Stomach pain is not necessarily sick, it may be pregnant

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Today, there is a fat tall girl who has been in the clinic, and she is a bit difficult to see her walking.

When I walked into the clinic, I sat on the chair immediately and said:

Doctor, my stomach pain today is very uncomfortable. Can you help me check it?

I thought that my stomach hurts, and it may be pelvic inflammatory disease.But still ask for a regular history.I asked:

When did the last menstruation come?Is there a sexual life?

she says:

My menstruation is very irregular, and I often do not have menstruation for several months.I don’t remember when the menstruation comes.

I looked at her vigilantly and said:

Then you need to test a urination and rule out pregnancy.Go to a gynecological examination.

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She was lying on the bed, and I took the vagina to open her vagina, and unexpected things happened.I saw an external amniotic sac in the vagina.

Not only is she pregnant, she is going to give birth soon!Oh my god, contact the obstetrician immediately, and send her into the delivery room to prepare for the birth.Fortunately, the result was shocked, and the baby was born smoothly.However, because the baby is premature, you need to observe the neonatal department.

Although the patient’s mother and son are safe, we still have to learn some lessons in it.

If this patient can discover pregnancy as soon as possible, and do pregnancy examination, the baby may not have the result of premature birth.It is not enough to be a mother like this.

Therefore, no matter whether you are going to have birth, you should know as soon as possible.

How can I know if I am pregnant as soon as possible?

It is currently detecting HCG (human velveting gonadotropin) in urine or blood.If you are pregnant, the value will exceed the normal range.Generally, 8 to 10 days after the same room, blood test HCG, or 10 to 12 days after the same room, early pregnancy test strip can be detected.

If menstruation is normal, and the time of menstruation is still not coming, you can use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether you are pregnant.

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Note: If the first test, early pregnancy test strips are negative, don’t worry, you can observe another week.It is possible that the ovulation is delayed and relaxed, and it may come to normal menstruation in this week.If you still do not have menstruation after a week, you need to re -test again.If possible, you need to go to the hospital to draw blood to check HCG more accurate than early pregnancy test strips.

In addition, there are some special circumstances, such as ectopic pregnancy, abortion, etc., which can be manifested as abnormal bleeding (a small amount of vaginal bleeding, the amount of bleeding exceeds menstrual flow, etc.) or abdominal pain.When you encounter these situations, everyone is particularly easy to ignore pregnancy.I think there is bleeding or abdominal pain, and it will not be pregnant, and this idea is very wrong.

Therefore, all abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, and menopause must think of the possibility of pregnancy, and use early pregnancy test strips to detect at any time.If you are not good at judging, the hospital examination is timely, so as not to delay the illness.

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