Story: My production pain is so painful. If the doctor is unintentionally afterwards, let me and my husband tear my face

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From time to time, a few babies were crying from the obstetrics.

Chen Yuan was sitting at the door of the payment office with her belly, watching her husband He Nan line up to get closer and closer to the window of payment.

Her stomach hurts. It is estimated that the palace is open, but she has no time to take care of this, and her eyes have always been on He Nan and her mother -in -law Xie Faifang.

He Nan is getting closer to the payment window, and there are only two people in front of him.

Chen Yuan turned to see Xie Fram, and his eyes were angry, and his pupils were red.

Xie Fuxang was still calling, and his voice was loud. Chen Yuan heard her say, "Three sisters, you borrow me for 2,000 yuan! People are now in the hospital, it’s about to give birth, 100,000 fires!After the money, the hospital all pays the money first and then do those in the hospital. I really have no way to come to you to borrow it! "

After Said Said, she waited for the response. Chen Yuan was so nervous that he was sweating and sweating.

After waiting for a while, it is estimated that I was finished there, and I heard Xie Fuxi’s disappointment tone and said, "Well, I know, then you take the emergency first, I will find someone to borrow it."

Chen Yuan’s heart suddenly reached the bottom of the valley.

Money was not borrowed.

Looking at He Nan’s side, there was only one person in front of him, and the man had already put the money into the window, and he was about to reach him immediately.

He Nan was also anxious and kept looking at Xie Fa.

Xie Fuxang watched the phone hesitated for two seconds, and quickly called out, "Hey … Emao?"

At the same time, the voice of the charging nurse came from the payment window: "Next!"

Chen Yuan looked at He Nan, and He Nan was so embarrassed that he turned his face flushed. He turned around and looked at Xie Fuxang’s still calling. Obviously, the money had not been borrowed, and his eyes looked at Chen Yuan helplessly.

Chen Yuanyan was red, I don’t know if it was too anxious, her stomach became more and more painful.

"Let go if you don’t pay, don’t stop the people behind!" The nurse said impatiently.

He Nan hurriedly said, "Can you wait for me for two minutes? My mother … we are thinking about a way, just right!"

"Who has time to wait for you for two minutes? Everyone’s time is very precious, let’s give it up first, wait for the money to pay, and let the people behind." The nurse rolled his eyes impatiently, recruiting the people behindwave.

Soon someone came up and squeezed He Nan aside.

He Nan was so embarrassed that his face flushed, and he walked down to Chen Yuan with a desire and asked, "What are you?"

Chen Yuan frowned: "It hurts."

"Benevolence again, Mom is borrowing money!" He Nan patted her shoulder lightly and comforted it lightly.

Chen Yuan wanted to blame him, but turned his face to see his embarrassing look.

The two sat there silently and waited for a while, and Xie Fuxing didn’t know that after a few more calls.

The two felt wrong as soon as she looked at her.

Sure enough, Xie Faifang sighed: "The money didn’t borrow. I borrowed your second family."

This second sister was the one who called the Eryi just now. Xie Fuxing had always been disagreeable with this Erxuan. This time, she called her to borrow money, which shows to what extent.

"What should I do?" He Nan was so anxious that his head was sweating. "Chen Yuan is about to give birth, what should I do if there is no money?"

Xie Fuxing glanced at Chen Yuan’s belly and sighed: "What can I do? What can I do if I can’t borrow it? We just sit here. When I am going to give birth, Chen Yuan is lying here. I seeThey care about it! "

Chen Yuan took a breath.

Isn’t this play?

She asked her to do such a thing like this. She might as well die.

The stomach was getting more and more painful. She covered her belly, crying and crying, and the whole portrait was just as uncomfortable by a large stone.

And Xie Faifang and He Nan did not mean to borrow money at all. Chen Yuan knew that they couldn’t borrow it, because He Nan’s parents owed a lot of debts over the years.Also, who wants to borrow money?

But she is going to give birth, what should I do if I don’t pay?Do you really give birth to the hospital here?

People live a face tree and one skin, so what else can she see people in the future?

After hesitating for a few minutes, Chen Yuan sighed and said, "I call my parents and ask them to borrow it!"

Xie Fuxing flat his mouth and did not speak.

He Nan moved his throat a few times, and he still stumbled back when he wanted to say. He turned his head aside, which means that Chen Yuan looked at it himself.

The combination of Chen Yuan and He Nan has always been opposed by her parents, but Chen Yuan was pregnant, and the hospital was not recommended to give birth. Chen Yuan’s parents gritted their teeth and agreed to the marriage.

After getting married, the Chen family’s parents kept looking at He Nan’s son -in -law, so the He family rarely communicated with the Chen family.

Chen Yuan was going to call to borrow money with her parents. He Nan was default, but he would not call the phone. After marriage, he never called his father -in -law and mother -in -law. Chen Yuan said a few times. What he said was, Your parents don’t look at me. Why should I stick my face on the cold buttocks?

Chen Yuan was in a dilemma in the middle, so during the time of getting married, no matter how difficult the life was, she didn’t speak to ask her parents to pay a penny.

Right now, she can’t care about so much, and she has called her dad Chen Zhihe’s phone.

The phone quickly answered: "Yuan Yuan, how did you think of calling his father today?"

Chen Yuan had a meal, and suddenly remembered that since she got married, she didn’t seem to call her parents.

She smiled bitterly: "Dad, what are you doing?"

"I just came back from the uncle’s house next door. What’s wrong? Is there anything?"

"I …" Chen Yuan moved his throat difficulties. If he borrowed money, he couldn’t say it, but his belly became more and more painful. She didn’t know how long this child could hold in the stomach, so she had to grit her teeth."Dad, can you borrow me some money?"

"What do you borrow money?" Chen Zhihe’s voice couldn’t hear his anger.

"I …" She didn’t want to say that she had no money to pay the hospital in the hospital now. I thought about it and said, "Don’t I want to have a baby right away, we have no money, I want to ask you to borrow it …"

The phone paused for a few seconds.

"This is not your business." Obviously he can hear the anger in Chen Zhihe’s tone. "He will be responsible for you, and you must be responsible for you, and you must be responsible for your child.Men will bear the responsibility of a man! "

As soon as he heard that Chen Zhi and this tone were not ready to borrow money, Chen Yuan was anxious and blurted: "Dad, I am now in the hospital, it is about to give birth! They have not borrowed money everywhere, and I will call you!If you don’t pay the hospital, you will not let you enter, I really have no way to dad! "

Chen Yuan choked.

Chen Zhihe stunned for two seconds and said quickly: "I will transfer you to you right away, how much do I want?"

"Two thousand is enough!"


After hanging up, about a minute later Chen Yuan heard the WeChat prompt sound.Clicking on, Chen Zhihe turned her 5,000 yuan!

Chen Yuan’s tears brushed down.

"Did your dad transfer you money?" He Nan asked beside him. "After turning, give it to me. I’ll pay for it. When the child is really born on the ground."

Chen Yuan couldn’t care about others, quickly ordered the payment, and then transferred all the money to He Nan.

There was no one in the window, and He Nan took the money and paid it immediately.

The receiving nurse still did not have a good look, and rudely threw the document to He Nan: "There are tips on the documents, and go to the doctor according to the above prompts!"

He Nan said with a smile and said thank you, let Xie Fuxing look at Chen Yuan, and go to the doctor first.


In fact, as long as you pay the money, it will be easy to do.

Chen Yuan was quickly arranged for the operating room.

At this time, the degree of stomach pain had made her a bit unbearable. Before entering the operating room, she said to He Nan, "You told the doctor that I was painless, it was too painful, I couldn’t stand it."

He Nanzheng was about to speak, and Xie Fuxing grabbed it and said, "What is painless, it is not good for the child! And how expensive it is, it takes thousands of dollars a shot!"

"But I hurt." Chen Yuan frowned tightly, with a thin and dense sweat on the forehead.

"You have to bear the pain!" When it didn’t involve money, Xie Faifang seemed to be full of confidence.

"It’s not the same in our era! Look at you, those potions will also affect the child’s intelligence, and it will be thousands of dollars in one shot … Although your dad gives you money, you must use the money to use it.On the blade, how can there be such a flower? You do n’t know if we are in this family situation. The family is so difficult.

"My dad gives me the money, why should I subsidize you for your family?" Chen Yuan’s pain was so hoarse, and turned to see He Nan, "I don’t care, you told the doctor that you should be painless, otherwise I willNo more! "

"Good, good, painless, listen to you!" He Nan pretended to deal with her.

Chen Yuan was blurred, and he didn’t notice that he was perfunctory. He was finally pushed into the operating room by the doctor who was not arguing.

Outside, He Nan stared nervously at the operating room and kept asking his mother, "Will the first child be difficult to give birth?"

"Which woman did not come like this? At that time, when I gave birth to your brother, I had any hospital? I was not born in my home. I found a mother -in -law in the village.Woman, it’s very delicate! "

Xie Fuxang was sitting on the chair at all, took out the fried babies brought from her hometown this morning from her bag, and handed it to He Nan, "Eat some, wait for her to give birth slowly … right,Isn’t it said that the due date is next month? How can I take a month in advance? "

He Nan’s face was a little embarrassed, "That, she fell last night, and we didn’t notice it at the time. I suddenly started my stomach pain this morning."

"It’s not paying attention at this time, and I still have fallen. I hope the child is peaceful, otherwise I don’t know how much it costs. People say that premature children are not healthy."

Xie Fuxing handed the fried babies into He Nan’s hands, and the mother and son ate silently.

"I don’t know what it is. Anyway, this painlessness cannot be hit!" Xie Fuxing said suddenly.

He Nan nodded: "I know, that thing will hurt the child’s intelligence, how can it really let her fight? I just coax her!"

As soon as the words were finished, some doctors took the list: "Maternal requires painlessness, your family signs a word!"

"Can’t do painlessness!" Xie Faifang stood up, his mouth was bright all over, "Doctor, you can’t do painless!"

"It is required by the maternal herself." The doctor said expressionlessly, "Did your family think about it?"

Xie Faifang was about to speak. He Nan stood up and asked, "How is the child? Isn’t it born yet?"


"Can you give birth without painlessness?" He Nan asked.

"Yes! Miyaguchi has reached this level, and we don’t recommend painlessness!"

"Then don’t fight!" He Nan said categorically.

The doctor walked in without speaking.

Xie Fuxang continued to stab her fried babies, and said, "Look, I said coquettishly? The doctor said that she didn’t recommend playing, she also hit it!That’s how she was splurked? "

He Nan lowered his head and didn’t speak.

Xie Faifang defaulted, his face was ugly, and he even started to scold Chen Yuan.


I thought that the first child would be born slowly. I didn’t expect that the child was born for more than half an hour.

Because it is premature, there are still some problems with children’s physical development.

Chen Yuan was sent to the general ward.

The child could not be born at first. The doctor saw that she was afraid that she was afraid to tear and gave her a side cut. At this moment, she was so painful that the whole person was dizzy. When He Nan appeared in front of her, she seemed to see the savior.Essence

"Husband, you ask the doctor if there is an analgesic medicine, I really can’t stand it …"

Standing next to a doctor, He Nan turned his head to see the doctor, and then looked at his mother.

Xie Fuxang’s eyes turned around and quickly pushed the doctor out of the ward: "Dr. Dr., we will take care of the mother, you can rest assured!"

The doctor looked at her with a long look, and finally smiled: "That’s good, if you encounter an emergency, just bell."

Xie Fuxang nodded and smiled embarrassingly: "That, if my daughter -in -law asked, can you tell her that your hospital has no pain relief? Well, these things in our countryside are not promoting these things …"

The doctor froze for a few seconds, then nodded, and turned away without saying anything.

Xie Fuxing was relieved, and finally there was no need to do any pain, otherwise it would cost money.

She turned back to the ward and saw Chen Yuan’s painful tears flowing. She looked at He Nan with her eyes: "Did the doctor prepare for the pain to stop the pain?"

He Nan nodded, shook her head again, and scratched her ears and scratched her cheek. She didn’t know how to answer her.

Xie Faifang walked over and laughed: "Xiao Yuan, I asked the doctor, she said that their hospital was small and there was no pain. You can bear it, and it will pass soon.How can there be these things, it’s not that come here! "

When he heard that there was no pain, the hope in Chen Yuan’s eyes suddenly went out.

She was so conscious that she had no effort to argue with Xie Fuxing how they were.


The doctor said that the child had to live in the thermal box for a while, and Chen Yuan took care of He Nan again, so Xie Fuxing returned to his hometown the next day.

Just as soon as Xie Fangfang left, Chen Yuan’s mother Wang Xiuqin came.

Chen Yuan’s mother -in -law and mother’s family are in the countryside, but they belong to two small villages in different counties in the same city. Chen Yuan and He Nan work in their city. They are about two hours of drive from their hometown.

Wang Xiuqin took the passenger car in his hometown at eight o’clock in the morning. At twelve o’clock, Xie Faifang happened to be home at this time, and only He Nanshou in the hospital was beside Chen Yuan.

Although the pain of the drama yesterday passed, she still couldn’t hurt today, and she had no strength to speak.

As soon as Wang Xiuqin entered the ward, she saw her dying, and her tears came down instantly.

"Ah!" Wang Xiuqin shouted, and walked over and touched Chen Yuan’s face. He didn’t know what to say, but just tears dripping.

Chen Yuan was only 21 years old. In addition, she had grown Zhang Qiwa’s face since she was a child. At this moment, she looked even more like a young girl.

Wang Xiuqin was distressed like a knife, choked and asked, "Do you still hurt?"

Chen Yuan nodded honestly, and he was crying: "Pain."

"What about analgesic? Is there no pain relief?" Wang Xiuqin turned his head and asked He Nan.

He Nan had a little conscience, and his eyes fluttered, "My mother said she was going to ask the doctor, saying that the hospital was small and there was no pain."

It happened yesterday that the doctor changed the potion to the infusion of Chen Yuan by the bed. When he heard about He Nan, when he looked at Chen Yuan, his eyes were full of compassion.

Wang Xiuqin’s eyes were sharp, looking at the doctor’s expression, and immediately pulled the doctor’s hand: "Do you, do your hospital have pain relief? I brought the money, you used it for my daughter, how much money can be used for your daughter, you can do how much money you can use.! "

The doctor covered the half -faced doctor, stared at Wang Xiuqin, and a movement flashed in her eyes. Then she asked, "Are you her biological mother?"

"Yes!" Wang Xiuqin nodded in a hurry, "I am her mother!"

"Old pain, but her other mother said that their rural areas were unwilling, so I told my daughter." The doctor said expressionlessly.

As soon as this was exported, everyone present was stunned.

Another mother, of course, refers to Xie Fuxing.

Chen Yuan and Wang Xiuqin did not expect this trick at all, and they were all shocked.

And He Nan did not expect that the doctor would say such a morally. Isn’t his mother not telling this doctor not to say?Intersection

"Is the pain to relieve pain? The cost is a bit expensive." The doctor asked without waves.

"Yes! Yes!" Wang Xiuqin couldn’t take care of the others first, and replied in a hurry, "Trouble the doctor! Then I’ll pay first!"

"No, pay it together when you are discharged, and bring medical insurance, it won’t be much money." The doctor’s voice finally had a little temperature.

"Thank you, doctor!" Wang Xiuqin choked and thanked him, almost kneeling down the doctor.

"So." The doctor nodded and turned around.


The instrument of painkillers soon took it up. After a few doctors were busy, Chen Yuan did not hurt that.

She had a little spirit, but she looked coldly at He Nan.

Several doctors went out, and there was a dead silence in the room. Chen Yuan was helped by Wang Xiuqin and looked at He Nan.

"I asked you to tell the doctor that I want to be painless, do you have no consent?" Her eyes were so strange.

He Nan couldn’t help shrinking and said, "It’s my mother, she said that hitting that is not good for the child."

"After being born?" Chen Yuan sneered twice, "Shouldn’t it affect the child after birth? You obviously watched me so painful, not only did you not give me an analgesic, but also lied to me. He Nan,I have worked so hard to give you a son, are you worthy of me? "

My production pain is painful and lived. If the doctor has no intention afterwards, let me and my husband tear my face

He Nan flushed his face, his face was even more ugly than when he paid yesterday.

"This is my mother’s decision, and I don’t know …" He decided to push his responsibility on his mother.

Chen Yuan looked at him with a stunned man. She had never been the man in front of such disgusting at this moment, and never felt that he was not like a man at all at this moment.

"Hahaha!" Wang Xiuqin, who had never spoken aside, couldn’t help but make a harsh laughter. "He Nan, do you know why doctors should expose your true face of your mother?Go down your mother and son’s face! "

"You roll out for me, and now go out!" Wang Xiuqin opened the door and pushed He Nan directly.

I have always looked down on him. Now I do n’t even want to see it at a glance. I joked with her daughter’s body. It is simply not as good as beasts!

He Nan was pushed out without talking or struggling.

Chen Yuan witnessed everything, a heart cold.

At this moment, she really realized that she was wrong.

I couldn’t talk about love with He Nan, and there was no vigorous vigor. It was known through friends’ friends. Later, I was inexplicable.

They got married a few months ago, and their children had been in their stomachs for two months when they got married.

She did not agree with her parents, but she still insisted on marrying He Nan. One was that her body was not allowed to get a fetus, and the other was that she felt that the child was pregnant.Just passed.

But after getting married and getting married, she found that it didn’t seem to be so easy.

She thought about it, what did the marriage bring to her?

In the months of marriage, she alienated her family members and alienated her friends and girlfriends.In the end, there is only a piece of feathers that live.

Moreover, this is just the beginning.

I did not know the other party’s family in advance, hurriedly married, the backlog of various bad things, and now broke out.

It is said that after having a child, you can see that what he married is a ghost. Chen Yuan thinks that this should not be too real.

From yesterday to today, in a short period of time, she saw her mother -in -law and He Nan.

The sour and thoughtful mother -in -law, the cowardly and incompetent husband, the poor mother’s house, the debt of the unclear … and the future of the side.

Chen Yuan felt that she was caught in endless hell.

The birth of the son did not bring joy, but a big stone that pressed in his heart, making her breathless.


When Wang Xiuqin drove He Nan out, he was still thinking. Now it is time to eat lunch at noon. He should go back to buy food. As a result, the mother and daughter waited for a long time without movement.

Wang Xiuqin was worried about the mother, so he had to pull down the mother -in -law’s face to call He Nan.

As soon as it connected, the wind came from the end.

Wang Xiuqin was startled, thinking that young people have strong self -esteem, shouldn’t he do too much about himself? What is he going to do?

Wang Xiuqin hurriedly asked: "Where are you?"

"I, I think Chen Yuan takes care of you, I will go home by car." He Nan didn’t even yell at his mother. "The hometown is alive in the past two days, and I go back to help. When Chen Yuan is discharged, I will pick it up.She goes back to confinement. "

Wang Xiuqin suddenly fired: "No more! Don’t come to pick it up! Daughter is mine, why should she go back to your home by herself?" You roll it! "

She hung up the phone angrily, and when she turned around, she looked at her quietly at her.

Wang Xiuqin’s nose was sour, and said truthfully: "He Nan took a car back to his hometown and said that he would go back and help to work. When you were discharged, he came to pick you up to confine."

Chen Yuan’s hand grasped the sheets tightly, and a hatred suddenly came out of his heart.

His wife had just given birth to a child. He threw someone to his mother -in -law and left his hand, and he didn’t even say a word.

How can there be such a man in this world?

Thinking of this, Chen Yuan remembered the reason for her premature birth.

It is simply difficult to enlighten and incredible, but it happened that happened.

Because the night before the premature birth, He Nan took off her clothes and wanted to pull her as a close thing between husband and wife. Chen Yuan thought that he did not agree when he was in the late pregnancy, but he could not match He Nan.

That night was okay. The next morning, she started her stomach pain. She blame He Nan later. He didn’t admit it, saying that it was time for the child to come out this month.

Chen Yuan remembered these, and the more he wanted to get angry, the hatred in his heart could not be overwhelmed.

He Nan is not a simple waste, he is stupid and bad.

Blame her blindly marrying such a man.

"Yuan Yuan." Wang Xiuqin wiped tears next to him. "What did you think? In the future, do you still insist on spending with him?"

Chen Yuan’s tears "brushed" and came out.

"Mom, what else can I do? I am married, my children are born, and I ca n’t divorce him? So where do you and your dad’s face go in the future? The villagers will talk gossip."

"Huh! What gossip am I? The old lady has been alive for decades, and I have n’t been afraid of anyone’ s gossip! ”

Chen Yuan cried even more.

Since giving birth to a child, she has felt what she is a biological parent, and outsiders are always outsiders.

"At first, my parents would not let you marry. You can’t help but insist on marrying." Wang Xiuqin wiped her tears in distress. "But you look at you, how long the child will cry like this, how can you live in the future?You are still young, you have to learn to stop loss in time, otherwise your life will be true in the future. "

Chen Yuan was sad to suffocate and sucked hard, and said, "Mom, let me think about it again."


One week later, Chen Yuan and the child were discharged from the hospital.

In this week, He Nan and Xie Fram had only a phone call. They asked the child how it was, and didn’t ask how her mother was.

They don’t care about Chen Yuan, but they care about this child, because this child is the only offspring of their family, the only hope for He family.

After Chen Yuan was discharged from the hospital, she did not say to He Nan’s house. She took her child to Wang Xiuqin back to her mother’s house.

All the money in hospitalization was received by her parents. Most of the medical insurance reimbursement was reimbursed. The total spent was still thousands of dollars. Chen Yuan knew that these money was a huge amount for He Jia.It is not possible to take it out.

The day when she arrived at her mother’s house, Xie Fuxing called.

"Xiaoyuan, I heard that you have returned to your mother’s house with your mother?" Xie Fuxing asked anxiously over there.

Chen Yuan nodded: "Um."

"What about the child?" Xie Fuxing’s voice was a bit sharp because of anxiety. "Did you bring the child together?"

Chen Yuan was a little funny, "I don’t bring him, where do you put him?"

"Children are in my mother’s house with you, this is not like words. Well, Xiaoyuan, I know you will take care of you in confinement in your mother’s house, but she can’t be busy with a child, right? Yes, we buy it.After a little milk powder, go to pick up our children tomorrow, wait for you to take the confinement and come back to bring your child, can you see it? "

Chen Yuan was silent for a while and asked, "Where is He Nan?"

"Here, our family is there, I drive away, they are listening."

Chen Yuan couldn’t help laughing, but her eyes were cold as quenching.

At this moment, all the hatred in her heart came up.

"You are a family, I’m outsiders, right?"

Xie Faifang stunned, "You child, what are you talking about?"

"What I said is this. Anyway, I am an outsider, it doesn’t matter. I used to be an outsider, and I was also an outsider. I disdain to be a family with you."

As she spoke, she fed her son’s milk, watching the small look that he grew up, and was very satisfied.

The phone was stunned, and for a while, Xie Fuxing’s sharp voice came: "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I have nothing to do with your family …"

Before the words were finished, He Nan’s voice came over, "Chen Yuan, meals can be eaten randomly and can’t talk nonsense. Our family is here. What do you say like these things?"

"I just said this while your family was in." Chen Yuan glanced at her parents silently, and had a lot of courage in her heart.

She said to He Nan with a word, "Let’s separate, I don’t want anything, as long as this child."

"You dreamed!" Xie Fuxing roared, "Children are not you alone, what do you think you say?"

"Sorry, the child is really alone." Chen Yuan laughed, "The child was born, and there was no penny for your family."

"But you are married to He Nan, the child is from the two of you. Even if you do n’t have the time with He Nan, then you should give us a family!"

Chen Yuan laughed.

"I’m sorry, I have not received a marriage certificate with He Nan."

Chen Yuan laughed without irony.

Because of the rushing wedding, they just simply had a banquet. Originally, the child was expected to give birth next month. I planned to get a marriage certificate at the end of the month, but I did not expect premature birth.

Thanks to not receiving a marriage certificate.

Chen Yuan laughed a little, "because the child does not have a father, the medical insurance does not reimburse, but it doesn’t matter. My parents pay the money. In the future, the child will go to my household registration.Pay more money, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you can leave your house, you can do whatever you can. "

The end of the phone was completely silent.

Because the family does not understand, no marriage certificate means something.They also always thought that as long as the wedding of the banquet was formed.

Moreover, all of them believe that Chen Yuan has given birth to a child, and it is impossible to run away at all.

I never expected that she would come to this trick with her mother’s house.

For the He family, there can be no Chen Yuan, but they can’t without the child, so everyone at the end of the phone is thinking about how to make the child come over.

After thinking about it, Xie Fuxing said, "Chen Yuan, it is not convenient for you to bring your child? Even if you don’t have a lot with He Nan, you will still marry someone in the future, and you will be burdensome with your child. You give it to us!"

Chen Yuan laughed: "You dream."

The sound of cold ice has no feelings.

He Nanna said: "Chen Yuan, how did you become like this, you, you were not like this before! What do you have to say in this, what do you have to say, the child is just born, you want him to let him get a lifetime.No dad? "

"There is a dad like you, it is better not to not." Chen Yuan rushed against his lips, "He Nan, have you had any guilt and distress to me?"

He Nan didn’t know how to answer for a while, but Chen Yuan heard Xie Fuxing’s voice whispering and whispered: "Hurry up, say so, just say, first coax the child!"

So He Nan said, "Yes, I have always loved you!"

Chen Yuan almost smiled and couldn’t breathe.

They are so scared that they lose their children because they will not be able to marry their daughters -in -law and have children in the future, and no one will be stupid like her.

Of course, she will not be so stupid in the future.

He will never know how painful she is when she has a child, and never know how desperate they are when they deceive her without pain.

This pain and hatred will be rooted in her heart, making her unforgettable forever.

Chen Yuan hung up the phone fiercely.

Let him see his ghost cheaply!

Anyway, the child she gave up would never give him!No one wants to snatch away, and it is never possible to grab it!

"Yuan Yuan, what do they say?" Wang Xiuqin asked carefully.

She was afraid her daughter was unhappy.

Chen Yuan said: "It has been made clear, but their family may not give up children."

"Don’t worry about Yuan Yuan." Chen Zhihe patted her shoulder and gave an invisible force. "With so many people in our family, as long as his family dares to come to make trouble and ask for a child, I will ask him to stand upright.go out!"

Chen Yuan smiled and looked at her father, and wet her eyes before knowing it.

She knew that her family would be her most solid backing. Even if she walked the wrong way, she still had a way back.

How much it used to be in the past, but in the future, she will take her son, good, work hard to live, stay away from the madman -like family, and born to the sun.(Original title: "How many months of marriage")

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