Takeaway female rider, survive in "men’s system"

Author: Liu Yuxiu

This year is the third year of Afeng’s takeaway rider in Beijing. Prior to this, she never thought that she would start living north as a "rider".

Before coming to Beijing, she and her husband operated a car beauty shop in Wuhan, Hubei, Hubei, and could not keep up with the speed of money. Sister A Feng closed the car beauty shop and owed more than 100,000 debts.

In 2019, in order to repay the debt and escape the embarrassment of the defeat of business, Sister A Feng and her husband decided to drift North and find a job that earns more money.A 42 -year -old Sister A Feng is an undergraduate graduate from finance. She has been admitted to the positions in the hometown system and resigned and started a business.

She said: "I think I have a education, and I am not too old. Try to deliver resumes online.

There are not a few female riders who have a similar life situation with Sister A Feng.When they are middle -aged, they are facing multiple dilemma such as career, marriage, and parenting. In order to struggle from a "bad" life, they put on takeaway ride -handed clothes, helmets, and ride on electric cars on the streets of the city.

In this male -dominated industry, they have experienced in the work group of more than 220 people. Only a few of the same kind of loneliness have been sporadic.Inteution of inferiority.The rider’s job may not be the final point. In this unstable profession, they try to find their own position and fight with life.

Temporary "falling point"

Sister A Feng and her husband rented in a small single room of more than 1,000 yuan a month in Xicheng District, Beijing. The 15 -year -old daughter stayed in her hometown to take care of her relatives.

In order to maintain the livelihood and pay the debt of 2,000 yuan per month on time, Sister A Feng hopes to find a job that pays for salary on time.The husband does not have a job at present. He rides a bicycle every day to find an opportunity to invest in investment. He wants to do a small business in Beijing with the savings of his hand.But Sister A Feng disagree, "The epidemic is so serious now."

She interviewed the post of leadership in the supermarket, and the other party’s salary was 6,500 yuan.She can be competent, but stuck in the "age requirement under 38 years".Later, she received an interview invitation from the supermarket. She first asked the other party "Is there any age request?" But most of the age limit required by most supermarkets is 35 years old.

Some real estate companies threw her olive branches and sold their positions.She secretly asked a girl in the store for two years, and the other party told her that the salary was stable at 4,000 yuan/month, dispeling her idea of entry.

When receiving a call from the recruitment takeaway rider, she was a little surprised.The other party told her: "Six or seven thousand, work hard to do 8,000, and work hard for more than 10,000 monthly salary." As long as you can ride an electric car, download a navigation and a takeaway ordering platform APP, you can get on the job at any time, which makes her feelMind.

The 32 -year -old Liu Qing is a takeaway rider in Tianjin.Before becoming a takeaway rider, Liu Qing and her husband run a small restaurant in Tianjin.Due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic and the number of passengers decreased sharply, the couple closed the restaurant in 2020. The husband went to work in other restaurants, and she returned to her hometown in Xinyang, Henan to confine.

Liu Qing already has a 7 -year -old daughter, but in her hometown, most families have two or three children. The family also hopes that she will regenerate a son.

The process of giving birth to the second child was not smooth. When she was five months pregnant, the birth check found that the fetus had a 60%chance of dysplasia.Liu Qing did not dare to take risks to give birth to a child. "If the child is really sick, it is not something like a family like me." It was forced to be helpless. When she was seven months old, she chose to get a fetus.

Liu Qing resting in her hometown for a year, and after returning to Tianjin in May 2021, she was often anxious."The money didn’t earn, and the children didn’t take care of it. They felt useless."

On weekdays, my husband works in a hotel. He only off work every night at 10 o’clock every night, goes home and sleeps, and does not rest on holidays.She takes care of her daughter alone, and it is difficult to find a formal job.She tried to work for hours, but the busiest meal, she was going to school to pick up her daughter from school. When she was busy on holidays, she had to cook at home and taught her children’s homework.

But even if it is difficult, she is unwilling to send the child back to her hometown as a left -behind child."Because when I was in elementary school, my parents went out to work, and I stayed for a while. I knew that kind of taste, so I must bring my child with me.

Liu Qing sent her daughter to school at 8 am every day, and then pick up her daughter to take care of her class at 5:30 pm. The focus of life is always on the child.In September last year, her daughter went to work in the first grade of elementary school.

She is a crowdfunding rider on the takeaway platform.

Like Liu Qing, there are not a few women in order to take care of their children to choose to be crowdsourcing riders.Sun Ping and her team assistant researcher at the Institute of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, from March 2020 to June 2021, interviewed 30 female takeofs, 8 of which were chosen to take care of their children’s needs to engage in the public.Package.

In Sun Ping’s opinion, most women ride out of the countryside. In traditional families, women often bear more family responsibilities, and the output of takeaway work is more flexible.Some women are forced by helpless employment choices.

According to Sun Ping’s observation, the number of female takeaways has increased significantly in the past two years.Due to the new coronary pneumonia’s epidemic, the industries that female practitioners such as foreign trade exports, tourism industry, and education and training industries have received obvious impact. Many practitioners are facing layoffs, salary reduction, or business shutdown. They urgently need a low entry threshold., With salary advantages and timely salary issuance, the takeaway industry has become their temporary "settlement".

Survive in "Men’s System"

Many takeaway riders like to pick up orders at night, because there are fewer vehicles on the road after 9 pm, and the delivery costs are higher.

But when it comes to the far -reaching orders, Sister A Feng would rather add a few dollars to the delivery fee and transfer it to others.She deeply remembered that shortly after the rider, she was sent to a deserted and uninhabited cemetery to send orders. The customer placed a supper such as crayfish three times in three times, and the delivery fee was more than 60 yuan.

When she navigate to a few hundred meters away from the destination, the road ahead can only go around the road."There is no street lights on the road, no street signs, and there is a large truck -to -soil truck that opened in front of me and ate me with a gray face." When turning, through the light of the truck, she saw the cemetery standing next to the car.The brand scared a cold sweat.

"I am particularly afraid that there are wild wolves, wild dogs, or electric cars here." In order to strong, when the original road returned, she called a male colleague and kept a call -free call until he saw the place where there was a lamp.

In addition to worrying about the potential danger of the long -term order late, the physiological period is also one of the troubles of Sister A Feng.

Before becoming a rider, she liked to wear tight jeans, pants, and split skirts.But in order to avoid the physiological period that came suddenly on the way, she dared to work in dark pants."Because sometimes there is no toilet on the road to deal with it, it is embarrassing to stain the pants."

In addition, Sister A Feng’s physiological period response was severe, "I was so weak that she didn’t want to eat in the bed." Every time she arrived at the physiological period, she would temporarily ask the webmaster to leave at home for two days.And her takeaway platform, who specializes in the rider only has two days a month, this makes her have no chance to go to the park to walk in the park with a skirt.

Under normal circumstances, takeaway rides receive orders within 3 kilometers and need to complete the entire process of picking, waiting for meals, and meals within 30 minutes.In 2019, Sun Ping’s team had done an experiment to show off the orderouts when sending takeaway without speeding and compliance with traffic rules.The three takeaway rides interviewed said that in order not to time, and to complete more order distribution, "the electric vehicle without a rider has not been converted."

Sister Afeng found that many male riders rode motorcycles to takeaway. When the speed was fast, it reached 80km/h, but almost no motorcycle driver’s license was almost the female rider., But the fastest can only open 40km/h.

Due to the heavy motorcycle’s front, most female riders are not enough to control the direction.In addition, the fuel consumption of a motorcycle is generally 2.5-3 liters, which means that the fuel consumption of only 100 kilometers is nearly 25 yuan.If the number of running orders in the rider’s unit is small, it is not as good as using electric vehicles.

Sister A Feng runs 10 orders, and the male rider can run 15 orders.In order to fight for a sigh of relief, she continued to run the bill for a while when others were resting and eating, trying to earn the 5 orders."As a result, I did n’t eat well, did n’t drink well, and did n’t rest well. Later, I thought about it. I ca n’t be true for myself for thirty or forty dollars.”

Now, she has completed the goal of 300 yuan she sets every day. She will no longer compare with herself and men, or ask the other party "How many orders do you run today?"

Liu Qing also had a moment when she was too slow and anxious.

She did not have a motorcycle driving license, and she was afraid of accidents. Electric cars did not dare to drive too fast.When you encounter a customer’s order, you will dare to answer the phone after parking.In non -motorized lanes, if a rider wants to overtake, it will also take the initiative to avoid.However, she often saw a handlebar handle with a male rider, and one hand was connected to the phone, which was like flying."Looking at their bicycles, I’m afraid, and I am really dying on the road."

At the door of large supermarkets, many riders are usually gathered.Some supermarket orders with a weight of more than 20 kilograms, the delivery cost can reach 10-15 yuan, such as the bucket water of the box, 1.5-liter edible oil, rice, watermelon, etc.After receiving such orders several times, Liu Qing was sore, and plaster was pasted on her shoulders and backs. She couldn’t get it up for a long time.

Liu Qing once made a questionnaire: "When grabbing orders, what information do you most want to see the order?" She replied: "My only wish is to display the order weight."

Sun Ping described that the algorithm system of the takeaway system is created according to the body and spirit of men, and has a very obvious male temperament in terms of labor intensity and management rules."Most of the data sources of the algorithm are based on the standards of male data, so more and more women will have obvious discomfort to join the industry."

Takeaway sites in some places will be divided into grades according to the difficulty of distribution.Sun Ping explained that, for example, some sites have great work intensity, have a lot of orders during peak hours, large orders are large, and they are particularly easy to overtime. Various conditions are limited, and the delivery price of orders is also higher.Women are facing some congenital shortcomings. The order of 10 yuan/single is very hard. They will automatically sink to sites with low order prices and relatively relaxed sites.Even if they go to the difficult -level sites to apply, the rider at the site will say, "You can’t do this place", "We have no female riders before, and we are all recruited men."

Compared with the weakness of physical strength, how to "balance" to take good care of her daughter and riding work makes Liu Qing feel a sense of powerlessness of "separation and lack of technique".

"Sometimes the child is on vacation and takes her meals. Even if she is anxious, she will rather be slower, and she will not run through the red light or retrograde." When Liu Qing took her daughter to send a order, she only grabbed one or two orders at a time.In the community, you will stay with your daughter for a while.This also means that taking a daughter for meals, the income of a day is only half of the usual, less than a hundred dollars.

At the same time, she was afraid of being gossip- "Still taking children to takeaway?" And the special care of others.For example, the security guards at the mall saw her bringing the child to pick up the meal and persuaded her: "Money is endless." When waiting for the traffic lights, the traffic police also blamed her: "How safe is it safe to bring the child for takeaway?"

Once the rainy day platform was done, the delivery cost was higher. She asked her daughter to stand under the eaves of the bank next to the bank to avoid the rain and go to the store to pick up the meal.After returning, I found that my daughter was holding a coat left by a kind person.

Liu Qing often feels guilty, but she can’t figure out a better way.Her parents and in -laws are in the old home. Her husband works in a restaurant and get off work every night at 10pm.If she did not take her daughter out to take out, she was afraid that her daughter would not dare to go to the toilet because she was afraid of the wild cat in the hutong; she was afraid that her daughter would go out and play with the child, and she was afraid that her daughter could not eat a hot meal.

In her impression, once ordered a takeaway for her daughter alone. Because her daughter did not see the sealed opening next to the takeaway box, she smashed the lid and did not open it.During the noon peak, her daughter called her five or six calls. She distressed her daughter, but she could only say, "Don’t call me anymore, I can go home after sending it quickly."

Another time, her daughter was alone at home and went to her classmates to play. When she came back, she found a family with children around her, and she didn’t see her daughter. She was afraid to report to the police.She said, "Since then, I have not left my daughter at home."

"Decoration" and "show weak labor"

In Sun Ping’s observation, in order to adapt to the masculine working environment, female riders usually use two survival strategies: the first is to open the "HARD" mode, pack themselves with male temperament, and emphasize that they are particularly rough and special in this.The ability to survive the industry that needs to endure hard work.

The second is to show women’s temperament such as "smiley face, sweet mouth, slowly speaking, and tolerance".Advantage labor.

"Decoration" is like a layer of protection in the takeaway industry. Zhang Ling, who is a takeaway rider in Baoshan, Shanghai, adopts the first model.She often laughed at herself "male riders do not treat me as a woman."

Before entering the takeaway rider at the end of 2021, she had been in the cafeteria in the furniture factory. "Love beauty" was the first impression she left to others.Others wear apron to cook, but she never wear it, but likes to wear high -waisted super skirts, and she has to make up every day.

But after becoming a takeaway rider, her takeaway platform requires the rider to wear uniform workers and helmets every day.Works.Because she wanted to wear a helmet, she would be covered by the helmet with her eyebrows. She simply wiped out a layer of sunscreen and went out.Looking at it from a distance, it would be difficult to distinguish her gender without a pinch of the ponytail with a helmet.

There are more than 70 riders at the site where Zhang Ling is located. She often ranks in the top three in the site.Every time the rider ranking is updated, there are male riders discuss in the group: "You, you, you are not as good as a woman."

Choosing a takeaway rider, Zhang Ling’s purpose is very clear, that is, make more money.Her hometown is in rural Sichuan. The 14 -year -old daughter and 8 -year -old son are studying at the age. The house was decorated with a house in the past few years and owed a lot of foreign debt. She said, "As long as you can make money, you call me to wash the toilet to wash the toiletI am willing, I don’t care. "

In order to fight for more living space and opportunities in this male advantage industry, she went online at 7 am every day to pick up orders, one hour before the majority of riders, and the order that could not be available for backstons.In the peak of the meal delivery, even if the customer has an elevator, if the floor is not high, she will climb the stairs to deliver meals to save the time for the elevator.In early April, when the outbreak of the Shanghai epidemic broke out, the public toilet was not open for the time being. She had to not have a sip of water. She only went to the bathroom when she returned to the dormitory at 2 pm.

In Zhang Ling’s view: "My car can move 40 pounds, I try to give 40 pounds of things myself. As long as I can endure hardships, (in this job) Women are not worse than men."

Sister A Feng’s ideas is different. She said: "After all, we are a woman, and we must show weakness."

Sun Ping and his research team also mentioned in the thesis "Platform, Gender and Labor:" Gender Show "Female Rider": Some female riders will not blindly choose to prove that they do not lose their physical strength and ability, but follow the obedienceThe traditional gender norms, that is, acknowledge and use the identity of "weak women" to actively dispatch surrounding resources and seek help.

During the noon period, the elevator in the writing building is always overcrowded.In order to rush, Sister Afeng often shouted crisply: "Which handsome guy goes to the sixth floor? Help me, help me put the meal on the sixth floor."All are happy, "Sister A Feng said.

When she encounters too heavy orders, tires are tied by nails, or special weather, she will also call with customers to explain in advance to fight for the understanding of the other party.

On one occasion, the customer ordered 16 box lunches, 32 bottles of drinks, and the delivery fee was 8 yuan, 1.1 kilometers away, but she couldn’t get so much.She was embarrassed to help her colleagues helping the male colleague at the noon peak, so she tentatively asked the customer if she could help with it.The other party drove near the intersection of the traffic light and waited for her. She took the meal to the opposite side of the road in three trips.

But there will be a wall in ten times.On rainy days, she explained to a customer who gave a lottery: "If you are in a hurry, the soup is easy to sprinkle, wait patiently, and you can cancel the order if you are in a hurry."And ask her not to hang up the phone and send her order as soon as possible.

Sister A Feng felt grievance, and a male rider taught her. The next time I said directly, "I can’t send it to rainy days, you retreat." Or, "I want to be late for half an hour, can you wait?Don’t explain so much, not to mention the soup, take responsibility to yourself.

Sister A Feng realized that women are often more willing to think in other places compared to men, and they are more patient with customers, but they are more likely to cause misunderstandings in a direct way of expression and even damage their own interests.

Look at the eyes

Sister A Feng loves beauty. Every morning, she will spend an hour dress. Foundation, sunscreen, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner is as good as she is, and then put on clean fast -drying clothes and dusty coconut shoes.On the way to takeaway, every two hours, she would go to the public toilet to replenish sunscreen, wipe the mascara that bloomed the eyelids, and replenish it again.

When she took the meal, she didn’t grab or speak, so she was waiting for the name.Other people asked her: "Who are you waiting for?" "I wait." The other party often moved back and looked up at her. "You do so clean, not like running takeaway."

She talked to her colleagues. She spent four or five hundred yuan on cosmetics every month. A bottle was used for sunscreen a month. She had to apply a mask at night.Some women are surprised, "Do you still have time to apply mask?" Some male riders said that she was a "prodigal girl".

She is never annoyed, but she will correct the other party. "I’m not a prodigal. Like a man who smokes, the quality of life everyone is pursuing is different." Recalling the days of doing business in her hometown, she loves to wear lambskin fashion shoes with skirtsWith a cartoon pose jeans with cartoon patterns, the lipsticks of the front -line brands have bought more than ten branches at a time. She feels that the quality of life has dropped a lot.

Regarding the career of takeaway ride, A Feng admits that she lacks recognition in her heart, and the sense of inferiority of the profession has accumulated in personally."This profession is relatively low in society and is not respected."

She remembered once to go to the cafe to drink coffee without taking off her work uniforms.The waiter recommended her 10 yuan a cup of coffee, but the price of most coffee on the dining display screen in the store was more than 40 yuan.This made her feel offended.

When watching a movie, the ticket inspector will carefully look at her in work clothes.Sometimes entering high -end shopping malls, or delivery of food in high -end communities, may also be asked to take off the work uniforms before entering, or call customers to get it.

She can’t understand, "I’m not a takeaway offer when I take off my work clothes? Since society needs the role of outsournters, why should others look at us with strange eyes?" When facing these subtle frustrations, she can only comfort herself. "Wait for my sister to be rich, and charges a 10,000 card at one time, and once in front of them. "

Compared to the embarrassment and contempt that she met outside, what really made her sad from her husband’s understanding.

On a rainy day, when Sister Afeng sent takeaway, she fell on the road and went home to tell her husband that the other party not only comforted her, but counted her: "Why are you so stupid? You fell if others don’t fall."

She still remembered that when she came to Beijing for more than half a year, she had run out of a bottle of Armani perfume from her hometown, but she was reluctant to buy another bottle. She hoped that her husband would give her a bottle as a birthday gift.But the husband said, "You run out of takeaway, spray yourself so fragrant, are you seduce a man?"

In the end, Sister A Feng bought perfume herself, but did not buy Armani.

These two experiences are like a thorn in the heart of A Feng.

During the interview, Sun Ping also pointed out that this society’s review of women has never stopped. From the earliest time, women were raised in deep girlfriends, and now they are engaged in the fine work, light work, and decent work in the office.However, the feminine rider is the opposite of the female portrait of women’s expectations or social expectations, so the psychological pressure they face is huge.

The webmaster of the site also said: "Can you make herself look like a takeaway." She retorted: "What should the outsses look like? You must be facing the sky, can you even apply nail polish?Are there no freedom? "

"The big environment believes that a take -out should not make herself so delicate." She wore workers and high -heeled shoes according to the company’s requirements. In addition, she was unwilling to make any compromises for other people’s eyes.

When she rides a bicycle and waits for a traffic light, women often stop her: "Sister, do you make money? What are the requirements?" Sister A Feng thinks that there are more and more women who have to come out to make money.Just like the past, take care of your husband and child at home.

She calls her daughter with junior high school every day, but never tells her children what she does in Beijing.She hopes that she can do it now, do more, and turn around slowly when she encounters other opportunities.Or launch a fund to open a small store in Hainan to sell fruits and flowers.

Every time she picks up her daughter from school, Liu Qing will specifically hide her riding identity, parked the electric vehicle away from the door of the school, and prepare a cotton clip or a jacket in the takeaway box, wear it outside the work suit and then pick up her daughter.She described "as soon as he arrived at the school gate, (gas field) immediately became 1.2 meters, afraid of being seen by others."

"I worry that I have no other mothers, and I have looked down on others." This is a hurdle that Liu Qing has never passed.She remembered once because she sent the wrong order and came to school to pick up her daughter late. The teacher wanted to call her, but her daughter stopped the teacher. "Don’t call my mother. My mother is taken for takeaway.When she was in a hurry, she would fall and follow. "After she knew, she was angry and funny:" I hide every day, I am afraid that others will know that I am a rider, how do you tell the teacher? "

The daughter didn’t care, and praised her: "The job you did is great and hard. There are many places in the epidemic. If there are no takeaways, they can’t receive many things." Liu Qing found that people who really feel inferior are actually actually inferiority.It was her herself.

At home, Liu Qing also exists like a "pillar pillar". She has to make money to support her family, laundry, picking up children, and even when she is breastfeeding.People bear.

Whenever she is physically and mentally exhausted, she will get angry at the child’s father. "He has a restaurant, and he will always be very busy on holidays and weekends. Usually, the child can not pick it up, and it will not be delivered." She expects her husband to participate in it.Parenting is not to treat her as a "robot" or "iron man".

Liu Qing likes the freedom of rider to work, but does not intend to work for a long time."Because this job does not pay social security, I pay more than 1,100 yuan per month now."

She also hopes to find an insurance and formal job without delaying the child.If the epidemic is good, she plans to open a cake shop."I grew up in my hometown since I was a child, and I rarely eaten cakes. After I came out to work, I only bought cakes when I was on my birthday. I have always liked this thing."

After the noon peak, Zhang Ling rarely had a rest time.She likes to lie on the electric car in the direction of the sun, play with her mobile phone for a while, and pull out the biscuits and candy from the takeaway box into her mouth, and feel a little sweet in life.

She said: "After two years, she returned home to the foreign debt at home and stayed with the child." (Liu Yuxiu)

Source: Surging News

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