Summary of English for English Edition Edition Four UNIT1 Key Knowledge Summary

Unit1 WOMEN of Achievement

(1) Core vocabulary

1. Behave vt & vi actions; (behavior or behavior) performance

1) Behave Well /Badly Towards SB Treating someone is good /worse

They behaved badly towards gueests, which made us very discpointed.

They have a poor attitude towards guests, which disappointed us.

2) Behave Oneseelf’s rules; decent performance

Behave yourself! Rule point!

3) Well-behaved adj is good

badly-behaved adj poor performance

Well-BEHAVED/BADLY-BEHAVED LITTLE BOYS Behavioral Rules/Irregular Boys

4) Behavior N behavior; behavior

Mind One’s Behavior pays attention to someone’s behavior

We each should mind out our behavior in public places.

Each of us should pay attention to our behavior in public.

2. WorthWhile Adj is worth it;

1) It is wordwhile doing /to do sth to do something is worth doing something

It is wordwhwhile to visit /visiting the great want.

= VISITING The GREAT WALL is Worthwhile.Visiting the Great Wall is worth it.

2) Be well word doing

The Great Wall is all overth visiting. The Great Wall is worth visiting.

3) Be word of +n/being dong

be word to be do done

The Great Wall is word as visit.

= The Great Wall is word, beteing visited.

= The Great Wall is word to be visited. The Great Wall is worth visiting.

3. ObServe VT observation; observation; obey

1) Observes SB Do STH observes someone to do something (the whole process)

Sb: be observed to do

The think was observed to open the window and run away.

2) Observe Sb Doing Sth observes that someone is doing something

The polic observation the man entering the bank. The police monitor the man entering the bank.

3) Observe follow

We all should observe the traffic run. We should all follow traffic rules.

4) Observe celebration

It is a trading for the Chinese people to observe the spring feest Festival. The Chinese celebrating the Spring Festival is a traditional custom.

4. Respect VT & N respect; respect; respect

1) Respect sb for sth to respect someone because of something

Respect one’s self -esteem; self -respect

I Respect you for your honesty. Because you are upright, I am very respectful to you.

2) Show/have Respect for sb to respect someone

Children Should Show Respect for their Teachers. Students should respect their teachers.

3) In all /many respects in all aspects

in Respect of = With Respect to; as far as …

China is developing rapidly in all respects, white we’re post of. China has developed rapidly in all aspects, and we are proud of this.

5. Discussion on Rygue VT & Vi; debate; controversy

1) Argue with sb absot sth arguing with someone

He is arguing with his classmates about the solution to the problem.

He is arguing with his classmates to solve this problem.

2) Argue For /Against Sth, strive for /oppose something

Many people argued for /aganst change the rules.

3) ARGUE SB Into /Out of Doing Sth

= Persuade sb into /out of doing sth to persuade someone to do /not do something

We argued him into /out of going there. We persuaded him to go /not there.

4) ARGUE That … Profile ..; consider …

She has argued that will be animais should be left in the same ..

She advocates that wild animals should stay in the wild to live in the wild ..

5) have an argument with sb above sth to argue with someone

1) We had an argument with the waiter about the bill.

6.INSPIRE VT encourages; inspiration; revelation

1) Inspire sb to do sth inspire someone to do something

The Beautiful Scenery Inspired Him to Finish him without.

The beautiful scenery inspired him to complete his creation.

2) Inspire sb with sth = Inspire sth in SB to encourage someone to use something

Eg What Said at the Meeting Inspired Confidence in Me.

= What he said at the meeting inspired me with confidence. What he said at the meeting aroused my confidence.

3) Inspiring adj inspires people’s hearts

The film was really inspiring. This movie encourages people’s hearts.

I t was really an inspiring film. It is an inspiring movie.

4) Inspired adj is encouraged

The children we inspired after seeing the film.

7. Intend VT Plan;

1) Intend to do sth intends to do something

I don’t intend to stay long. I don’t intend to stay for a long time.

2) Intend sb to do sth intends to let someone do something

He inchended his so manage the company. He intends to let his son manage the company.

3) Be Intended for sb/STH is … I plan to/design

The book is intended for children. This book is written for children.

4) Intent N

With the interification of report, the purpose/plan

The program is set up with the intervity help homeless people.

The establishment of this project is to help homeless people.

8.Considerate Adj considers thoughtful

1) Be Considerate Towards SB

Tom is consciouserate towards his wife. Tom Tom is very considerate of his wife.

2) IT is considate of sb to do sth

It was considate of him to wait so long. He has been waiting for so long, it is really considerate.

3) Consideration n consideration; considerate

take … into consciousitive consideration …

You should take timething into considation beface macking a decision.

Before making a decision, you should consider it.

4) Consider VT consideration; consider

consider+ question words+ to do

consider doing sth considers doing something

consider sb to be .. I think someone …

He is considering going to beijing. He is considering going to Beijing.

We all consider him to be one of the best studers in our class.

We all think he is the best student in our class.

9.Deliver VT

1) Delivery

As we all know, letters are derivered every day.

2) Born (child), be deliveered of (only for passive)

She was deliveered of a healthy baby last night. She gave birth to a healthy boy last night.

3) Dispel Deliver a baby

Her baby was deliveered by her own doctor. Her baby was born by her own doctor.

4) Published (speech, etc.)

Deliver a speych = Make/Give a Speech

Professor Wang Will a Speech on Maths Next Week. Next week, Professor Wang will be a math lecture.

10.crowd n people; audience

1) A Crowd of /Crowds of a lot

There are a crowd of people playing in the part. Many people play in the park.

2) VT crowded; crowded

Tourist crowded the part.

3) Be Crowded with is full of …

The Park was crowded with touchs.

4) Crowd in on SB (idea, etc.) emerged in large quantities

Memories cryed in on me.

(2) Expansion of vocabulary

1.AChievement N achievement; achievement

Achieve v

2.Specialist N experts; professional workers

SPECIAL ADJ special; specialized

3.Connection n connection; relationship

connect vt connection

4.organization n organization; institution; group; group

Organize VT Organization

Organized Adj

5.Behave VT & Vi move; (behavior or behavior) performance

Behavior N behavior; behavior; habit

6.ObServe VT observation; observation; obey

Observation n observation; observation;

Observer N Observer

7. Discussion of Rygue VT & Vi; debate; controversy

& argument n dispute; argument; quarrel


ENTERTAIN VT Watch; Make joy

ENTERTAINING ADJ is happy; interesting

9.INSPIRE VT encourages; excitement; inspiration

Inspired ADJ’s excellent quality; excellent ability

inspiring adj inspires people’s hearts

inspiration n inspiration; inspiring people or things

10. Support n & vt support; support

supporter n supporter

11.Refer vi Refer Vi Referred, Referred; Referring

Speaking of; checking; reference

Reference n mentioned; involved; reference; check

12.Sickness n disease; disgusting

Sick ADJ is sick

13. INEND VT program; plan

Intent n plans; purpose; intention; intention

14.kindness n benevolent; kindness

Kind adj kindness; kindness

15.Considerate Adj considers thoughtful

considitive n consideration; considerate

consider vt consideration; consider

Considering Prep takes into account; that is …

(3) High -frequency phrases:

1. Make an achievement achievement

2. Specialize in STH specializing in something

3. In the shade

4. Move off leaves; set off

5.IT is wordwhile doing sth /to do sth to do something is worth doing something Outspoken in One’s Remarks bluntly

7. LEAD / LIVE A … Life lives … Life

8.Crowd in (thought, problem, etc.)

9. LOOK DOWN UPON /on /on contempt; look down on

Look up to sb respecting someone

10. Refer to check; refer to; talk about

Refer to a Dictionary

Look up a word in the dictionary

11. BY CHANCE coincidence; coincidence

On Purpose intentionally

12. COME ACROSS occasionally meet; meet

13. Carry on

Carry on with your work

Carry on working continues to work

14.BE MODEST About STH is right … indicates humility

15. Devote oneSelf to doing sth .. Dedication to …; commit to …

16.Work out solution; exercise

Unit 1 a Study of African Wildlife

(1) Beautiful sentences must be

1. Following jane’s way of standing chimps, our group are all going to visit the forest.

1) Following Jane’s Way of Studying Chimps is a Ving phrase to adverbial, which is accompanied.

EG I Offered the Something to Eat Thinking they might be hungry.

I gave them something to eat, thinking that they might be hungry.

2) When collecting noun group, class, family, army, etc., if you emphasize the overall, the predicate verb is in the form of a single number; such as emphasizing individuals, the predicate verb is plural.

Eg our group are all going to visit the forest.

Our group is going to visit them in the forest.

Jane Warns us that all group is going to be very tired and dirty by the afternoon.

2. Watching a Family of Chimps wake up is our first action activity of the day.

Observing how the chimpanzee family woke up is our primary task that day.Watching A Family of Chimps Wake Up is the subject of Ving phrase.

Eg Leaning a Foreign Language is very useful to me. Learning a foreign language is very useful for me.

3.This Means GOING BACK to the Place Where We Left the Family Sleeping in a Tree the Night Before.

1) WHERE Left The Family Sleeping in a Tree the Night Before is an attributive clause, modifying the prerequisite The Place.

2) Meaning Doing STH means

Mean to do sth intends to do something

Eg to help them means helping yourself. Helping them is to help you.

She Means to make everything clear to you. She wants to tell you clearly.

3) Leave +object +doing let someone do something

Don’t leave her waiting outside in the rain. Don’t let her wait in the rain outside.

4. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few Months was she allowed to begin her project. Her mother helped her in the first few months, so that she could start her own plan.

1) This is an inverted sentence.The statement of a normal tone should be:

She was allowed to begin her project after her mother came help her for the first few Months.

After Her Mother Came to Help Her for the First FIRST FEW MONTHS in the sentence.

2) ONLY modifying the adverbial (adverbial clause/admonial/preposition phrase). When the first sentence is located, the sentence must be installed with partial inverted structure (aid verb/prototyle verb/systemic verb BE+subject+sentence others).

Only then did he realize his missakes.

= He Realized his missakes only then. Only then he realized his mistake.

Only in this way can you learn English well.

= You can lead English well in this way. Only in this way can you learn English well.

If the sentence is the main compound sentence, then the main sentence is inverted, and the sentence does not fall.

ONLY WHEN He Apologizes for his rudeness will I speak to him.

= I Will Speak to Him only when he apologizes for his rudies. I only speak to him when she apologize for his recklessness.

Note: When only modifies the subject, the sentence is not loaded.

Only he knew the secret. Only he knew this secret.

5.We Watch the Mother Chimp and Her Babies Play in the Tree.

We saw the chimpanzee mother playing with her children on the tree.

Play in the time is the irregularity of the province, but to add to;

Eg then we see they go to sleep together in their nest for the night.

Later, I saw them go back to sleep together.

Someone was heard to come up the stairs.

6.SHE Actually Oolved Chimps as a Group Hunting a Monkey and then Eating it.

She once saw a group of chimpanzee to kill a monkey and eat them.

1) Observe Sb Doing Sth observes that someone is doing something

The polic observation the man entering the bank. The police monitor the man entering the bank.

2) Observes SB Do STH observes someone to do something (the whole process)

Sb: be observed to do

The think was observed to open the window and run away.

7.Once I Stop, it all comes cryding in and I remember the chimps n laboratories.

Once I stop, everything will rush into my heart, and I will think of the chimpanzee in the laboratory.

1) In the sentence, ONCE I STOP is the adverbial clause from the conjunction of time, which means "once … just"

Once you have seen that, you can never forget .. Once you see this, you will never forget.

2) Crowding in is a Ving phrase to accompany the adverbial, modify the verb Comes.

She sat at the desk reading a newspaper.

8. For Forty Years Jane Goodal Has Been Outspoken About Making the Rest of the World UNDERSTAND and Respect The Life of these Animals.40 years, Jane Gotor has been calling on the world to understand and respect and respect the world. The life of these animals

The rest of the rest; the rest;

The REST of +Unknown nouns/can be numbered single -number +single predicate verb;

The REST of +can be used for multiple noun +plural predicate verb.

Eg the rest of the money was given to his son. The rest of the money gave his son.

The rest of the apple was thrown away. The remaining part of the apple was thrown away.

The rest of the apples were sent to the nursing home.

9.She INSPIRES Those Want to Cheer the Achievements of Women.

(2) Must memorize phrases:


1.behave like humans behavior like a person

2.go back to back

3.The Night Before the shade of the time

5. Wake up wake up

6. Move off /set off /set out

7.either … or .. or … or … or ..

8.a way of showing love the afternoon until the afternoon

10.Play in the time playing on the tree

Bird in The Tree Tree

Apple on Apples on the Tree Tree


1.Spending time (in) doing sth spend time doing something

spend money on sth spend money on something

2.Communicate with Each Other to communicate with each other

3.Work sth out Calculate; solve; find out .. answers

Work Out their Social System outlines their social system

Para3 -4

1.Be OutSpoken About About … Frankly speaks

2.The REST of the World other countries in the world

3.RSPECT The LIFE of the ANIMALS respects the lives of these animals

4.RGUE that claim the will in the wild

6.set up Establishment; Establishment

7. Lead /Live A Busy Life Lives a busy life

8.Crowd in on SB (idea, problem, etc.)

9. Say to oneset speaks to myself

10. Gain a doctor’s degree obtains a doctorate degree

Unit 1 why not carry on good work?

(1) Beautiful sentence must be

1. I DID Not Know the ANSWER UNETIL One Evening When I SAT DOWN at the desk to do somerch on Great Women of China.

It wasn’t until one night when I was sitting next to the computer to study the great women of China that I had the answer

When I sat doublen at the desk to do some research on the guan of China is an attributive clause guided by WHEN to modify the pioneering word one event.

2. It seemed that she had been very busy in her chosen career, travelling abroad to standy as writing books and articles. ChapterEssence

1) It seemed that ….THATTE Table Sentence, Travelling Abroid to Study As Well as Writs and Articles is a Ving phrase, accompanied by adverbial in the sentence.

2) It seemed that … "It seems …"

It see that she is happy. She seems to be very happy.

3.IT WAS A Small Book Explaining How to Cut The De FROM HAVING and Caring For Babies.

1) Explaining … is Ving phrase, modify A Small Book.Quite attributive sentence Which Explained How to Cut …

2) Ving forms are equivalent to the predicate verb in the predicate verb.

Eg WOMEN Caring (WHO CARE) for Patients in Hospitals Are Called Nurses. The female who takes care of patients in the hospital is called nurse.

4.Who WERE The WOMEN THAT QIAOZHI Thought Needed This Advice?

Lin Qiaoyi thinks who will be a woman who needs these advice?

1) That Lin Qiaozhi Thought Needed This Advice is a attributive clause guided by that to modify the pioneer The WOMEN.

Assembly clauses: Lin Qiaozhi Thought is an insertion, that subject, Needed is a predicate.

2) When the subject of the main sentence is the question of WHO or Which, whether it is a person or a person in advance, the alignment pronoun can only be used for the pronoun of the attributive clause.

Who is the boy that value? Who is the boy who won the gold medal?

Which is the bike that you lot? Which is your bicycle?

5.Suddenly it hit me how difficult it was for a woMan to get medium trailing at that time.

I suddenly remembered how difficult it was to go to a woman to study medicine at that time.

1) IT is a formal subject. The real subject is guided by how Difficult is the subject clause.

2) IT HIT SB that /HOW /WH -… "Make someone suddenly think of …."

Synthesis: IT OCCURS/OCCURARD to SB that …

It Strikes /Struck sb that …

It hit me that they had got her money.

It Struck me that they had got her wrong.

IT Occurred to Me that they had got her wrong I suddenly thought they misunderstood her.

6.That was a generation when girls ‘education was alwayS Placement Second to Boys’.

1) When Girls ‘Education was AlwayS Placement Second to Boys’ is a positive clause guided by WHEN to modify the ahead word A Generation.

This is a Generation when men and wmeen are equal.

This is an era of equality between men and women

2) Place SB /STH Second to SB /STH … second only to …

Second to none is no less than anyone or things

As a dancer, he is secret to none = nobody is a better dancer than he is.

His dance skills are no less than anyone.

7.FURTHER Reading Made Me Realize that it was hard work and determination as my geantle nature that got her into medantical school. Medical schooldoor.

1) FURTHER Reading Made Me Realize that … is the main sentence, and that is the object clause of Realize; the object clause is expressed in emphasis: It was hard work and the determination as her kentle nature that.Into Medical School, emphasizes the subject Hard Work and Determination as my geentle nature, GOT is a predicate verb.

2) Emphasize sentence structure:

IT IS /WAS+Emphasized parts+that+sentences.

8.What Made Her Succeed Later on Was The Kindness and Consideration She Showed to All Her Patients. What succeeded her later was her love and consideration of all patients.

What Made Her Succeed Later On is a subject clarity guided by what, the predicate verb is single.

She Showed to All Her Patients is an attributive clause that omit that /which to modify the kindness and considerlation.

eg what is needed for the space ship is careful preparation.

What the space travel needs is carefully prepared.

9.There was story after story of how linqiaozhi, tired after a day’s work, wee at night to deliver a baby for a pomily who core pay her.

There are countless stories telling how Lin Qiaoyi will be born in the late night to live as a poor family in the middle of the night, and it is impossible for these families to pay her.

How linqiaozhi, tired after a day’s work, wee at night to deliver a baby..WHO COULD Not Pay Her is an attributive clause to modify the advanced word A POOR FAMILY.

Pay attention to what the doctor said.

(What .. is an object clause, as an object of the word to.) Pay attention to what the doctor said. now I money not watch to find out more about her.

Now I can’t wait to understand her situation.

11.why not standy at the medial college like lin qiaozhi and carry on her good work?

Why not go to the medical school like Lin Qiaoyi and continue her career?

12.IT WAS Still Not too for me to improve my studies, prepare for the university entrance Examinations. Now it is not too late to work hard to improve their results ..

Writing common sentences:

It is not too fo sb to do sth.

Eg it is not too far for us to work hard at our lessons. Now we are not working hard too late.

(2) Must memorize phrases


1.not … uncil until ….

2. sit double sitting next to the computer

3. DO SOME Research On/Into STH


1. By CHANCE/by Accident accidentally

On Purpose /by Design intentionally

2. COME Across coincidence; coincidence

3. A Specialist In STH expert

A Specialist in WOMEN’s Disease Gynecological Expert

4. It seems that … seemingly/seems …

5. Her Chosen Career’s career she chose

6. Catch One’s Eye:

= Attract /Draw One’s Attention to attract someone’s attention; attract someone’s attention

7. Cut the deth rate reduces mortality

8. Care Forsb likes, take care

care for babies care baby

9. Free from = free of get rid of .., avoid …

10. Be Intended for … Preparation

11. In the countryside in the countryside

12. Have An Emergar has an urgent situation

13. Reach SB Contact someone

Reach a Doctor gets in touch with the doctor


1. IT HIT SB that … Make someone suddenly think of …

2.get Medical Training Medical Training

3. Place SB /STH Second to SB /STH … second only to …

Second to none is no less than anyone or or

4.FURTHER Reading further reading

5.AS WELL As also; and

6. Gentle Nature Gentle nature

7. Afterr on; Later

8.Story after Story one after another story

9.Deliver a baby

Deliver a spey delivered a speech

be deliveered of a baby /give birth to a baby to have children

10. Pay sb pays someone



= Can /Could Hardly Wait to do STH can’t wait to do something

2.Devote Her Whole Life to Her Patients

3.A FAMILY of Her Own, her own family

4. Make Sure That … Make sure …

5.why not do sth?Why not do something

6.carry on (doing) sth continuing; persist

Carry on her good work continues her career

7.IMPROVE One’s Studies to improve someone’s academic

8. Prepare for STH is .. Preparation

9.The University Entrance Examinations University Entrance Examination

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