Survival is a big problem ~ Is it really difficult for mother -in -law to get along?After pregnancy, I don’t want my mother -in -law to take care of me

My husband and I were introduced by people. I always thought that the marriage relationship established by this blind date was because of the appropriateness, not so much love.But recently my thoughts are not so firm.

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When the new crown pneumonia was raging, we held a wedding.The original plan to consider the child’s affairs two or three years after marriage, but it was inexplicable.During the two or three months of pregnancy, my husband was sent to the country because of work.Cook alone, go down the library alone, and do a pregnancy test alone.It is not hard work, and the heart has complained, but the rationality of the whole pregnancy still takes advantage.

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In the middle of pregnancy, my mother -in -law had to take care of me.During that time, my mother -in -law was careful when I was facing me. I also tested myself.In fact, I always want to tell my mother -in -law that "you think you are good to me, not necessarily good to me, nor maybe I like it. I don’t want to take care of it, but I don’t get suitable care.I would rather be self -reliant and don’t want to owe people. "

What’s more, during the time of getting along, my mother -in -law always told me, "If it wasn’t for you, I should take it to take care of it." I am not a person without conscience, and I feel uncomfortable when I hear this.But it is more disgusted, because I let my mother -in -law fail to do her filial piety, as if my heart has been burned and suffered.

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My family is not good, but I think it is relatively comfortable in diet.Maybe everyone is very generous and stingy.Our family is relatively generous in diet, and my mother -in -law’s home is used to get used to it for a lifetime.My mother -in -law is not bad for me, but I always have to be awkward.It makes people feel reluctant to eat, and it is reluctant to eat it.I don’t dislike to eat bran pharyngeal dishes, but I am tired of the moral abduction of "I am all good for you", and I don’t want to "enjoy" the same level of diet, but I have been specially taken care of.

It ’s easy to find a job here. My mother -in -law came here for less than a week to find a temporary job. I took care of my diet while working.In fact, my life is also very simple. I have a washing machine in my clothes. I don’t like others to wash in any time. I am not used to the hygiene of my mother -in -law.Playing beds can also be bothering my mother -in -law. Only when the weather is getting colder and the heavy bedding I can’t hold it, let my mother -in -law help me.I don’t like to sleep with others, even if I get up in the last time I get up, I only call my mother -in -law once or twice to help me get up.

In fact, I sometimes feel that my mother -in -law is here to work, and to take care of me.Alas … I don’t know if there is such an idea.Maybe I am a narrow -minded person!

Almost two months later, my mother -in -law resigned from the busy season and returned to my hometown to collect autumn. I also officially entered the third trimester.

Later, our round of pneumonia infection, silent management again and again, I was approaching the due date, and my mother -in -law came from my hometown again.

Welcome to the arrival of new life together.

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