Swell hands and feet after pregnancy, and can’t hold fists?Five methods help you solve the problem of edema during pregnancy

Lingling, who has just been pregnant for 6 months, has a severe swelling of hands and feet. Now there is no way to fist in her hands. Originally, pregnancy was a very happy thing for her, but the trouble of pregnancy was one after another.The moon is pregnant, and it is difficult to survive the stage of pregnancy.

Now there is a phenomenon of edema during pregnancy. Not only can it be fist, but also the swelling of the feet. The previous shoes could not be worn.Many pregnant women have also experienced such troubles, and even severe edema has affected their walking.

Why do edema after pregnancy?

There are many phenomena that can lead to edema of pregnant women, such as poor living habits and poor varicose veins, etc., can cause edema during pregnancy.Especially in the late pregnancy, the phenomenon of edema will be more common.

Because in the third trimester, the increased uterus will be compressed to the vein. At this time, the amount of exercise of pregnant women will also decrease, and the blood circulation is prone to occur, so edema occurs.If the food intake during pregnancy is salty, it will also cause edema.

How to relieve edema during pregnancy?Five methods help you solve the problem of edema during pregnancy

1. Change the sleeping position

For pregnant mothers who have edema during pregnancy, it is recommended to take the sleeping position in the left side as much as possible. This sleeping position can reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein, promote blood circulation, and help pregnant women reduce edema.

There are also pillows or other things when you sleep, and your legs can be raised, which can also improve the blood flow of the legs, which can alleviate the phenomenon of leg edema.

2. Appropriate exercise

Pregnant women should also arrange some exercise appropriately during pregnancy, which is also helpful to relieve edema.Note that you should not sit sitting for a long time during pregnancy. Pregnant women can wear loose clothes for some eased exercises, such as yoga and walking, which can reduce edema.

If the phenomenon of edema is very serious at the third trimester, pregnant women must first ensure sufficient rest time. Don’t let yourself be too tired, fully sleep and rest, can also relieve edema.

3. Adjust the diet

When the adjustment function of salt and moisture in the body after pregnancy will decrease, so that the blood circulation of pregnant women will be slow, and the swelling of hands and feet will appear.So try to choose light food in your diet, and eat too little food as little as possible.

Choose fresh foods with high protein and high -dimensional vitamin minerals. For high -salt food and pickled food, you should try to avoid it, and be careful not to eat foods that are prone to flatulence.This can also play a certain role in alleviating edema.

4. Cold compress

If the swelling is more serious, you can try the method of cold compress, which will alleviate the swelling position.You can use a towel to wrap an ice bag and apply it in a swollen position. Pregnant women should not use the ice pack to apply it directly on the skin. Remember to wrap it with a towel before use.

5. Wear elastic socks

If the pregnant woman’s legs and ankles are more swollen, they can consult a doctor if they can use stretch socks, because tight stretch socks can help pregnant women reduce swelling.

Moreover, you should also choose the right loose shoes. Too tight shoes will limit the blood circulation on the foot, but it will increase the swelling phenomenon.

Therefore, for pregnant women who are swollen, you can choose to buy suitable elastic socks and suitable shoes, which can also relieve the edema of the lower limbs of pregnant women.

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