Studies: Eating sugar during breastfeeding will make the baby stupid!The breast -nursing diet is "four don’t eat", making the baby smarter

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A research report published recently published by the "Journal of Clinical Nutrition" shows that the mother -in -law intake of high -sugar beverages will damage the development of children’s childhood cognitive ability.

The researchers believe that the mother should take too much sugar. These sugar points will enter the mother’s breast milk, which will be taken into the child’s brain development.

Many mothers feel that you can avoid your mouth when you are pregnant. After giving birth to a child, you can eat whatever you want to eat.

There are also many customs in the place. I feel that my mother is breastfeeding. I want to eat more fish and meat, and I can’t even eat vegetables and fruits.

These wrong breastfeeding diet can affect children’s health.It can even cause children to become stupid.

1. Eat too greasy foods will cause children to diarrhea or be too obese

In some places, confinement likes to drink old hen soup, pig’s feet, peanuts, bone soup, etc., because I feel that these foods can stimulate the secretion of milk and make the mother’s milk more.

In fact, as long as the mother consumes enough water, rests well, and feels good, so that the baby will suck more, and the breast milk will naturally become more.

But drinking those greasy soups can cause mothers to take too high fat.Moms eat more fat, and the fat content in milk will be higher.

There are two aspects of the impact of breast -nursing high -fat diet:

As a result, children are easy to diarrhea: fat is lubricated after entering the child’s intestines, and it is easy to make food to the child’s intestines. Before they can digest and absorb nutrients, they are excreted from the body, which is not conducive to the child’s nutrition absorption.

As a result, the child becomes fat: Fat is a food that is relatively high. If the fat consumes too much fat, it will also cause the fat content in breast milk to be too high.Fat accumulated in your body.Children are fat, but their height is not obvious, fat is not tall, it is not a good thing for children.

2. Do not eat fruits and fruits, and even cause children’s brain bleeding

Last year, the Children’s Hospital of Qingyuan City took two babies. They were two months. They had no injuries and no trauma, but the children had cerebral hemorrhage.

Later, the doctor found that these mothers did not eat any vegetables while confinement, causing the vitamin K in the diet to be extremely lack of.There is insufficient vitamin K in breast milk.

Children six months ago, almost all nutrients originated from breast milk, lack of breast milk vitamin K, and children lack vitamin K.

The lack of vitamin K is an obvious characteristic: it is difficult to stop the child’s bleeding, and the coagulation function is affected.

As soon as the child touches, the capillaries can not stop as soon as they bleed, and they can cause bleeding.

3. Mom eats too salty, affecting the child’s kidney burden

The child only needs 350 mg sodium every day before the child. The mother eats too salty, and the sodium content of breast milk will be greatly improved.

The sodium that has caused children to intake exceeds his growth and development, increasing the burden on the child’s kidneys, which is not conducive to the child’s health.

Studies have found that children who drink breast milk are smarter, provided that when mothers are breastfeeding, they should pay attention to their own diet and balanced nutrition.

1. Do not drink

The baby’s liver has almost no ability to hangover. Once the mother drinks, alcohol will directly enter the mother’s milk, then enter the child’s blood circulation, enter the child’s brain, affect the development of the child’s brain, and even cause the child to have the symptoms of alcohol poisoning: lethargyIrritable, so I cannot drink during breast milk.

2. Do not drink coffee

In addition to we do not drink coffee directly, we must also pay attention to many drinks on the market contain caffeine, such as Red Bull, Green Tea, and various types of milk tea.And cocoa powder, chocolate.

After the mother consumes caffeine, these caffeine will enter milk, and then enter the baby’s blood circulation, which will make the child more excited and affect the child’s sleep.

Babies sleep for 156 hours a day. If ingested with caffeine, it will cause the child to sleep for less than 12 hours a day, which will cause the child’s brain nerves to be exhausted, which is not conducive to the development of the brain.

Third, do not eat high mercury sea fish

Mercury entering the human body affects the nervous system, which causes children to be irritable and is not conducive to the development of the brain.

The FDA in the United States has released the food guidance of sea fish, and it is recommended that seven types of mercury -containing seafish are not eaten.

Big ears, swordfish, sharks, golden tuna, Malinn, New Zealand red fish, square fish.

It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers eat sea fish 2-3 times a week, supplementing DHA to help the child’s brain development, but as much as possible in the best food in the figure above.

Fourth, do not eat aluminum fritters

In the process of making many fritters, in order to make the taste more crispy, alum will be added, and the alum will be degraded into aluminum in the body.

Aluminum can inhibit the activity of the brain, so it will lead to a decline in reaction.

During breastfeeding, she should buy fritters as much as possible, because the fritters outside the small vendors are risked by aluminum.

When the child was born, the weight of the brain was only 380 grams. When he was one year old, the weight of the brain reached nearly 950 grams, and the number of brain neurons was also growing.Diet is particularly important.

It is recommended that mothers can plan their daily diet with reference to the "Chinese Breakfast Women’s Balanced Diet Pagoda" published by the Chinese Nutrition Society.

Not only is it easy to get fat for mothers, but it can also make children eat smarter.

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