Take a bath in the third trimester to master the "two skills and four attention", which is important to the health of the fetus.

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Lily is 34 weeks pregnant, and it is even more inconvenient to move.Last time, she was "stuffy" in a high -temperature bathroom. She stayed a little long, and felt a little breathless.

In order to keep warm, the family gave her a bath. The door of the bathroom was unpopular, and her husband who wanted to help was rejected by Lily, who wanted to help."Just pregnant, not so coquettish."

As a result, in a stuffy and closed environment, she was a little hypoxic. Fortunately, she came out in time. In severe cases, it would affect the health of the fetus.Now when I think of it, Lily really wants to get more and more scared.

Bathing is a trivial matter for ordinary people, but for pregnant mothers, especially for mothers in the third trimester, there is a certain difficulty coefficient and danger. Do not neglect.

① The temperature of the bathroom is too high, the space is dense, and it is easy to make pregnant women hypoxia and endanger the fetus in the abdomen.

② The pregnant mother is inconvenient, the pregnant belly is too large or even the soles of the feet, and it is easy to slide or wrestle.

③ Self -cleaning is more difficult, it is difficult to take into account all parts. It cannot be bent over when washing your hair, which increases risks and difficulties.

First, let her husband help take a bath.A chair can be placed in the bathroom. The pregnant woman can sit steadily, and then lean on her head to let her husband help wash her hair without having to contain her chest and bend over.

Her husband can help pregnant mothers a lot easier, and her body can clean it more cleanly.In this matter, the pregnant mother really does not need to be reluctant, so give it to the lover to do it.

Second, you can open a door joint when taking a bath properly.If no one helps to take a bath, the pregnant mother must have multiple preparations and open a door seam slightly, which can be changed and can go out at an urgent moment.

① Choose a shower instead of taking a bath during bathing

Some pregnant mothers are afraid of slipping and think they will be safer in the bath.However, in the process of soaking, pregnant mothers are vulnerable to bacterial infection, and dandruff and other substances that are dropped, which is easy to take the opportunity to enter the vagina.

And the immunity of expectant mothers during pregnancy is declining, in case of infection may lead to premature birth.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose a shower and don’t be greedy for a while and take a bath.

② The water temperature of the bath should be based on 38 degrees Celsius

Yes, you read it right. The temperature of the pregnant woman’s bath water is too high, the nervous system of the fetus will be affected, and the hypoxia of expectant mothers will also danger.

And if the water temperature is too high, it is easy to stimulate the uterus during the third trimester, causing uterine contraction and causing premature birth.Based on the above two factors, select 38 ° C slightly higher than the human body temperature.

③ The bathing time cannot be too long

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that pregnant mothers control the bathing time for about 15 minutes to clean the body and relieve fatigue.After all, in a closed space, it is prone to dizziness when it is too long.

④ Avoid special parts during bathing

When pregnant women take a bath, if the navel eyes are hard, it is easy to cause infection, and some can cause contractions.

In addition, there are stomachs and chests. Do not rub it vigorously in these two parts, let alone rinse the stomach directly with hot water.

These parts can be simply rinsed. You do n’t have to overly clean and vigorously clean, otherwise it is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.

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With the increase of the pregnancy week, the stomach of the expectant mother is also even more upset, and there will be many places with inconvenient actions, such as toilets and bathing.You must master these common sense during pregnancy in advance, love yourself, and protect your baby.

As a family, you should care more about pregnant women during this period. It is best to work as a bathing and shampooing by your family. You also need to accompany your family when walking.It’s about to meet the baby, and you must not take it lightly for the next few months.

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