Story: Pregnant female colleagues for half a month, I deliberately ride a bike to work.

My name is Lin Feiqiang. I am a community. I am very reluctant to deal with people. For example, when I saw a colleague on the road, I would immediately pretend to be a phone call or walk away directly. I didn’t want to say hello to them at all.

But the more you are afraid, the more you come!I have a female colleague who is particularly eye -catching. I feel very troublesome to chat with me in my workshop inexplicably.

Mainly this female colleague is married, and even more terrible is that she is pregnant now!I still came to chat with me every day, how bad the impact is.

I tried to pass this matter with her, but she said indifferently that she didn’t care. What others thought about it. To be honest, I still admire her mentality.

However, I will still keep a distance with her and try to avoid contact with her. As soon as she comes to me, I will immediately find someone else to talk to work so that she can walk away first.

I found that this method was quite effective. After two days, she didn’t come to me, but when I was immersed in the purity of no one, the pregnant female colleague broke this peace again.

I went to the underground garage to drive, and unexpectedly found that she was actually in the garage. When I opened the door of the car, she immediately opened the door of the co -pilot and sat up.

"I inadvertently saw your file in person today, and found that your family is in the same direction as my house. Just by the way, you will put me under the intersection of Renmin." Without waiting for me to askThe matter is finished.

I think she offended me like this kind of car, but because of love, I couldn’t say anything, and then I thought, anyway, it was the way, not to mention she was a pregnant woman, and she could help.Help.

But the next day she still stabbed my car and didn’t wait for me to clean up things from the station and prepare to go home. She was already waiting by my car. How do I refuse me?

She has been working with me for half a month. There are colleagues making rumors saying that her child is pregnant in her stomach.What is going on with a gossip of women?

So I started to hide from her. First, I pretended to work overtime, and I got off work very late, but I did not expect that she could not wait in the garage. I came directly to my workshop to see me at work.Essence

I was stunned, and she had to sit on my car!What is good for my car? It is worth such a pregnant female colleague to wait for sitting every day!

I am strange, she is not without her husband, and her husband is not without a car. Why do you have to get my car every day?And this is half a month. If it is really just to save money, it can be understood. Will her husband really doubt something?

What kind of thought she thought is no longer important. It is important that I can’t bear it. Can I not afford to hide it?If pretending to work overtime is useless, then I will make an excuse. I said that my car was broken and went to work, and then deliberately rode a bicycle to work.

After get off work, she went to the garage as usual as usual, but she hadn’t seen me this time, and she rushed to my station and asked me why I didn’t find a car.

"My car was broken, I took it to repair. I came over by bicycle today. You can find a way to go back by yourself." In this short four sentences, it seemed to anger her, so she gave me a face.I owe her five million.

After she left, I also packed up and went home. I felt good about riding a bicycle on the road, because there was no co -pilot at this moment, even if I was riding a bicycle, I was satisfied.

At this moment, a phone call came. The other party said that he was the husband of the pregnant female colleague. He said that his wife did not drive her back, so she was very sad. Let me apologize to his wife. After listening to it, I just stunned me.On the side of the road, I did not expect that such a horse -catching thing would happen to me!

"Why do I apologize to her? That’s my car, my oil, and I have to be a driver! She is still wronged every day, right?"For the first time, why should I be wronged.

Her husband also wanted to continue, but I was preceded by me: "The company is only three kilometers away from your house, and you can’t take her to pick her up again? How do you have a husband?I don’t even want to give you a child. "

"Also, I am not a big grievance. Do n’t you bully me and bully me. I tell you, I will not care about the oil money of your daughter -in -law, but if I will take me again in the futureCars, not only need to charge, but also say it with the company, let them know that our office also has an employee who likes cars. "This is the hardest thing I say in my life.

Before I hung up the phone, her husband said something angrily, but I didn’t hear it clearly. This is not important. The important thing is that the female colleague should not come again in the future.

I do not oppose the mutual assistance between colleagues, but the premise is "mutual". I help you and you help me. This is a benign contact, not a unilateral dedication.

I took her for half a month after getting home from get off work, and she didn’t even say a little. When I got off the bus, she stood upright, and then left without returning. The next day, I was waiting for me to take her home from get off work.

I’m almost her exclusive driver!Who will be happy about this?This time I came to work in a bicycle and didn’t take her home. She was still wronged and asked her husband to call me!It’s really outrageous.

Although I am a community, this does not prevent me from defending my rights bravely for myself. If I bravely say no at the beginning, it is not necessary to be wronged now, so it is important to know how to clarify!

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