Sudden melon!It was exposed that Liu Kaiwei’s new girlfriend was pregnant. Yang Mi went to Hong Kong to take back her daughter and was hindered

On March 21, a big melon in the entertainment industry, Hong Kong media broke the news that Liu Kaiwei’s new girlfriend Li Xiaofeng had been pregnant for two months, and also showed photos of Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng in the same frame.superior.

Hong Kong media also said that Yang Mi and his parents rushed to Hong Kong last week that it was not simply visiting his daughter Xiao Nuomi. Instead, he learned that Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy had to pick up Xiao Nuomi from Hong Kong.Essence

At that time, Yang Mi visited her daughter in Hong Kong a few days, and the media broke the news that Li Xiaofeng was very angry, because Li Xiaofeng wanted to marry Liu Kaiwei, but Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi had an agreement when they divorced.You have to change to Yang Mi’s hands.

Therefore, Liu Kaiwei didn’t want to remarry, and Xiao Nuomi didn’t like Li Xiaofeng very much, so Li Xiaofeng was very angry. In the anger, he also deleted photos and videos about Liu Kaiwei all show affection.

However, the authenticity of this breaking news is still doubtful, because Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei have never admitted that the remarriage will change the child custody. Although Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng disclosed their relationship, they did not disclose the meaning of marriage.

More importantly, Liu Kaiwei’s father said publicly that Xiao Nuomi likes Li Xiaofeng. Both of them are very friendly when they are in videos. Xiao Nuomi does not like Li Xiaofeng.

Now that the Hong Kong media broke the news again, Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng were close to, saying that Li Xiaofeng had been pregnant for two months. He also said that Yang Mi asked his child to custody, because Liu Kaiwei did not want to give the child to Yang Mi.It is important that if Xiao Nuomi disagrees with her mother, even if Liu Kaiwei agrees to the custody right to Yang Mi, Yang Mi will not bring back Xiao Nuomi.

Netizens commented on this:

With her own children, where can I be good for my ex -wife’s child?

That must be returned to the child.

Seriously, it is much better to follow Yang Mi.

With a stepmother, there are step -dad.

Hurry up and pick up the glutinous rice back to Beijing.

If Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng really want to get married, netizens hope that Yang Mi will get the custody right of Xiao Nuomi and bring Xiao Nuomi back to Beijing. After Liu Kaiwei remarried, with a new child, he will definitely pay attention to Xiao Nuomi.It will be reduced, it is better to follow Yang Mi.

However, the difficulty of Yang Mi to bring back Xiao Nuomi is quite difficult. One is that if Liu Kaiwei does not let go, it will be difficult for her to change the custody of Xiao Nuomi.

The second is that she has divorced Liu Kaiwei for more than 5 years. The child has been living with Liu Kaiwei in Hong Kong. Although Yang Mi will go to Hong Kong to see Xiao Nuomi in his spare time, he still does not have Liu Kaiwei and Xiao Nuomi for a long time.

Children’s thoughts are very simple. Who do you often live with who he often lives with, he will have a sense of dependence on who he wants, so Yang Mi wants the child’s custody right. The most important thing is to look at the attitude of Xiao Nuomi.

Liu Kaiwei’s father, Liu Dan, asked reporters to report to reporters, saying that he was unclear whether Li Xiaofeng was pregnant, but he was sure that he had not seen Yang Mi’s family who came to Hong Kong to see Xiao Nuomi in Hong Kong.

Liu Dan is very interesting to say this. He is not clear whether his son is pregnant. The former daughter -in -law’s family brought a toy to Xiao Nuomi to Hong Kong, but he said that he did not see Yang Mi.Look at Xiao Nuomi, do you want to express that Xiao Nuomi didn’t live with him?I really don’t forget the yin and yang at all times.

However, the most important thing at present is not Liu Dan’s attitude and response, but to see if Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng will come out to respond to the rumors of pregnancy. If they are really pregnant, they are really good.It will not give up the custody of Xiao Nuomi. If Li Xiaofeng is not pregnant and the two have no intention of getting married, Yang Mi should not compete for Xiao Nuomi’s custody right.

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