Story: After coming out of the Cold Palace, I have never been favored by the concubine to become the queen

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As the most unwilling concubine in the palace, in fact, there are only a few times with Xiao Chengyi’s meeting with Xiao Chengyi. Other concubines can’t wait to make their best solutions. The performance of eighteen martial arts attracts him.It seems quite miserable.

Zhou Fei, who loves dancing, is lame.

Zhao Fei, who was like the yellow bird, became dumb.

Sun Fei, who was painted with a good hand, made two fiber -fiber jade cut off two.

So when Xiao Chengyi asked me to perform talents, I looked at him with resentment (of course, in his opinion that I was a pitiful look), and a grudge, a emperor actually killed by a knife.

It is also a knife to stretch my head, and the shrinking my head is also a knife, so I made a quail shape: "When I go back to the emperor, the ministers are dull, I eat and wait for death from a young age.

When I rolled in front of me, I rolled three hundred and sixty degrees. Finally, when I almost came out of Venus. When I almost came out, I raised the messy buns and smiled: "Emperor, can you be satisfied with the performance of Chen Ye?"

Xiao Chengyi twitched: "The concubine is really unique."

Well, I just praise me.

Then, he smiled slightly: "Since the concubine loves so much, then go to the cold palace to reflect on the month."

"Xie Lord Long En." I knelt down, crying with a snot and tears, happy.

According to rumors in the palace, Qu Fei was beaten into the cold palace because of the collision of the Holy Drive, and Long Wei was beaten into the Leng Palace. He never turned over again. In fact, I tilted Erlang’s legs in the Leng Palace, watched the seeds of the two cats fighting the site, and there was no life again.It’s more comfortable than this.

I love the cold palace.

But who can tell me why the Leng Palace still has an assassin, and who can tell me that at the same time, Xiao Chengyi also appeared.

The assassin carried a sword, and the righteous sensation: "Dog Emperor, I want to do it for the heavens and kill you."

Xiao Chengyi hugged me and said, "Don’t be afraid, I will protect you."

This big brother, you are a bit sober, what people want to kill you, what do you protect me, I am away from you, far away from you.

It is a pity that Xiao Chengyi has a bag with a brain. When fighting, I have to take me such a large leg pendant. As a result, it is a hundred enemies, and I will soon be in the wind. I saw a assassin stabbing his chest.The banana peel blocked the sword that stabbed Xiao Chengyi in a large open posture.


I am dead.

I live again.

However, the world I live is not the same as before.

Okay, it’s very different.

I have used high -tech products such as TV, car, and mobile phones for three months. While my three views have been severely impacted, I also learned how to correctly use TV to watch eight dog blood dramas. For example"," Love Deep Rain ", etc., use your mobile phone to order fried chicken, milk tea, cola, barbecue …


It is to learn the triangle function, ABCD and calcium carbonate.

When the results of the mid -term examination came down, I calmly put the zero -point test paper into the drawer. As a result, one hand was faster than me. After grabbing it, I looked up and saw Xiao Chengyi frowning the test paper tightly.

Yes, Xiao Chengyi also came to this strange world.

"Qu Xiaoxiao." Xiao Chengyi stared at me hate iron, "I have taught you all these topics. Why are you doing it when you are studying?"

I only Nuo Nuo: "Maybe the soul goes out to travel."

"You!" He raised his hand high.

I covered my face subconsciously: "The emperor, Mo Framed, please forgive the courtiers this time."

Everyone: "…"

I smiled: "Sorry, we usually like to play role -playing."

Xiao Chengyi: "…"

Xiao Chengyi endured his anger, pulled my hand to the corner of no one, and gave me a niche when he raised his hand: "Qu Xiaoxiao, not to tell you, converge in front of outsiders, don’t call me me, don’t call me meEmperor, you are not a concubine. "

I thought that you all hit me into the cold palace, and the title of the concubine was a bit in line with the actual situation.

But I still nodded: "ok, ok."

Xiao Chengyi glanced at me with a whitening: "Three months here, you have learned OK?"

"Where?" I raised my chest, "I will also feel you, I am fine Thank you and you."

Xiao Chengyi wanted to make me a matter of Fa -rectification.

I don’t understand, it is also accepting new things, why Xiao Chengyi digested so quickly.

I remember when he first saw the car, he was so frightened that his facial features were deformed, where he was so calm as me.

Well, although I have urine pants, I don’t tell him.

Xiao Chengyi was the emperor in his last life. After this rebirth was not willing to fall into people, his goal was not only the first place in the school, but also the first place in the province. The final goal was Tsinghua University. Then he went abroad to study abroad.

Alas, so hard to fight, don’t stop it with the sun.

Moreover, he not only wanted to upgrade the monster himself, but also pulled me to upgrade the monster. Behind his name, there must be a successful woman behind him.

When he said this confidently, there was another word of English in my heart.

"Fuck your!"


When Xiao Cheng said, even the teacher gave up the fighter in my studies, and Xiao Chengyi felt dynamic, and it was bound to not give up my stupid stupid.

He said: "People have unlimited potential."

Yes, I can indeed be developed infinitely for the potential of eating.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chengyi didn’t think this was an advantage, and even he felt that it was a disadvantage.

"Qu Xiaoxiao, do you have no other pursuit except eating?"

He looked at my blank paper, and his eyebrows were faintly twitched.

"Yes." I nodded, "Back to the emperor, in addition to eating, I also like to chase the drama. The recent" Zhen Huan Biography "is quite beautiful. It is about a story of a queen taking the lead in a fetus, and the concubine took the lead in wearing a green hat to the emperor …"

When it comes to the green hat, Xiao Chengyi’s face changed significantly, and his sorrow, unwillingness, anger, and anger appeared on his face.

I got a certain point, is it … Xiao Chengyi was green?

It’s not impossible.

The palace is so big, and the concubine is like the crowd of the river. Xiao Chengyi is a concubine a day, and it is not heavy for 365 days a year.The top is possible.

I do n’t know if Xiao Chengyi has met a detailed description of the detailed scene of “the Chi Chi Dou hung on the mader” similar to “Sun Yingdou promised”.

If so, Xiao Chengyi’s head can really run off.

"Emperor, who has no setbacks in life, the greens are green, and the past things have passed …"

"The past things have passed." Xiao Chengyi laughed and said to me, "Qu Xiaoxiao, this sentence should be said to you."


He ignored my blank papers, holding his chairs with both hands, and surrounding me between him and the wall. The expression was dark and unknown: "Qu Xiaoxiao, do you tell me, do you have any heart?"

Wuxi, isn’t it tutoring mathematics just now, why suddenly turned to biology?

"Emperor, you are kidding, of course, I am interested, so if you don’t have any heart, do you fart?"

"Really?" Xiao Chengyi laughed and laughed. "But I think your heart is not on your body at all."

Of course, my heart is not put on you, my heart is placed in the barbecue hot hot pot ice cream Coca -Cream cake …

When it comes to barbecue, thinking of the pork belly with oily oil, the corner of my mouth flows off the unsuccessful saliva.

But Xiao Chengyi’s next sentence immediately returned me back to reality: "Qu Xiaoxiao, do you think I don’t know where you are hanging in your heart?"


"You dare to say, don’t you see me, isn’t it because of Wen Yu?" He stepped by step.


Brother, you are comparable to black holes, why do I do because Wen Yu does not wait to see you?

Where can I say, how can I say it.

"Why, nothing to say." Seeing that I didn’t answer, Xiao Chengyi laughed disappointed, "I know, you keep remembering him in your heart."

Wen Yu is my green plum bamboo horse.

Wen Yu is the son of the town general, and I am the younger daughter of Shang Shufu. Because the two families are worldwide, I will know how to go to the General’s Mansion from the beginning of the world.

From osmanthus cake to braised elbow, every time I took a short leg to the door of the General Mansion, the housekeeper must be dragging the old cold legs and rushing around: "The little lady of Shang Shufu is here again."

However, Wen Yu will leave me every time.

Sometimes it is the osmanthus cake that is melted at the entrance, sometimes the fragrant lotus leaf grilled chicken, and sometimes it is the pear custard that cools down the heat. Every time I buried my head, he looked at me gently with a smile on the side.Occasionally, when I saw my mouth full of mouth, I would gently remove the residue in the corner of my mouth.

But shortly after, a small partner joined my food team.

Strangely, he took a golden mask.

At that time, I didn’t understand what to pretend to wear masks at a young age. It was extremely ugly or unable to see it. When I wanted to remove his mask, he grabbed my hand.

Obviously, it is half shorter than me, but the momentum is full. He said, "You can’t touch my mask."


"Because if you see me, you will be in danger."

"What danger?"

"You will not eat in the future."

Well, this threat is big enough.

Therefore, in the sake of his deliciousness, and every time he was delicious, it was given to me. I don’t care about him.

Maybe it’s similar to him, and there are more topics. After all, when we discuss the scream of male or female cats, we can’t intervene at all these technical topics.

He is a few years older than us and has started to learn martial arts.

When he was a little mask, he was practicing martial arts.

When I was playing with a small mask, he was studying.

When the little mask and I were sleeping on the tree, he was studying how to debate.

One day I asked the mask: "What is the relationship between you and Wen Yu, why do you come to his house to eat and drink?"

A small mask is serious: "I’m here to study, and come to hide by the way."

I cut off him: "You mix with me every day, where can I study carefully, deceive people into puppies, slightly."

Then one day, the little mask and I saw Wen Yu in Xi Wu and saw that he was doing a dragon. I immediately became a star eye. By the way, I made a great ambition: "When I grow up, I must marry Vancouver Brother."

The little mask next to him snorted.

In spring, I watched the little mask growing up and my feet were big, and my feet were too big. After I realized that I was shorter than him, I asked him: "You eatIs the fertilizer? "

The feelings of constipation with a small mask.

After constipation, he said to me again, "Snacks, I might go home."

"Oh, then you go home, no one stops you." I thought his family was in Zhuangzi next door next door.

"Maybe this may be different, I will never see it again in the future."

"It’s not that serious." I patted his shoulders with a smile. "If you want me in the future, you can come to me."

Alas, young, always using idioms, at that time, I didn’t understand the meaning of lift the big sedan at that time.

But the small mask seemed to understand, he nodded solemnly: "Okay, then when I grow up, I must pick you up."

The small mask was gone. Soon after, Wen Yu’s brother also existed with the army. The original three -person trip became me alone.

I suddenly felt lonely and cold.

Waiting for waiting, I and I was.

Then, the palace came.

That’s right, that year, the little mask that loves to pretend to pretend is to be the current emperor Xiao Chengyi.

As a result, because I remembered my childhood and forgot to answer him, Xiao Chengyi thought that I had remembered Wen Yu in my heart and went away.



Xiao Chengyi ignored me.

In ancient times, I was free and comfortable in the cold palace alone. Eating and drinking Latha did not need Xiao Chengyi to help at all. As a "civil servant", even if I was beaten into the cold palace, I still eat it.

But here is not the same. I need to copy his homework. He needs to help me handle interpersonal relationships. Even when I eat tightly, I need to find him around.

But now, Xiao Chengyi regards me as air.

When I managed to stop him, trying to hold his thighs heart -mindedness. When he called his father, his handsome face twisted, and there was no emperor: "Who is you called Dad, I don’t have a dad like you."


Well, it’s so angry that he is unclear.

Is he angry because he was jealous?

As soon as this thought came out, I was immediately destroyed by me. Since the ancient emperor, the emperor was so affectionate, not to mention he hit me into the cold palace.

Have you ever seen someone who loved him into the cold palace?

I have never seen it anyway.

So in summary, Xiao Chengyi was angry, not because of jealousy, but because of the dignity of his emperor, the dignity of men was challenged.

In short, it is masculine.

Xiao Chengyi’s eyes were deep, holding my shoulders, and lowered the sound: "When in the cold palace, why do you block the sword for me?"

Everything is a banana skin pot, do you believe it?

However, in order to survive here, I can only say my conscience: "Because you are the emperor, the hope of Xiao Guo, and the expectations of all the harem sisters. What if you have three long or two shorts?"

The light in his eyes slowly extinguished, and he sneered: "You are very great."

I pretended to be ironic in his words, hey smiled: "What should be."

However, after me, Xiao Chengyi finally cares about me. Although he still has no good face to me, he often feels cold and pressing my wrong face with a cold face.

"Two cars are from AB at a constant speed. What do you say?" What would you say? "

"Will … collide." I replied weakly.

"Suppose I lent to a molecule …"

"Why borrow, is A so generous?"

"Taohuatan’s water is thousands of feet deep, and what emotions have been expressed before Wang Lun sent me love?"

"Expressing this boat thief is difficult to open?"

Xiao Chengyi squeezed his fist: "Qu Xiaoxiao, do you tell me honestly, do you want to be angry?"

"I don’t, don’t talk nonsense, you are the body of Qianjin, how can I get angry with you?"

He glanced at me in vain, sitting in a chair, and sighed slightly: "Occasionally I admire you like this kind of heartless look."

Is he boasting me, or is he boasting me?


"You don’t study hard, how many points you can take at the end of the period, and the score will be divided into scores next year. In this way, we can’t be in a class."

I didn’t expect Xiao Chengyi to worry about my studies so much. For a while, I was moved very much, and then I came out of the following idea: "I want to get the top 100 in the top 100 may be more difficult than ascending heaven.How about hundreds of people? "

Xiao Chengyi was going to beat me, and I hurriedly hugged my head and rap.

As a result, the two chased and chased on the bed. The pose of the woman up and down, Xiao Chengyi held his hands in my ears, and his eyes looked like two clusters of small flames.Just wait for the lamb.

Xiao Chengyi’s lips are getting closer and closer to me.

I closed my eyes, but my heartbeat was louder than the drum, not because of excitement and shyness, but afraid.

Such a tachy -speed scene also appeared when I first slept.

At that time, I wrapped it like the spring rolls of the lower pot. I couldn’t move in the dragon bed. It didn’t take long for Xiao Chengyi to come in wearing a dragon robe. He looked at me with high eyes and looked at my eyes.

I thought to myself, my daughter -in -law’s big daughter will explain here tonight, and I didn’t control my emotions at once, crying.


Xiao Chengyi was thrown out.

Of course, it is not a throw in the actual sense.

At first he was gentle, seeing me crying, frowning slightly, and comforting softly: "Don’t cry."

Under my continuous howl, his voice increased significantly: "I told you not to cry, don’t you hear it?"

Unfortunately, I was immersed in sadness, completely ignoring the threat of a real Long Tianzi.

As a result, Xiao Chengyi was patient, pressed on me, holding me with both hands, and his eyes were sharp. He gritted his teeth and said, "Are you so unwilling to sleep?"

I’m afraid and uncomfortable: "The emperor, the courtiers can’t hold it anymore."

Xiao Chengyi: "…"

"I can’t hold it anymore!"

As the first concubine in the dragon bed in history, I was not chopped into meat sauce by Xiao Chengyi.

However, Xiao Chengyi also ordered the eunuch to be the head of the eunuch to temporarily pull me into the blacklist of sleeping.

"Are you still unwilling?" The hot breath sprayed on my face. I opened my eyes and saw Xiao Chengyi’s facial features.

I finally saw Xiao Chengyi’s appearance.

When I was a kid, I stayed with a small mask for nine months.

I remember his voice, knew that he had a mole in his left hand, knew that he was afraid of any hairy animals, knew that he liked the grapes in the general’s house the most, and knew that he always gave me the elbow.The elbow will make him fat and greasy.

And I don’t know his appearance alone.

Xiao Chengyi grows, and it can be said that it is the face value of the emperor. After all, I have turned over historical books. Usually these emperors are crooked and jujube, and Xiao Chengyi is different, the sword eyebrows are stunned, the nose is straight, the lips of the lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips.Bo Ruyue, even if he took off the dragon robe, it was a handsome son, which was completely worthy of Pian Ruo Jing, like a dragon.

"Qu Xiaoxiao, don’t you understand your heart?" Some emotions in his eyes were about to overflow.

There were also small buds in my heart.

But soon, I calmed down: "It’s not a question I want."

As soon as my words fell, the door was opened from the outside, and the "parents" of the two sides stood at the door with petrochemicals. The nomats were opposite, and the atmosphere was really awkward.

I waved my claws: "We can explain."

My "dad" fucking a broom and greeted Xiao Chengyi, and he couldn’t see his lumbar disc herniation at all.

He scolded and scolded, "If you don’t learn well at a young age, you can learn to pick up girls. Who is it not good for you? I do n’t look at her appearance.Go to your hand, you are the coming, you do n’t refuse, you, you, you can teach you this little rabbit today. "

I burst into tears, and I couldn’t tell whether my dad was praising me or degrading me for a while.


After the chicken jumped, it finally quietly.

I looked at Xiao Chengyi, who was wounded on my face, and there was such a trace of guilt in my heart.

We should not fight and make trouble, and we won’t make trouble on the bed without fighting, and he will not be beaten.

"Sorry, I don’t know if my dad’s force is so high."

In ancient times, my father had no power to bind a chicken in his hands. When he was so angry, he only patted the table. The beard shaking a sentence: "The sister -in -law cannot teach." Then he left angrily, where is it like him now, he can kill it with a punch, you can kill it with a punch, you can kill it with a punch.a cow.

"Pain." Xiao Chengyi said coldly.

"So … what to do?"

He stared at me slashing: "What do you say?"

I learned how people in the TV series, holding his face, blowing on the wounds on his forehead, and when the cool breeze was moving, I clearly felt that his body shrank.

I asked him, "Is it better?"

He asked me with a dumb throat: "Do you still think I was not beaten by your dad?"


"Remind, uncle stands out a few steps."


I’m really not intentional, you believe me, you see my sincere look.

When eating at night, my parents talked about it: "Anyway, our daughter is also a fool, and it is not clever. This college entrance examination may not be admitted to college. You see Xiao Chengyi, he looks good and looks good.Otherwise, we simply buy out the hand now, shoot the top board of the case, and stuff the daughter to him, and we can hold hands to travel around the world. "


Can you not conspire loudly in front of my face, OK?

Xiao Chengyi is also a typical dead duck’s mouth. I don’t know if it is to control me or toss himself. When the final exam, I really followed me and tested the last hundred.

The teacher panicked.

My Buddha.

I asked him: "How can people who can get a full footprint like you can get the countdown to the last hundred?"

He looked confident: "What is difficult, just avoid the correct answer perfectly."

I gave him a thumbs up, and you are the master of Versailles.

After the start of the new semester, Xiao Chengyi and I entered the tail class of the crane. The students in this class were basically being released. Of course, the chief director of the fatty fat secretly found Xiao Chengyi and said that he would bring him back toElite class.

Xiao Chengyi said to me seriously, "You can rest assured, I won’t leave you alone."


I beg you to throw me down, and I really don’t want to learn anymore.

Maybe my resentment was too strong, Xiao Chengyi had an accident.

One day I jumped to his house for food. Anyway, since I came to this world, my skin was thicker day by day. Xiao Chengyi also said that I can go to the Great Wall for a while.Essence

However, he said so, but he still feed me due to his duties.

When I was in the palace, I maintained the weak willow to support the wind. When I came to this world, I saw my waistline thicker every day.

Sometimes, Xiao Chengyi looked at me so kindly and kindly.

I have an illusion.

He wouldn’t want to keep me fat, and then slaughtered it.

Should not.

Far away.

When Xiao Chengyi "parents" are usually at home, I call Xiao Chengyi, Brother Xiao, and when the second old man is not at home, I will …

Raider his throat and shouted.


"His Majesty!"


"Oh, in the sip, you can feed me."

This time, no one answered a few times. I went to the second floor, and walked halfway, stepping on a soft thing.

Looking down, Xiao Chengyi lay on the ground.


I screamed: "Come, kill people, protect and escort."

Xiao Chengyi was awakened by my sharp dolphin sound, and she opened her eyelids difficultly: "Don’t call it, help me call me an ambulance."

"Good good, wait, what is the ambulance number, 110, 119, 10086?"

Xiao Chengyi: "…"

Xiao Chengyi was saved, and the doctor said, "If it is later, he may be in danger of life."

In some time, which first aid phone I was playing.

It can only be said that Cangtian will never die.

Xiao Chengyi is an appendicitis. At a young age, he learns to learn appendicitis. How to read a book is higher than being an emperor?

Looking at his pale look, I couldn’t bear it. I sat in front of his bed and shattered: "Emperor, don’t you die, if you die first, what should I do?"

He was sleeping and couldn’t hear what I said, so I became even more bold.

"Actually, I tell you, I am not learning. I was also a school hegemony when I was a kid. Although everyone was gone behind, it was more than enough to perform a talent in front of you.There is no way. "

"Gong Dou is too terrible. People are afraid of famous pigs and are afraid of strong. You do n’t know. After you ordered me at the time, how many horrible palace fights did you go through me.Dead, there are even people who are scared to scare me, and I do n’t have to scare me out of urine incontinence. In addition, I later saw other concubines’ lame, dumb, broken hands, I was afraid of it.I am afraid that I will also become the next one who lacks her legs, so I would rather go to the cold palace to protect peace. "

"Then do you know who hurts them?"

When I heard Xiao Chengyi’s voice, I suddenly stared.

Damn, the corpse is cheated!

Xiao Chengyi sat up hard. I was busy reaching out to help. He didn’t stop it, and asked me pale: "Do you send me to the hospital?"

Are you not asking for a nonsense?

"Remember what is the first aid call?"

I want to cry without tears: "Remember, remember, and remember."

His lips were covered by his hand. I raised my eyes and licked my lips subconsciously. His palm was with thick grains. I trembled, and he seemed to be shocked.


We two coughed each other and retreated.

Xiao Chengyi’s face was a bit unnaturally red: "You are a small crow’s mouth, don’t talk in the future."


After silent for a while, Xiao Chengyi asked me: "You said, you deliberately angered me and let me hit you into the cold palace."

"Who said, what I said, there is no, it must be dreaming."

He stared at me straight.

"Well, I admit it." I admit that I have used you, but now in this society of rule of law, you have no right to rule me.

Laughing in the sky.

Then, Xiao Chengyi said what made me shocked JPG without changing his face.

"Zhou Fei’s legs are my name."

"Zhao Fei’s throat was poisoned by me."

"Sun Fei’s hand was cut off."


I took three steps back, and felt that the hospital was cold, and I took another three steps again.

"So, why?" I was crying, but it was just a talent. I may not be able to meet your standards, and I don’t need to be so fierce.

He saw my frightened eyes, and explained busyly: "It is Sun Fei who gave you the redness of the crane.Zhao Fei. "

I opened my lips: "You let me calm down, so you keep protecting me behind."

"I have ever, and I will protect you well when I grow up."

The first nurse pushed in the door: "Did the hemp medicine No. 21 not retreat yet? How can I start talking?"

Xiao Chengyi: "…"



Xiao Chengyi told me that the reason why I hit me into the cold palace was to protect me.

At that time, King Xiao wanted to rebel. His party feathers were about to move. In order to protect me, the only way was to keep me in the cold palace, and after he calmed down the rebellion, he picked me back.

I asked a question: "But, do you seem to be unsuccessful?"

Otherwise, the assassin will not kill the cold palace, and I will not help you block that sword, and we will not come to this strange place.

In fact, I have been thinking about a question. In that world, the emperor Xiao Chengyi and the inconspicuous Qu Fei had died.

Now, the two souls live on others.

Xiao Chengyi said nothing.

"Okay, okay." I patted his shoulders comfortably.

Xiao Chengyi looked at me deeply: "Well, this emperor is also tired, eat bird’s nest and shark fin every day, and get up to work when it is not bright.It’s really annoying, it’s not as good as it is now. Reading is really simple to me. "

How do I think you seem to complain, but it is really showing off.

The girl was lying flat and waiting for you to be lucky.

Give you what you can.

My eyebrows were erected, turning around, and Xiao Chengyi pulled me, and the smiling eyes narrowed into crescents: "Jade?"

"You are jealous, your whole family is jealous."

"Yeah, my whole family includes you."

Damn, when did he learn to say so on, the cold me goosebumps.

Although he said so, he was the emperor for so many years.

"How about you?" He asked me.

I lowered my head and silent, and then stunned: "Where are you going?"

He stunned, and suddenly laughed: "If you return to ancient times, there are no wifi, no ice cream, no TV, no air conditioning, no barbecue and spicy, can you stand?"

I immediately regret: "Then you go back."

Xiao Chengyi: "…"

Spring went to autumn, and Xiao Chengyi and I went to college.

To be precise, he went to Tsinghua University he dreamed of, and I went to the side … Beida Jade Bird.

Sorry, I said a cold joke.

I went to New Oriental for cooking.

Maybe my talent was eaten, so when I carved a flower with radish, Xiao Chengyi groaned: "360 lines, the champion is the champion, and in ancient times, you are also the level of the kitchen.Here, you learn what you are good at, and you will always support you. "

Therefore, I went to New Oriental to study carved radish carefully.

My parents are very pleased: "Although the child has a problem with the mind, this hand is quite flexible. Sure enough, God closes a door to her and will open a window for her."

Seek your parents, can you not conspire loudly in front of your child.

Four years passed, Xiao Chengyi graduated from Tsinghua successfully, and was sent to graduate students by the way. Seeing that he climbed up step by step in his plan, I was a little panicked.

"Don’t you really want to abandon me abroad?"

"Do you want to go abroad?"

I thought about three seconds and nodded: "Think."

"However, before going abroad, we have another thing to complete."

"what is the matter?"

Xiao Chengyi took my hand: "In ancient times, I couldn’t lift the big sedan to marry you. After thinking that the matter was over, I found a chance to block you as the queen."

After coming out of the Cold Palace, I never jumped into the queen.

Isn’t it?

"So, now I want to marry you again and solemnly. May I ask Miss Qu Xiaoxiao, are you willing?"

"So what, so am I a second marriage?"

Xiao Chengyi smiled, and patted my head: "Please don’t use words, can you use it?"

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