Stomach pain to eat radish

Er Ya was put back in advance by the teacher again in advance for stomach pain, just like usual, just go home for a while.I don’t know how many times I went home in advance due to my stomach pain.But this is the first time the first semester of this semester starts the second day of the first semester of the first semester!

I remember when I received a teacher in the first semester that I said that Erya’s stomach pain, I rushed to the school to take her to the hospital and hung the emergency department. The doctor asked two sentences and opened B -ultrasound and Kaisai Lu.After five minutes of Saolu, I went to the B -ultrasound after the stool was finished. As a result, the stool was stool before the use of Kaisai, and the stomach was not painful. Because the B -ultrasound had been paid first, I knew that the result was still for inspection., I went to the hospital to get a expensive toilet and cured her stomach pain!

After picking her back today, I drank some hot boiled water and ate a piece of bread.

At noon, her dad cooked the radish stewed sausage, and I gave her a carrot to eat her (she didn’t like to eat radish), and told her: "Belly hurts radish, radish can cure my stomach pain!" He also told her to tell her.The origin of this sentence is one by one

When I was in elementary school, the teacher asked us to write a composition. I wrote an essay about radish. The teacher also gave me a high score.The original text was roughly like this: I ate a few raw eggplants in my mother’s vegetable garden, and then my stomach hurt. When my mother knew it, she did not blame me. Instead, I pulled a radish in her vegetable field.After I ate it, my stomach didn’t hurt.I asked my mother why this is, my mother told me that there was a trace toxin when the eggplant was born, and the belly would hurt when eating too much, and the radish had the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.Intersection

Now that you want to come, radish is generally sown in autumn, and it grows in the deep winter. Only winter and early spring can you eat naturally growing radish, and eggplant is sowing in spring, growing in summer, and you can eat the tail stubble in early autumn.In the countryside when we were young, there was no current greenhouse greenhouse. These two vegetables could not be touched at all. I do n’t know how I would like to come up with such an article at that time, and my mother had never been in school, nor would I know that eating eggplant eggplant was eating eggplant and eggplant.Poisoning, because she is hungry, she will pick one to eat.Of course, you don’t know that radish can solve the poison of eggplant.But my mother likes to eat raw radish, and the old people who are almost seventy often eat raw radish. Perhaps this is the best "fruit" that she had eaten by her old people when she was a child!

At that time, I might not understand the changes in the seasonal solar terms. I just remembered what vegetables I had eaten in my mother’s vegetable garden, and I was blindly scratching an article. I didn’t expect to be crooked.Eating can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.But how do you know that radish has the effect of detoxification?Now the literature only remembers it has the effects of digestion, blood pressure, hemostasis!

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