Such a hot day, not a work injury at work?

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Yu Yanhong

Correspondent Huang Lifeng

In the hot summer, "fighting workers" accepts high temperature baptism of 35 ° C, sweating every day!Some friends are still good at the small days when the air conditioner is blowing in the office, but those who work outdoors all year round can in case the heat stroke can be considered a work injury?Calculate!But not all heat stroke can be identified as a work injury.The relevant departments of the Guangdong Provincial Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital stated that it depends on the determination of work injury of high temperature and heat stroke.

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In the "Classification and Catalog of Occupational Diseases and Catalogs" introduced in my country: the occupational disease caused by physical factors includes the situation of "heat stroke".In other words, heat stroke is also a occupational disease.Article 19 of the "Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Cooling of heatstroke prevention and cooling" jointly released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security also stipulates that: workers have caused heat stroke due to high -temperature operations or high -temperature weather operations. If they are diagnosed as occupational diseases, they enjoy work injury insurance benefits.

Therefore, "professional heat stroke" can be identified as work injury, but only patients with heat stroke diagnosed as occupational diseases can enjoy work injury insurance benefits. Not all heat stroke can be identified as industrial injuries.Once the workers have a heat stroke at high temperature operation, they must go to the occupational disease diagnostic institution for diagnosis in time. After being recognized as "professional heat stroke", they can apply for work injury to the local social insurance administrative department.

High -temperature operation refers to abnormal work conditions with high temperature, or strong heat radiation, or an abnormal work conditions with a combination of high and humidity (relative humidity ≥ 80%RH), and the temperature index of wet ball and black ball (WBGT index) exceed the specified limit.Homework.

The port of the port, the cargo transportation of the open -air operation, the employees of the cargo transportation, the outdoor operators of the construction industry, the employees of the power industry installed outdoor line, the personnel of the high -temperature operating venue with productive thermal sources, the staff of the electronic and communication equipment manufacturers of the use of the oven,Persons in the battery manufacturing industry, injection molding job personnel in the plastic product industry, oil baking of oil in the food manufacturing industry, pastry baking personnel, raw material cooking in beverage manufacturingTobacco leaves dry, tobacco drying positions, and boiler room staff in the steam supply industry.If the symptoms of heat stroke occur, they can be identified in work injury.

In addition to work injury insurance, the state has also introduced other guarantee measures for high -temperature staff. The "Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Cooling Measures" clearly states:

(1) If the highest temperature of the day reaches 40 ° C, outdoor open -air operations should be stopped (except for emergency treatment due to personal property security and public interest).

(2) The maximum temperature on the day reaches above 35 ° C and below 40 ° C, outdoor operations should be reduced according to regulations.

(3) Employers shall not arrange for female employees and minor workers to engage in outdoor open -air operations and workplace homework at 33 ° C during high temperature weather above 35 ° C.

(4) Pay high temperature allowance to workers in accordance with relevant regulations.

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