Studies have found that pregnancy will change the brain structure. Is this the truth of "one pregnancy and three years"?

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Yesterday, my mother had a friend in the group: since I was pregnant, my brain was like a layer of film, and my intelligence cliff declined, and I felt that I was obviously stupid.

Before pregnancy, whether it is daily trivial in life, such as credit card bills, how much money I bought, or things at work, I remember clearly.

But now, stupid can’t even accept it.I often forget what the call content is just after making a call.

When docking work, my colleagues have to say several times before I will be a little impressed.Every time I go to the vegetable market to buy food, it is strenuous.

Which star in the past, which movie and TV series, what role played, can be said immediately at a glance, and now I ca n’t remember it.

Alas, this is probably the legendary stupid three years.I’m worried about thinking, I am going to take the exam.This was stupid for three years, and it was cold.

To be honest, in fact, after many women are pregnant and after giving birth, they will feel more or less.Obviously, he was quite smart before, and his brain was very bright.

If you still have to bring a baby at home for three years, you feel that it is completely foolish, and the whole person is like abolishing it.

Can pregnancy be pregnant, can still change human brain structure?Otherwise, why are there a so -called "one pregnant and three years"?

Studies from foreign scientists have found that after women’s pregnancy, changes in hormone levels in the body will cause changes in the brain structure.

The specific manifestation is that the volume of cerebral gray under the cerebral cortex will be significantly reduced, and the "preset mode network" function in the brain will be significantly enhanced (that is, when the brain does not perform conscious activities, it is still working automatically).And this change still exists after 2 years after giving birth.

In addition, in women’s brains, the hippocampus responsible for storing short -term memory will increase slightly.In the short -term memory test, it performs better.

The reason why this series of changes happened, scientists explained that this is a maternal characteristics and does not mean that brain function will be reduced.

In other words, less gray quality is usually caused by other people, which usually leads to decreased intelligence, memory disorders, reduced cognitive functions, easy to get angry, and stronger offensive.

However, scientists believe that for mothers, they will not have adverse effects, just to better take care of the children and make it easy for the establishment of intimate mother -to -child attachments with their children.

We don’t know why there will be such a difference, but the "preset mode network" function in the mind is enhanced, and it is estimated that many mothers will feel it.

Before giving birth to a baby, he couldn’t move asleep; after having a baby, no matter what time, as long as the child made a little hum, he could wake up immediately.

In addition, many mothers feel that the memory is poor.If according to the scientists, it is not caused by changes in the brain structure, then the factors that cause "pregnancy silly" are likely to be the following two:

Lack of sufficient sleep

During pregnancy, some mothers do n’t sleep well at night due to mental stress, anxiety, physical discomfort, and frequent urination.

After the child is born, he will frequently feed the night milk at night, and the urine is not wet to the baby.And if the human body has long -term sleep, it will lead to memory recession.

Without enough energy

After the child is born, many mothers will put their energy into the process of taking care of the child.Because human energy and attention are limited, naturally, they will appear to be unwilling to other things.

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