Suddenly pregnant, is it a gentleman or a career first?

Sudden pregnancy is mainly divided into unexpected emergencies, as well as unexpected but still planning surprises.From the perspective of marriage, pregnancy and non -marriage pregnancy.

The proposition of pregnancy is relatively large. Married and having children is a big event. I just search like this. There are hundreds of questions related to the keyword "pregnancy" on the planet.In fact, I have also written "I am pregnant by accident, what should I do?", Mainly about unmarried first pregnancy, is just one of the various situations of" suddenly discovering pregnancy ", and it is not combined with personal circumstances.

There are many cases in this article, covering vast coverage. You can think about it in each case. If you are a female, or the sower of the pregnancy, how should you deal with it?

In addition, since this article is published in a businessman, it is bound to tell you the momentum that others do not know, let you know the related trends in the next three years, five years, ten years, and even 30 years.Think of it.Don’t pass on this article.

The work introduction work, especially in the system, does not need to worry about the other party, just tell the other party generously.Of course, if the relationship is not enough, even if you are a state -owned enterprise in Haitou, you will hide it first, and let’s talk about it.

Private enterprises in the system will probably be dismissed. Private companies, especially startups, will feel that you are suspected of being "deceived" when you interview.In fact, it is not deception. It is mainly because the poor company can’t pay money, and the poor will be the word.

You can drag your stomach, especially after turning right, saying that you are pregnant.If the company wants to dismiss you, you will negotiate with the other party to subsidize, of course, the subsidy is> compensation for dismissal during the probation period.

If the company does not agree, apply for arbitration. The country is now more sensitive to this, especially when the population declines, enterprises are easy to go to the cusp.Don’t agree to your compensation, unless they want to close.

It has nothing to do with state -owned enterprise company, but it has been joined for one year, so it can be used as a new business department of a large company.The overlord clause is not counted, don’t worry, the pregnancy continues to be pregnant.However, it is necessary to prepare for dismissal, arbitration and lawsuits.

The original promise similar plans could not keep up with the current changes, accidental pregnancy, and of course you can tell the leaders.

You talk to the leader first, look at the attitude of the leader, and then make a decision.In the mouth, it provides the benefits of the leaders needed by hand.No good, the leader will be angry, feel that you have been placed by you, and you can’t wait to be wearing small shoes.

This proof of fake pregnancy is fake after all, and you have to be cautious.

You might as well leave the job.Besides, you are not an unexpected pregnancy, you use fake pregnancy to deal with the company’s layoffs.This is not good to have a lawsuit and prison.Try to be as stable as possible, the layoffs are based on the requirements of the labor law. This is the minimum guarantee.

In fact, there are still good people, and this group of friends borrowed money to get a fetus.But now she is in trouble but no one borrows money, so she complains about life and injustice in the world.

This example is to tell everyone that people who are not married every year are estimated to be millions, which is too common.But I hope that our group friends and readers do less like this.

This belongs to the big guy on the list. When this accidental pregnancy, we will not worry about her. She has her own way to deal with her boyfriend/husband and her new boyfriend, big wife and her children.

But I don’t recommend our group friends to take this path.Most of the ultimate injuries to test the method and damage virtue.

This is a graduate female college student who was cheated by the divorced and brothers, and then she was pregnant before she was married. Now she has married this divorced brother and gave birth to a baby in her brother’s hometown. She began to be micro -business and insurance.

From the prototype of this article, what should I do if my career is rising?".Don’t learn her, but fortunately, you are still getting married. Although similar to naked marriage, everything is simple.

Female civil servants were pregnant before they were married, so they forced themselves to marry their briefly -to -child boyfriend.

Here we still need to emphasize a lot of getting along before marriage, and the rushing flash marriage is not advisable.

Unexpected pregnancy, do you say is it or a child?

In fact, normal marriage can be guaranteed.She placed the two here on the opposite side. It was not that, and she used such a fierce word to force herself to show that the importance of the child was not high, and it also hinted that it was currently an unexpected pregnancy under unmarried.

This depends on whether the boyfriend is willing to take the marriage process with you, and then consider whether the child should be born. As for whether it will affect the current work, it is only the third place to consider items. It is not a big problem at all.Don’t distinguish between the primary and secondary.

I am embarrassed to say that after many of our female group friends were pregnant, my boyfriend ran away, and then came to me to borrow money to fight.

I borrowed five or six girls, and half of them have not returned so far.

Mourning his misfortune and anger.Don’t learn them.

This is a significant sign of breaking up. I do n’t want to be responsible, but I use “Grandpa’ s death, so I ca n’t get a marriage certificate ”and make a breakup through the mouth of self -claimed psychological diseases and psychologists … Unfortunately, the girl is still obsessed.

You have to know that "strong twisting melon is not sweet", so in ancient times.Step abandon and stop loss, and look for a new life again!Otherwise, it will be miserable for a lifetime.

This is the girl and his mother who pretend not to know that after the girl was pregnant, he dragged him, and was ready to leave all the wedding rooms, wedding banquets, and colorful gifts, so as to "free" to get a grandson.This is a bit scary, and my conscience is gone.

The "stealth assistant" seems to be a trick to stop the loss in time, but the damage to it is not a little bit.

Let ’s take a look at the above ways to avoid pregnancy before marriage, otherwise you are distressed.

Not only girls, but also high -quality boys have been intentionally derived. The girls have caused accidental pregnancy. Then I kidnapped you to get married with morality.The male doctor has a lot of recruitment, see "The Points for the Object of the Local Man".

This is your boyfriend Pua you, saying that her girl had miscarriage for him, and used to force your accidental pregnancy to become a factor, and it is also a performance that is not responsible for you. Do you still think he is more handsome?

This is not Versailles, this is that you are not encountering people, and you don’t know it!

The girl, the boyfriend, ran away, and she insisted that she had to give birth to the child and said "the child is innocent". She is going to raise the child.

Children, you are still a child yourself. You may not know that a person will bring children in the future.

Look at the picture below, the "wife who don’t want to be a gift" is your school sister.

It is difficult to find it. Not only do you not have to be gifts, you also have to endure the burden of humiliation.

As the above, after marriage, he forced her husband to get pregnant.In fact, this is not an unexpected pregnancy. This is intentional, but it has become a means to test her husband.Of course, the husband usually pretends to be a child who loves children. This is social, not for the second child.

Dear friends who are married, don’t learn her. It is not just the body, but also the feelings and psychological aspects of the injury.

In the end, the trend came. There is a "Heartbeat Act". You are not far away through your own life.As follows, I have carefully described it many times, you must be cautious!

This article continues to be sent out because many people ask again!

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