Take you decryption, a kind of itch that can’t stop during pregnancy

A 31 -week pregnant mother complained to the doctor: Do you, hello, recently I found that I was particularly itchy, especially at night.There is no rash, there are only one one by one, the doctor is vigilant. Is this the legendary pregnancy period of the intrapatic cholecass stasis. By asking the medical history, I learned that the pregnant mother was pregnant for the first time because the severe hepatoral cholecotidal accumulation was timely timely.Terminal pregnancy.Through examination, the patient was diagnosed with the accumulation of the intrahepatic liver during pregnancy. After the impact of the disease on maternal and infants with the impact of this disease on maternal and infants, the pregnant mother and family members were actively cooperated with the disease and then moved into the obstetrics of our hospital.Qichu bile acid is not very high. As the gestational week increases the increase of bile acid, the diagnosis is diagnosed with severe intrahepatic biliosis syndrome. Director Wulinlin contacted the multidisciplinary remote consultation for discussion for the first time, active treatment, timely treatment, timely in time, timelyTerminate the pregnancy, the maternal and infants are safe and discharged smoothly.Most pregnant mothers may experience the symptoms of skin itching during pregnancy, or overdose, or sustainability. The itching of the skin is mostly related to factors such as dry skin, skin sensitivity, and growth of stretch marks.But in addition, itching is related to a complication unique to pregnancy "in the pregnancy" in the liver stasis during pregnancy.Today, let’s find out together.

During pregnancy, intrahepatic choleneus accumulation (ICP) is the most common liver disease during pregnancy. It is mainly manifested in itching, jaundice, serum bile acid, and liver enzyme levels.For the relevant, the fetal incidence, mortality and premature birth rate are increased mainly to harm the fetal incidence.Its incidence is 0.8%to 12.0%, with obvious regional and racial differences.

Clinical manifestation

1. Itching: The first symptom is itching without skin damage. About 70%of patients appear in the late pregnancy and a few appear in the middle of pregnancy.The degree of itching is different, often sustainable, light day, and intensified at night.Itching generally starts with the palm and foot, and then gradually extends to the proximal limb, and can even develop to the face. This itching is more than 24-48 hours after childbirth.

2. Jaundice: A small number of patients have mild jaundice, which mostly appear after itching for 2-4 weeks. Generally, it does not increase with the increase of the gestational week.

3. Other symptoms: A few pregnant women have upper abdomen discomfort, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, abdominal pain and mild fat, but the symptoms are generally not obvious or light, and their mental conditions are good.Once the above symptoms appear, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible!



Once pregnant mothers have the above symptoms, they must be vigilant and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Do not endure it again to avoid affecting subsequent treatment and causing irreparable endings.At the same time, the obstetrician reminds you to pay attention to some points:

(1) Digital fetal movement: The decrease in fetal movement, disappearance or frequent fetal movement, and non -intermittent restlessness are a dangerous signal of hypoxia in the fetus, and should be seek medical treatment immediately.

(2) Periodical treatment of fetal fetal hearts on time: from 32 weeks, 1/week, if there are special circumstances 2/week.

(3) Choose low -fat and easy -to -digest foods.

(4) Rest proper rest and lying on the left side to help increase the placental blood flow.During the pregnancy, the intrahepatic cholecass stasis is a serious complication that endangers the safety of maternal and infants. Therefore, if the pregnant mothers are uncomfortable during pregnancy, please go to the hospital for treatment in time.Trust!

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