guess I wanted to go to the baby early. I don’t know what to do. My husband said no. We went home to try it first. On the way back, I always wondered if I couldn’t get pregnant.I won’t satire me. When I get home, I chat with my mother -in -law. I said that I wo n’t get a divorce in the end. I do n’t want to delay him.(My husband has no parents. My mother -in -law is a sister -in -law and uncle.) After all, it is not easy for you to raise him. He finally got married and hopes that he can hold his grandson.If you do n’t have more children, you can raise more. If you ca n’t, you can adopt one. After listening to this, I feel sorry for this one.I started to know how to coax people) and I went to Chinese medicine with my husband. After watching the film, I could only try it because I was very serious. I remember that I couldn’t support it after drinking a dozen Chinese medicine.And it’s still fat, fat and fat, he saw me saying not to drink, go back to other hospitals to see, we went to other hospitals to see, the result still needed surgery. The two hospitals sentenced me to the death penalty.He said that when we went to the hospital for surgery, when we packed up the next day to go to the hospital, our customers asked you what to do if you closed the door all day.Ask me what I went, I said that when I went to Jinan, they laughed and said that you do n’t go. Try it to see the women and children of Zaozhuang. I ask you how to know the reason.Her husband said that I and my wife and I did not run the hospital. Jinan Xuzhou went to spend more than 100,000. It was not good. After taking medicine and pregnancy in Zaozhuang, I was excited to see hope.I drove to the women and children early the next morning. After watching the film, the doctor also said that either surgery or artificial conception or test tube.I asked how much the chances of artificial pregnancy are higher than the chance of conception. The doctor said 5 %. I said how the probability of the test tube. The doctor said 80 %. I decisively chose the test tube.In pain, I came out to my husband and said that I said that I wanted to test the tube. I didn’t know that I did n’t know more about suffering from more than 80 % of my pregnancy. From then on, my decision ushered in the pain and was welcoming my twin daughters.

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