Super cold pregnancy cold knowledge: combined with eggs is not the fastest sperm?Parents should know

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Moms and dads in front of the screen, do you think the combination of sperm and eggs depends on?Maybe most parents will tell me that it must depend on sperm. Only the sperm is the fastest, and you can get the first opportunity to combine with the only egg cell, but this is not the case.Today, I want to tell all my parents that the sperm combined with the egg is not the fastest, but that the following three conditions are met to be combined with the egg into a fertilized egg!

1. The direction of progress must be right

We all know that there are a lot of sperm that each male friend is, and the eggs secreted by our female friends are only one month, so there is only one chance for sperm for a month for sperm.After their sperm must have a sense of direction. After the sperm of male friends entered the vagina of female friends, their sense of direction is wrong, because female friends will have two ovaries and two ovaries.Egg cells, at this time, if the sperm rushes to the ovaries at the fastest speed, but if you choose the wrong direction, there is no way to find the egg cells smoothly, so I think the speed of sperm is a powerful condition, but if you move forward, if you move forwardIf the direction is wrong, then the speed in front of you is useless!

2. The survival time must be long

We all know that there are some couples who are very urgent to want to have children. They will choose to have a certain time in the same room. At this time, if the sperm enters the ovaries as quickly as possible, and the direction of the ovary is also right, but stillWithout waiting for the eggs, the sperm has already died in the ovaries. At this time, it is a pity! So I think they can successfully combine sperm with the egg. They do not have to be very fast.The survival time should be longer, so that the eggs can be secreted and combined with it into a fertilized egg!

3. The timing of sperm entering the egg is good

I do n’t know, parents in front of the screen, do you want to have a pair of dragon and phoenix tires?If you want to have a dragon and phoenix tire, the premise is that women secrete two eggs, and the male friend of a male friend and two sperm combine with the two eggs at the same time, forming a twin of different eggs.Therefore, there are two sperm and two eggs formed by dragon and phoenix tires.There are also some twins that are not very similar.

So if the sperm is very fast, it is useless to enter the time!The shell of the eggs is very thick, and the sperm needs to drill hard. In front of the front, many sperm drills have broken blood, so that the sperm that is just right when the latter comes will enter, and when the sperm will enter, the egg will secrete a chemistry.The material closed the door again, and the other sperm could no longer enter.

Therefore, the sperm of male friends must find the opportunity, and use fast speed. As a motivation to move forward, you can successfully combine with egg cells to become fertilized eggs!

After seeing these three views above, will you still feel that the sperm that can be combined with egg cells is very fast?This is not the case. The direction of sperm forward must be right. The two conditions for survival time are their most basic conditions. In such a basic condition, plus the speed is very fast, they have the first opportunity.Combined with egg cells! Moms and mothers in front of the screen must never be silly that only the fast sperm can be combined with egg cells!

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