Story: She was injured in the neck. She went to the hospital for treatment.

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Entering autumn, the weather is still hot.Ruan Xiaoyu’s mood was boring than the weather.

She was not pleasing to the eye, and she was angry everywhere.

Life is like a drama, Ruan Xiaoyu deeply understands.Kavaka was terrible, and he had a car accident when he went out to shop and had a car accident.

The other party spared no effort to ask her to check from the hospital from head to toe, and declare that the money was not a problem.

Ruan Xiaoyu emphasized that it was okay, and did not block the enthusiasm of the other party.

She regretted coming to the hospital. The accident did not hurt her.

I used to take some medicine to deal with it, but now I can’t drag it, and the surgery will be on the agenda.

Considering that his mother and mother are old, Ruan Xiaoyu dare not tell.I only said to her girlfriend, hoping that she would take a day to accompany her for surgery.

Lin Nuan promised to be good. There was a temporary notice to take a notice in a group.

Call a person who has free time to dedicate love to take care of Ruan Xiaoyu.

Rich money, strong contribution.

One stone stirred up thousands of waves.Students scattered in Tiannanhai North immediately acted.Several classmates asked for leave, and when Ruan Xiaoyu’s temporary "family members", Ruan Xiaoyu was very moved.

The surgery was determined to be performed after a week. When everything went smoothly, Lin Nuanfa WeChat said that a hospital in the south could not open the sword, and it was not aware of it.Ruan Xiaoyu almost jumped up.

The reason why Ruan Xiaoyu insisted on conservative treatment in recent years is that he is afraid that he leaves a big scar on his neck after surgery.

There are people who love beauty. Ruan Xiaoyu is an out -of -the -box female man, but it cannot be exempted.

Ruan Xiaoyu was transferred to the hospital immediately, and before she had time to be happy, she was caught by surprise!

During the inspection, Hulala poured into a group of people, and he was often familiar with Ruan Xiaoyu, who was often mixed in the hospital.

She has become a human props for on -site teaching. For the sake of the medical career of the motherland, Ruan Xiaoyu cooperates very well.

A cold mint incense is around the tip of the nose, just like the young man.

Thinking of it again, Ruan Xiaoyu was busy pulling back to Mustang.

"Does this hurt?" The thick man bass sounded in his ears, and even the sound was similar.

The bone festival was pressed on Ruan Xiaoyu’s neck, and the familiar feeling floated again.

Although the opponent’s mask strictly revealed a pair of eyes, Ruan Xiaoyu recognized it.

The experts recommended by my girlfriend turned out to be him!Saying that her girlfriend did not intentionally killed her, she didn’t believe it.The injuries in his heart torn out again, and Ruan Xiaoyu painted his bone marrow.

Detective Ruan Xiaoyu’s strangeness, Zhuo Jinyan frowned.

Cleaning his throat, explaining to the intern without any matter.

In order to avoid embarrassment, Ruan Xiaoyu closed his eyes simply.

It’s over!Falling in Zhuo Jinyan’s hands, it was dead!

Zhuo Jinyan’s voice was cold, not tight or slow, as if he didn’t know her at all.Ruan Xiaoyu kept paralyzing herself with psychology, everything was a false image, Zhuo Jinyan had forgotten her long ago.

At the end of the inspection, Ruan Xiaoyu was relieved and the alarm was lifted.

She remembered the culprit to find out the first account, "Lin Nuan, did you deliberately say that Zhuo Jinyan was here? He had to take the opportunity to fight revenge on me, wouldn’t I hit the muzzle?"

Lin Nuanxiyou had expected Ruan Xiaoyu’s fierce reaction, "Dear, this is really not me. The minimally invasive touch is the only one. If you can’t accept it, just wait for a knife around your neck. Think about the long scar, okayHorror! "

Ruan Xiaoyu counseled!Between minimally invasive and scars, she decided decisively to ignore Zhuo Jinyan and his own Guan.

A disease needs to be cured, a responsibility is saved, and the pure doctor and patients are gathered.

The classmate who took care of her suddenly had something to do, and Ruan Xiaoyu was once again become an orphan.

Who doesn’t survive the pressure of life!Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t help it.

She has always been alone, and picked up her mobile phone to choose her favorite taste on the takeaway sheet.

The girl next to bed is very enthusiastic, "Sister, my mother’s soup can be delicious, you taste it!"

Ruan Xiaoyu envied her, and she was ill and took care of her father and mother, and she?Damn Lin Nuan, said that she would accompany her, and she couldn’t even see the figure.

"Thank you, I ordered takeaway." Ruan Xiaoyu turned on the laptop and was going to continue the code word while waiting for the takeaway.

Where does the income from not code?How to survive the confusion?

The little sister in the neighboring bed is lively, "Sister, have you just been preparing?"

Ruan Xiaoyu pushed the glasses on the bridge of the nose, puzzled, "Prepare? What are you prepared?"

"It’s a red envelope! My mother gave a big red envelope! The operation was particularly smooth, so I was discharged in a few days."

Ruan Xiaoyu was so depressed that he did not expect this level.

Zhuo Jinyan collects red envelopes as the attending doctor?Ruan Xiaoyu didn’t believe it, but the neighboring bed said that he had nose and eyes, unlike lying.

She was inspired by instantly, her thinking was slow, and she couldn’t write anymore.

WeChat kept ringing, and the editor -in -chief waved the sword again.As the darling of the platform, Ruan Xiaoyu is the ceiling that the readings are looking up by the public.

There is no gold, no one is perfect, the better the disadvantage of people.

Ruan Xiaoyu’s draft level has no ancients before, and no one afterwards can have a headache.The platform couldn’t hold the pressure of the reader. He changed Ruan Xiaoyu a few blame in one breath, and failed to change her problem.

Until now this editor, I racked my brain with Ruan Xiaoyu’s wisdom, and took turns in thirty -six.

In the end, she moved the laying cover to Ruan Xiaoyu’s house. She stared at her twenty -four hours, forcing her to hit her for three months before returning to the house.

In the future, Ruan Xiaoyu occasionally played a lazy manuscript and was not harmful. Bi Ding had a three -month stock.

The editor -in -chief first expressed condolences to Ruan Xiaoyu, saying that he would accompany Ruan Xiaoyu.

The outside voice is to submit the manuscript as planned.

Ruan Xiaoyu sent a few crying expression packs, vowing that as long as there is a stingy, his life is endless, and he will be able to complete the task and let it go.

After being scared by the responsible editor, Ruan Xiaoyu’s small universe broke out, Wen Ruquan.The takeaway is too late to eat, crackling a punch keyboard.

When Zhuo Jinyan came in, the takeaway was cold, and he turned out.

Ruan Xiaoyu cheered for a while when he got on the computer, and the editor of the blame would no longer harass her in half a month. Freedom finally came.

The neighboring bed reminded her that Zhuo Jinyan had just been here, and let Ruan Xiaoyu hurry up with the red envelope.

Ruan Xiaoyu scored, he would not send it, and he could not help grow the evil spirits.

In fact, she only understood the real reason, let alone thousands of dollars, even if tens of thousands of red envelopes could not make up for her damage to Zhuo Jinyan.


"2 beds, change the ward." The nurse’s words interrupted Ruan Xiaoyu’s thoughts.

She hurriedly packed things and followed the nurse to the new ward.

Ruan Xiaoyu put down the items and looked closely.This is a two -person room, but another bed is empty.

"Nurse, please ask, can this surgery only do this operation?"

Ruan Xiaoyu has fantasy, in case, in case someone counts the tent, she dare not imagine the consequences.

"Oh, Director Zhuo is the best, how can others compare with him. It is also good luck. Director Zhuo just returned from a business trip, otherwise someone else did it."

Ruan Xiaoyu had a hint of hope in his heart, still fighting for it.

Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t care about eating, asked the address of the office, and hurried out of the door.

Zhuo Jinyan held the lunch box into the ward and saw people going to the house.

Is it going to take a walk?What he didn’t expect was that Ruan Xiaoyu was lobbying in the office at this moment to replace Zhuo Jinyan.

The reason for the far -fetched meeting, her illness does not have to trouble Director Zhuo, the opportunity to experience young doctors, etc.

Ruan Xiaoyu’s tongue Chan Lianhua said for half an hour, and the two doctors were a little circled.

Usually, patients are asking for the director and do not believe them.I met a reverse thinking this time, and I didn’t know how to answer for a while.Boss’s patient, dare to grab?

"Do you question my level? They still taught it."

If the nurse told Zhuo Jinyan, Ruan Xiaoyu quarreled in the office to change the doctor, and he was still stupid in the ward.

"Go out first, I’ll solve it."

There were only Ruan Xiaoyu and Zhuo Jinyan left in the office, and the atmosphere suddenly became nervous.

Zhuo Jinyan walked towards Ruan Xiaoyu, and Ruan Xiaoyu stepped back, until his back collided into a chair, and his footsteps were unstable.

Seeing that it was to the corner of the table, Zhuo Jinyan’s eyes were fast, and he stretched Ruan Xiaoyu into his arms. "It was originally flat, and no one wanted it."

"I …" Ruan Xiaoyu said back to his mouth and swallowed it back again, Zhuo Jinyan said the facts.

Zhuo Jinyan was held twice in memory. This time, the difference was that there was a faint taste of disinfection water in his arms.

"It’s not the police to handle the case, you need to avoid suspicion. You are so strongly advocating for changing people.

"Hun …" The egg word was not cricket, and Ruan Xiaoyu hurriedly covered his mouth. He was still at a time in one acre of one acre.

Can’t pull down!Who is afraid of whom, look at it.

Seeing that Zhuo Jinyan went to wash his hands, he couldn’t help snorting.Didn’t you just hug her?

There is a female friend friendly. At that time, she was really afraid that Zhuo Jinyan drilled the horns and couldn’t talk about love. She was a sinner.

After returning to the ward, the nurse gave her an insulation lunch box, saying that Director Zhuo explained.In order to be sufficient nutrition before surgery, there will be no cooler, greasy and hot, and there are specially scheduled diseased rice.

Hum, Ruan Xiaoyu dismissed, remembered that someone had warned her not only once a serious way to get away from junk food.

"Lin Nuan, die out!" Everything originated from Lin Nuan. Since he dare not offend Zhuo Jinyan at present, it is okay to teach the Lord to teach it.

Lin Nuan’s heart was in his heart, and he touched Ruan Xiaoyu’s inverse scales.

"My dear, forgive me forgive me in advance. Besides, you can break the mirror. God finally gave you the opportunity to rearrack it once, work hard, I support you to eat back!"

Ruan Xiaoyu is speechless, the brain of her girlfriend is really big, and she is no less than her writing a novel.

She threw her cell phone aside, and her neck hurt again.As soon as the ideological surgery was over, it was right to leave.

The moon quietly climbed up the treetops and sprinkled a piece of silver.Ruan Xiaoyu fell asleep unconsciously.

Zhuo Jinyan leaned in front of the window without a trace of sleep.How many times the dream scenes have become realistic today.

He and Ruan Xiaoyu are in the same junior high school, just different classes.

On the third floor and one -floor, Zhuo Jinyan has been a "child of someone else" since he was a child.

Of course, in the best class, the head teacher also served as the English of Ruan Xiaoyu’s class.

At the end of each end of each period, all students are not in the first grade, because Zhuo Jinyan is a legend and has not changed people.

Ruan Xiaoyu first met Zhuo Jinyan in the teacher’s office.

She was in a hurry to hand in English homework and did not notice the person from the office. The two collided "bang" and the homework was scattered.

The boy squatted down and helped her pick up her homework. Ruan Xiaoyu looked up, and the heads of the two collided again.

When the teacher heard the sound, he lifted up the boy, "Zhuo Jinyan, okay?"

Ruan Xiaoyu knew that the tall sunshine teenager in front of him was Zhuo Jinyan, who was famous in Zhongzhong.

The teacher looked at Zhuo Jinyan up and down, and saw that he had a red forehead. He turned around and blamed Ruan Xiaoyu.

Ruan Xiaoyu picked up his homework fate, and his fellows were different.Her forehead also hurt, and the teacher didn’t call her to go to the infirmary.

After school, Ruan Xiaoyu walked out of the school alone, "Give you this!"

Zhuo Jinyan took out two Chuangcai stickers from the schoolbag to Ruan Xiaoyu. "I’m sorry for the afternoon. I asked a few more pieces from the school medicine.

Ruan Xiaoyu was still scolding in his heart just now, but now he suddenly disappeared.

It was really reckless, "It’s okay, it’s okay, my skin is thick and thick."

For the first time, Zhuo Jinyan listened to a girl who described himself so much and couldn’t help laughing.

"Physics is relative, you can accept it."

Ruan Xiaoyu suddenly worked hard, and his mother was surprised that the baby was stimulated.

Gradually, Ruan Xiaoyu’s results caught up, and the grade list was a little forward.

Each list is 8, each 100.In the third day of the third day, Ruan Xiaoyu and Zhuo Jinyan finally appeared on a list.

The rapid results of the results surprised the teacher. Only Ruan Xiaoyu understood the reason. She regarded Zhuo Jinyan as the goal of learning to catch up.

On the day of the high school entrance examination, Aunt Ruan Xiaoyu visited. She played abnormalities and could not be promoted to the same high school as Zhuo Jinyan.


"Great God, the younger brother was smashed!" Ruan Xiaoyu went online to spit out to Zhuo Jinyan.

"Don’t be discouraged! Gold glow everywhere."

Ruan Xiaoyu made a white eyes, standing and speaking without back pain.

Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t step into the experimental high school that she was thinking about. She secretly went to the real high gate to read, envying those classmates who were studying in this book.

Later, she also made a lot of new friends, and the number of chats with Zhuo Jinyan decreased.

It was just a problem that could not be solved, and then went online to call for help. "The great god helps …"

After Zhuo Jinyan entered the real high, the school arranged for him to sleep.

The first thing to go back to bed every day is to watch the mobile phone. The roommate teased him, "Is there any circumstances? It is tens of millions!

"It’s just a friend." Zhuo Jinyan appeared in front of the girl with a grievance.

The tenderness of Zhuo Jinyan’s face shouted, "It’s over, it’s over, look at your expression, it’s time to love early."

Roommates warn that you must not delay learning, and you must not give up the entire forest because of a leaf.

Zhuo Jinyan laughed for the roommate’s kindness. Where would he go in the future, and hoped that the girl who claimed to be a female man was with him.

Ruan Xiaoyu asked questions online, and he also talked about life trivial matters from Zhuo Jinyan. The two of them were more and more common, and their young hearts slowly moved closer.

In the third year of high school, Ruan Xiaoyu wanted to show off.Asked what kind of girl Zhuo Jinyan likes, she can look for him.

Zhuo Jinyan wrote and deleted, deleted and wrote, "Smart and temperament, understand."

Ruan Xiaoyu’s heart sank, Zhuo Jinyan’s favorite type is not the same as her. She really hopes that Zhuo Jinyan said, "Ruan Xiaoyu, like you like this."

She and Zhuo Jinyan really became "buddy", and they did not treat her as a girl at all.

Ruan Xiaoyu didn’t give up, and asked again, "Is there any goal?"


Ruan Xiaoyu had to pat the table. The person she secretly loved others, and she went offline without saying a word.

Zhuo Jinyanzhang’s second monk couldn’t touch his head. What did he say wrong?

Ruan Xiaoyu was unhappy for a few days. Under impulse, she posted a photo, asking Zhuo Jinyan to check her with the eyes of a boy.

"The boy is pretty good." Zhuo Jinyan replied for a long time.

"Of course, how can my vision be wrong."

Since that day, Ruan Xiaoyu pulls Zhuo Jinyan and deletes from his friends.

Lin Nuan said that Ruan Xiaoyu would regret it. In fact, Ruan Xiaoyu regretted it after pulling the black.

She comforted herself, anyway, she found her face.There is no grasses in the end of the world, so I do n’t believe that I ca n’t find it better than Zhuo Jinyan.

Ruan Xiaoyu was defeated in front of reality.There are more or less the shadow of Zhuo Jinyan, the more disappointing the more or less.

She always wondered, if she didn’t pull the black Jinchenyan, would she and him …

She was injured in her neck and went to the hospital for treatment.

When the nurse came in, she pretended to be gossip, "Is your director such a high value, is the girlfriend more beautiful?"

"Well, Dr. Su is very beautiful!"

Ruan Xiaoyu sank, and sure enough, how could there be no one around Zhuo Jinyan.

"Old classmates, care about my private life." Zhuo Jinyan’s cold voice interrupted the conversation between the two.

When the nurse saw Zhuo Jinyan’s face badly, he hurried to find an excuse to hide.

Zhuo Jinyan washed the fruits I bought, put it in the fruit plate to Ruan Xiaoyu, "I ate this and add Victoria C."

"Your surgical problem is not big, don’t think about it. First, make up the nutrition, and wait a few days in your current situation."

Ruan Xiaoyu lowered his eyelids, "Thank you!"

Close your eyes and pretend to fall asleep.Zhuo Jinyan sighed lightly and quilt for her."have a good rest!"

When he heard that the door was closed, Ruan Xiaoyu pulled his head out of the quilt and almost strangled.

She has an illusion, and Zhuo Jinyan seems to be very concerned about her.

She knocked on her head fiercely, Ruan Xiaoyu!What do you miss!Zhuo Jinyan has a girlfriend, what are you looking forward to.

Ruan Xiaoyu is insomnia!She was really curious that Baba couldn’t see Zhuo Jinyan’s girlfriend tomorrow morning.

Anyway, Ruan Xiaoyu sat up, took the laptop, and continued the code word.

At two o’clock in the morning, Ruan Xiaoyu sent the new draft to the editor, and he had imagined the expression of the other party.

What Ruan Xiaoyu didn’t know was that Zhuo Jinyan stood in the door of her ward for a long time.

He forced himself not to open the door in front of him because he had no reason.

After a few years, Ruan Xiaoyu became a big girl, but she didn’t realize it.

Zhuo Jinyan and other Ruan Xiaoyu’s room were turned off before returning to the duty room, lying together.

The first ray of the early morning was spilled on Ruan Xiaoyu’s face, warm.

She raised her hand to cover, and she dreamed that Zhuo Jinyan got married last night and asked her to drink a happy wine.

She drank too much wedding.Then … and then the bride was angry and ran away. Zhuo Jinyan asked her to settle the account and let her compensate.

Ruan Xiaoyu’s face was flushed, thinking about it, and dreaming at night?

How could Zhuo Jinyan marry her?Ruan Xiaoyu hurriedly got up and washed, and took a walk in the morning to secretly go to the hospital in the hospital.

Unlike Ruan Xiaoyu, Su Li is the kind of southern girl’s unique show.

Ruan Xiaoyu rushed to Su Li’s clinic door and waited for her to go to work. Real people were better than photos.

Ruan Xiaoyu was unconvinced, and she was not as high as her, soft and weak.A gust of gusts can blow people away. It turned out that Zhuo Jinyan liked this type.

Zhuo Jinyan came to check the room early in the morning and checked a loneliness.Originally thought that Ruan Xiaoyu slept late last night, and he had to rely on the bed this morning.

As a result, he disappeared, and he suddenly pulled him up as many years ago, unexpectedly.

Zhuo Jinyan’s face was gloomy, and the interns next to him dared not come out. He was afraid that he would touch his head and be in the training of Zhuo Jinyan.

Zhuo Jinyan worked hard to calm down and paced his hands in front of the window.

Ruan Xiaoyu returned to the ward, and when he entered the door, the indoor air pressure was scary.You can hear it with a static needle, and you have received a lot of unfriendly eyes in an instant.

A intern saw her back, "What did you do? Let us have so many people waiting for you, and stay in bed when I get sick."

Ruan Xiaoyu whispered, "I am sick, but my legs are disabled. Why can’t I move?"

There was an intern a little heavy when a chestnight, and Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t help but snorted twice.

Zhuo Jinyan looked at, "Did you eat the essentials of the palpation? Go back and copy the case 10 times."

Fierce enough!Ruan Xiaoyu was the first time to see Zhuo Jinyan’s temper.

Her neck had hurt, and when she saw Zhuo Jinyan, she got angry again, and it hurt even more.

After everyone gone, Ruan Xiaoyu hummed with his neck pain, and Zhuo Jinyan returned.

Ruan Xiaoyuqiang bit his lips and didn’t want to be flattened, especially Zhuo Jinyan.

Suddenly the neck was cold, and the pain suddenly reduced a lot.

"Don’t run around in the future. The hospital is a place for treating diseases and saving people, but not a vegetable market."

Zhuo Jinyan was very close to Ruan Xiaoyu when he spoke. When he breathed, his breath blew on Ruan Xiaoyu’s face.

Zhuo Jinyan heard Ruan Xiaoyu’s anger. In the past, Ruan Xiaoyu would block his mouth with these three words as long as he was so embarrassed. He hasn’t seen him for many years. This habit has not changed.

The nurse comes in to infusion.

Zhuo Jinyan frowned when he saw Ruan Xiaoyu, "Nurse Liang, let me!"

Not only Ruan Xiaoyu, Nurse Liang was also confused. Ruan Xiaoyu was afraid of Zhuo Jinyan’s public revenge, "Little nurse, you still come!"

Nurse Liang looked up at Zhuo Jinyan’s face. He didn’t listen to Ruan Xiaoyu. Suddenly he remembered one thing, "Yes, Director, Dr. Su for you, as if you want to eat with you."

Ruan Xiaoyu’s heartbeat suddenly took a half -shot, closed his eyes and didn’t go to see Zhuo Jinyan.

Without the pain in imagination, the needle was smoothly pierced into the blood vessels.Zhuo Jinyan has adjusted his speed, "Well, you know."

Ruan Xiaoyu and other Zhuo Jinyan left her eyes, and she and Zhuo Jinyan became the most familiar strangers.

She felt a circle of friends: once the sea was difficult to water, except Wushan was not cloud.

Lin Nuan asked her the first private letter, "Have you touch the scene?"

Ruan Xiaoyu flashed the light, and Lin Nuan would help her to be busy, otherwise she would break her diplomatic relations.

Lin Nuan is the first two big, "Ruan Ruan, don’t you? Zhuo Jinyan is so good that there is a girlfriend that is normal, and there is no girlfriend. Which one do you eat?"

Ruan Xiaoyu has repeatedly coerced Lin Nuan.Otherwise, it will not only be intercourse, but even the novels tailored for forest warm will not be written.

Lin Nuan saw Ruan Xiaoyu’s real family, for fear of Ruan Xiaoyu’s strike, she also pointed at the "one sister" with a new drama.

Zhuo Jinyan came to work the next day and felt that the nurse was a bit different.

He went to see Ruan Xiaoyu first, and suddenly found that there was one more person in Ruan Xiaoyu’s ward.

And a tall and handsome man, leaning against another empty bed and sleeping sweetly.

Ruan Xiaoyu saw Zhuo Jinyan, and hurriedly shouted, "Dear, wake up! My attending doctor is here!"

Zhuo Jinyan couldn’t help but be shocked for the other party. In contrast, his face value was really inferior.

Ruan Xiaoyu was at ease!Finally chosen a man who looks pleasing to the eye.

Zhuo Jinyan was calm on the surface, and the bottom of his heart was overturned.

Ruan Xiaoyu was ruthless. You have a beautiful girlfriend, and I have to have an excellent boyfriend, saying that nothing can be lost in front of Zhuo Jinyan.

"Introduce, this is my boyfriend Zhang Yu, this is my attending doctor Zhuo Yizhu."

Ruan Xiaoyu deliberately spoke the words "Director Zhuo" slowly.

"Hello, hello! Director Zhuo, I was too busy to take out to take care of Ruan Ruan. I have troubled you in the past two days."

Zhuo Jinyan avoided Zhang Yu’s hand, "I’m sorry, I don’t shake hands with strangers. Since they are a boyfriend, I have to take responsibility."

Ruan Xiaoyu later understood the specific meaning of "responsible responsibility", and she suddenly found that the nurse was busy.

I can’t care about her except for injections and medicine. In addition, it is easy to say that when I infusion, go to the toilet and do all inspections.

The key to the boyfriend who hired 200 yuan a day is equivalent to a opposite sex that is not known.

How embarrassing is it, how embarrassing is it!Ruan Xiaoyu helplessly fired him three days later.

Anyway, it is just a prestige, just a bright one.

Someone did not open the pot, Zhuo Jinyan came to inform Ruan Xiaoyu’s operation time, and asked, "Where did your boyfriend go?"

Can you manage it?Ruan Xiaoyu sent Zhuo Jinyan a white eye, "His business is too busy, and a large order needs him to go back to shoot."

Ruan Xiaoyu’s serious answer was not blowing. She was professional on the editor.

Zhuo Jinyan’s interesting "Oh" sounded, "Your boyfriend is not reliable! Pay you alone here at a critical moment. You can’t look!"

When I was on the operating table, Ruan Xiaoyu was very nervous, and his palms were full of cold sweat.She felt like a poor lamb to be slaughtered and trembled a little.

Looking at the familiar figure unconsciously, after applying it, his hand was held lightly.

"Rest assured, there is me."

The surgery was smooth, and Ruan Xiaoyu thought to leave this embarrassing place, but Lin Nuan caused trouble.

Ruan Xiaoyu received the information, a lithium fish sat up from the bed, pulled the wound, and it hurt her.

Lin Nuan is pregnant!

When others are pregnant, it is a happy event, but it is troublesome to put it in Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan has a contract with the company, and he dare not make public in love, not to mention pregnancy!The child was an accident, and Lin Nuan couldn’t get married.

Ruan Xiaoyu thought about it again and again, and asked the forest to ask for leave from the company, the reason was to take care of her.

Ruan Xiaoyu wanted Lin Nuan to pretend to have miscarriage.

Ruan Xiaoyu consulted the doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department and wrote down the matters to be paid to prevent Lin warmly chaotic.

Ruan Xiaoyu returned to the ward and lay on the bed and looked at the window.

I remembered that Zhuo Jinyan hugged herself for the first time because she had a hypoglycemia and her face was pale.

I happened to meet Zhuo Jinyan in the corridor and ask him to buy a few pieces of sugar back.

Zhuo Jinyan hurriedly bought the sugar and handed it to Ruan Xiaoyu.Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t hold it anymore. Slowly fell down, Zhuo Jinyan had too late to hold her to run into the school medical room.

The news of the god of Zhuo University hugged a girl quickly spread throughout the campus, and Ruan Xiaoyu harvested the hostility of many girls.

From that day, Ruan Xiaoyu asked Zhuo Jinyan to teach more, and there was a kind of unknown feelings quietly growing up.

"” "

Zhuo Jinyan knocked in the door and saw Ruan Xiaoyu in a daze, clearing his throat, "Ruan Xiaoyu, I heard that you consult about miscarriage. If you are admitted to the hospital, you are not pregnant. Can you explain. Is there a problem with you or a problem with the instrument?"


Ruan Xiaoyu said, she wanted to use her boyfriend’s affairs."I, my boyfriend is here … I, can’t I be hungry and thirsty?"

Zhuo Jinyan said coldly, "Really? Ruan Xiaoyu, I didn’t see it, you are very open! Do you need me to popularize the medical common sense? The sexuality of the gender will not be measured for a few days.When you think about the logic, you can’t communicate? "

Ruan Xiaoyu, damn it!How to forget this, Guan Gong’s door was playing a big knife, and he unfortunately chopped himself.

She had nothing to say, Zhuo Jinyan suddenly approached, "Or do you want to prove it in a hurry?"

Ruan Xiaoyu hasn’t returned to God yet, Zhuo Jinyan left a sentence, "Ruan Xiaoyu, give you time to consider."

"This is what happened. It’s not easy to fight until today, and even her boyfriend can’t make public, so I want her to use my identity to be aborted."

Ruan Xiaoyu confessed to the matter, Zhuo Jinyan nodded, "Ruan Xiaoyu, you are very selfless. Are you afraid that you can’t explain with your boyfriend in the future?"

Ruan Xiaoyu didn’t think about it, but he was currently burning his eyebrows and couldn’t think of other ways.

Zhuo Jinyan sighed lightly, really a silly girl, and did not consider the consequences.

He reached out and patted Ruan Xiaoyu’s top, "Don’t worry, I’ll find a way."


Ruan Xiaoyu felt that the IQ was not online recently, and Lin Nuan made abortion smoothly.

Zhuo Jinyan found a familiar doctor, and everything went smoothly and did not show the wind.

It was just a hard work. Ruan Xiaoyu, Lin Nuan just finished the operation and was recuperated by Zhuo Jinyan.

In order to hide people’s eyes and easy to take care of Lin Nuan, Ruan Xiaoyu was also moved in.Although she was awkward, she couldn’t care too much for Lin Nuan.

Zhuo Jinyan came back to the Lin Nuan infusion on time and cook for the two.

"Ruan Ruan, I guess I must return to the crew tomorrow. Ruan Ruan, I love you to death, come, a dear one means my gratitude."

Ruan Xiaoyu rolled his eyes suspiciously, "Go, go on the side, and write with your boyfriend in the future. Take safety measures, don’t get life!"

Hearing the sound of the door.Strange, Zhuo Jinyan said that he was on duty today!

"Sure enough!"

Ruan Xiaoyu was shocked, and Dr. Su accompanied Zhuo Jinyan’s mother into the door.

"Auntie, I didn’t lie to you. She was pregnant with someone else’s children, and Dr. Zhuo was fascinated by her."

Mother Zhuo knew Ruan Xiaoyu, and her son was thrown up for a long time before slowing down.

I only knew that I was studying hard, and it was easy to have a successful career. The person who introduced the target kicked the threshold, and Zhuo Jinyan was gone.

Listening to Zhuo Jinyan’s classmates said that Dr. Su in the hospital was interesting to her son, and she secretly came to Jiangnan City to learn about it.

For a beautiful family, she met Su Li in private, expressing that she was satisfied with Su Li, which was to acknowledge Su Li and encouraged her to chase Zhuo Jinyan boldly.

Zhuo Jinyan repeatedly refused, and failed to stop Su Li’s enthusiasm.

As soon as Ruan Xiaoyu entered the hospital, Su Li felt the change of Zhuo Jinyan.

Su Li asked Zhuo Jinyan’s classmates and knew that Ruan Xiaoyu was Zhuo Jinyan’s Xiao Qingmei.

Later, I heard that Ruan Xiaoyu’s boyfriend came and loosened.But it seemed aborted within a few days, and Zhuo Jinyan took it back to recuperate.

She hurriedly called Zhuo’s mother and asked her to stop Zhuo Jinyan.

The words of Zhuo Zhuo were very difficult to hear. Ruan Xiaoyu was looking at the mountain height, and a boyfriend was entangled with her son.

Lin Nuan was so anxious that he wanted to explain the truth and was stopped by Ruan Xiaoyu.She calmly packed things and was going to take the opportunity to leave.

Su Li was so proud that Zhuo Jinyan was soft -hearted. How could she regain my old love with a first love that is extinguished by others.

Ruan Xiaoyu cleaned up and dropped 2,000 yuan in hand. She did not eat in vain.

When I went out, I hit Zhuo Jinyan, "I don’t allow it to go! Ruan Xiaoyu, dare to take this door today, I tell the truth and think about Lin Nuan. Hmm?"

Ruan Xiaoyu is not afraid, and the ground is not afraid, he is afraid of being sorry for friends.

"But your girlfriend misunderstood, and your mother …"

"Don’t worry, have me."

Zhuo Jinyan asked Ruan Xiaoyu and Lin Nuan to sit on the sofa and turn to Mother Zhuo, "Mom, you misunderstood. The child is mine."

"" Ruan Xiaoyu just sprayed all the water, and it was a nonsense than her.

Zhuo Jinyan looked back at Ruan Xiaoyu, and his threat was obvious.

Ruan Xiaoyu counseled!Okay, okay, you are the boss.As long as you are happy, you can say.

"Impossible, her boyfriend has been here during hospitalization."

Su Li did not believe it.

"Yeah, son, I just let her move away.

Ruan Xiaoyu is here with interest, and the show is getting better and more beautiful.She wants to see how Zhuo Jinyan responded.

Zhuo Jinyan’s answer made Ruan Xiaoyu wide open and refresh the three views.

Zhuo Jinyan said that he couldn’t let go of Ruan Xiaoyu, and asked his previous classmates to inquire.

Knowing that she talked about a few boyfriends, I knew that Ruan Xiaoyu signed and sold last month, and went to see her specifically.

When the two met dry Chai, the fire was out of control, but Ruan Xiaoyu became pregnant.

There was a risk of cancer in the thyroid nodules in the car accident, and Ruan Xiaoyu decided to come to him.

The boyfriend came to visit Ruan Xiaoyu and learned that the truth left angrily.

Because Ruan Xiaoyu was afraid that the drug would affect the child, he could only have a miscarriage.As a child’s father, he had to be responsible for Ruan Xiaoyu before taking care of Ruan Xiaoyu.

"Dr. Zhuo, don’t be by Ruan, Ruan Xiao …"

Ruan Xiaoyu watched the show, "Ruan Xiaoyu".

"Yes, I was deceived by Ruan Xiaoyu. Who knows whether the child is someone else."

Mother Zhuo was reminded by Su Li, right!"Son, Su Li is right."

Ruan Xiaoyun grabbed a handful of melon seeds, and it was becoming more and more interesting to not forget to hand it to Lin Nuan.

I didn’t expect Zhuo Jinyan’s next words to death, "Mom, I am a doctor, I have a cleanliness, and I won’t touch other women in the future. Ruan Ruan is my first woman, and I am also her first man."

Ruan Xiaoyu was suddenly thunderous, and she was innocent by Zhuo Jinyan’s three words.

No, she was about to open and glanced at Lin Nuan. Forget it, it was not true anyway.

Su Li was so angry that she ran away, and Mother Zhuo turned 180 degrees. "Ruan Ruan, forgive aunt, auntie is older. Blame the Su Li, the little confinement wants to sit in the confinement, I will give you youMake chicken soup and make up. "

Zhuo Jinyan stopped her, "Mom, Ruan Ruan is still angry with me. I take care of her and take care of her. You are not convenient here."

"Oh, oh, know. I know. I went out to buy some nutrients and sent it back. You immediately set the ticket. I know to leave you for your private space."

Mother Zhuo’s nutritional products piled up half a small living room. Mother Zhuo did not forget to explain Ruan Xiaoyu for a long time.

"I seem to be out of favor. What did my mother say to you?" Zhuo Jinyan was curious.

Ruan Xiaoyu coughed twice to cover up the embarrassment and couldn’t say.Mother Zhuo asked her to follow Zhuo Jinyan in the future.Be sure to wait for your body to raise that, otherwise you will hurt your body.

She deliberately transferred the topic."Zhuo Jinyan, you can change his career as a screenwriter. If you have a nose and eyes, I have to believe it."

After sending Lin Nuan away, Zhuo Jinyan really asked for fake, making Ruan Xiaoyu restless.

"Ruan Xiaoyu, isn’t it what you said, to give young doctors a chance, just take the annual leave."

When sleeping at night, Zhuo Jinyan hugged the quilt in and scared Ruan Xiaoyu.

She tied her clothes, "Zhuo, Zhuo Jinyan, what are you doing?"

Zhuo Jinyan threw it on the carpet. "You paid 2,000 yuan, and of course I got home. The key is storm tonight. Aren’t you most afraid of thunder?"

Ruan Xiaoyu suddenly remembered a question, "Did I sign the book and sell books?"

"Otherwise? I have a book as evidence."

Ruan Xiaoyu was so busy that day, he didn’t look up at all.

"Some medical terms in your book are not accurate." Zhuo Jinyan fell asleep after speaking.

Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t resist sleepy, and she gradually entered the dreamland.

Zhuo Jinyan listened to Ruan Xiaoyu’s breathing smoothly before sitting on the ground. "Ruan Xiaoyu, don’t want to escape this time."

Ruan Xiaoyu felt cold to Zhuo Jinyan’s arms, and he curled up softly in Zhuo Jinyan’s arms.

Ruan Xiaoyu dreamed that under the warm sun, Zhuo Jinyan took her hand to walk on the grass, and then proposed to her.She agreed.

Zhuo Jinyan carefully hugged Ruan Xiaoyu, and Wei might not wake Ruan Xiaoyu accidentally.

Back to the ground again when it is dawn.

During the day, the two read a book and a code word.On a bed in the evening, one on the ground.

Ruan Xiaoyu recovered very well, leaving only a small scar.

It’s time to go back, she calculated how to resign from Zhuo Jinyan.

Zhuo Jinyan received a phone call and returned late.

It is said that some patients’ family members complained that he had bribed and was suspended and waited for the results of the investigation.Ruan Xiaoyu asked him if he was true?

After all, she was admitted to the hospital on the first day, and the younger sister next to the bed said that she had sent red envelopes.

"Ruan Xiaoyu, don’t you believe in me? If I had to stay abroad, I wouldn’t return abroad."

Zhuo Jinyan’s lost look stabbed Ruan Xiaoyu’s heart.The whole courtyard said that Zhuo Jinyan was young and vigorous, destroying a good future.

Even his foreign mentor called to ask about the situation, and Ruan Xiaoyu couldn’t resign at this time.

Zhuo Jinyan’s mood was getting more and more depressed. In just a few days, the stubble came out.

"Ruan Xiaoyu, do you believe me? I really confiscated the red envelope, really not."

Ruan Xiaoyu had to comfort him over and over again, "I believe in the courtyard, you will be innocent."

Zhuo Jinyan in her eyes is always proud.

Ruan Xiaoyu raised his frown with his hand, "Zhuo Jinyan, even if the whole world does not believe you, I believe you!"

Zhuo Jinyan suddenly hugged her tightly, making Ruan Xiaoyu angry.

His kiss was like a storm, completely lit Ruan Xiaoyu’s enthusiasm.

When Zhuo Jinyan’s hand was placed on Ruan Xiaoyu’s clothes, Ruan Xiaoyu hesitated.

Zhuo Jinyan was keenly captured, and stopped, "I’m sorry. I might be unemployed. I always want to work hard to give you a good life, I am afraid it will not be achieved. I will book a ticket for you immediately for you, Ruan Xiaoyu, I hope you will get you in the future in the future.Find happiness! "

Ruan Xiaoyu gritted his teeth and decided to indulge it boldly.

"Zhuo Jinyan, the original photos were fake. I like you, if you don’t have a job, I will raise you!"

Zhuo Jinyan grabbed Ruan Xiaoyu’s hand excitedly, "Are you sure? Don’t you regret it?"

"No regrets!"

Zhuo Jinyan turned the thoughts of these years into a full enthusiasm …

Waking up in the morning, Ruan Xiaoyu was too lazy to move his toes, and Zhuo Jinyan was still asleep.

The phone rang, Lin Nuan asked her what she was doing?Ruan Xiaoyu was about to answer, and a big hand was stretched out of the side, grabbing the phone, "Ruan Ruan is sleeping."

Lin Nuan heard Zhuo Jinyan’s voice and hung up the phone in a hurry. Are the two … raw rice to cook mature rice?

Ruan Xiaoyu complained that Zhuo Jinyan, "How do you grab my phone? Lin Nuan will want to be crooked."

Zhuo Jinyan reached out to hold Ruan Xiaoyu into his arms, "This is a fact, Ruan Ruan, I have been waiting for this day for a long time."

The two talked for a long time. It turned out that the temperament in Zhuo Jinyan’s mouth was extraordinary.

She is a female man in the eyes of others, but in Zhuo Jinyan’s eyes, the pointed person who looks back.

The courtyard finally investigated it clearly that an intern said to the patient’s family as Zhuo Jinyan’s advice, and he received the red envelope for Zhuo Jinyan.

Zhuo Jinyan confiscated the red envelope at all and returned to the hospital again.

Ruan Xiaoyu sighed: I knew that things ended so soon, and she should not be soft!Decent.

Someone’s eyelids, "What? Regrets?"

Ruan Xiaoyu’s transfer topic is a master. When asked Zhuo Jinyan to be tempted?

"At that time in the teacher’s office, you hit me with my head. I had a feeling of worship at that time. Ruan Xiaoyu was moved first."

The story is not ending, and the days belonging to Zhuo Jinyan and Ruan Xiaoyu are still very long … (Original title: "Secret Love Cheng Shuang")

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