Suddenly found that I was pregnant, is it too late to eat folic acid now?

Regardless of whether you are preparing to prepare for pregnancy or suddenly know that you are pregnant, the question that the doctor will definitely ask is: Doctor, should I eat folic acid, do I have time to eat folic acid now?All the mothers who are preparing to get pregnant or pregnant will definitely be related to folic acid, which has almost become an inherent model.

So, is it necessary to supplement folic acid?What is the supplementation of folic acid?Can folic acid be replaced?Let’s talk about those things that use folic acid today!First of all, folic acid is a trace element necessary for the human body. The reason why you find that you must supplement folic acid after pregnancy is because the intake of folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy is related to the development of the baby’s nervous system.

Medical research has found that supplementing folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy and the three months of pregnancy can effectively reduce the incidence of neural tube malformation of fetal baby!The time to take folic acid, the first three months of medical proposal and three months after pregnancy, it is just a basic standard. In fact, it is possible to start taking any time.You can also consume certain folic acid in your daily diet, but there are only a few intake. Therefore, even if you suddenly know that you are pregnant, don’t worry about not supplementing folic acid in the early stage.

The dose of folic acid correctly during pregnancy should be controlled at 0.4mg per day, and the medication time does not specify.Suppose that women who are preparing for pregnancy are not pregnant after taking it for a while, and they need to continue to take folic acid until pregnant.If you take the galaxy due to folic acid in the early pregnancy, you can stop taking it in moderation for a few days.

After pregnancy, it is recommended that after the first three months of folic acid, from the fourth month, you can take some dedicated comprehensive vitamins for pregnant women. Comprehensive vitamins contain a lot of nutrients, which is conducive to fetal growth and development.There are also many pregnant mothers who have taken oral vitamins in the early stages of pregnancy, and there is no problem, but in the early pregnancy, she mainly supplemented folic acid.Pay attention to the intake of nutrients in the early pregnancy, do not picky eaters, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do more exercise, and strengthen physical fitness.

Folic acid is essential during pregnancy. Be sure to consume sufficient amounts. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry about what to do in case of replenishment. So far, there is no report on the fetus or medical on the fetus or medicine.Study, you can take it with peace of mind or consume folic acid.

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