Stomach pain in early pregnancy, don’t panic!After reading this article!

It is not uncommon for stomach pain in early pregnancy. Spasm abdominal pain is a manifestation of stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Some are normal physiological phenomena caused by pregnancy. In a few cases, there may also be a sign of serious problems.Today, let’s pay attention to the abdominal pain of pregnant mothers.

1. Pregnant women’s stomach pain, which situation is normal?

2. How to distinguish physiological abdominal pain or pathological abdominal pain?

3. What should I do if the pregnant mother encounters abdominal pain?

1. Pregnant women’s stomach pain, which situation is normal?

After pregnancy, your body has undergone major changes.Some experts believe that hormones during pregnancy will relax your ligaments, and at the same time, your constantly bulging abdomen also brings a greater burden on your muscles and ligaments.

Therefore, if you are just a stomachache in the early pregnancy, but there are no other symptoms, you do not need to worry about it.The stomach pain caused by this ligament stretching will continue the whole period of your pregnancy, and it may increase with the progress of your pregnancy.

If you have a husband and wife during pregnancy, then you may feel spasm and abdominal pain.This pregnant woman’s stomach pain will neither hinder your health during pregnancy, nor will it affect the baby in your belly.

2. How to distinguish physiological abdominal pain or pathological abdominal pain

Physiological abdominal pain

The uterus gradually becomes larger during embryonic development, and the effect of hormones in the body and the pulse of the uterine ligament. At this time, many pregnant mothers will experience stomach pain and discomfort.ease.

Many pregnant women always feel a little stomach pain, and sometimes they are accompanied by early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting. This is mainly caused by the increase in gastric acid secretion in early pregnancy.At this time, pay attention to dietary recuperation. The diet should be light and easy to digest as the principle. Breakfast can eat some grilled buns or soda biscuits.With the end of early pregnancy, discomfort disappears naturally.

Pathological abdominal pain

The most common is threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy. In addition, if you eat deterioration or cold foods, the intestinal spasm will also make pregnant mothers feel stomachache; acute gastritis, gastroenteritis, acute pancreatitis, and uterine fibroids degeneration and other diseasesIt may also be one of the causes. You need to go to the hospital in time to treat the symptomatic treatment to avoid deterioration or abortion.

Pathological abdominal pain occurs in early pregnancy, especially in lower abdomen pain. First of all, it should be thought of whether it is a pregnancy complication.Common complications include threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

In the first few months of the early stages of pregnancy, if there is a paroxysmal small abdominal pain or a regular abdominal pain, low back pain, pelvic cavity pain, the problem may be more complicated.

If it is accompanied by a little bleeding or a significant sense of falling in the abdomen, it may indicate a threatened abortion.Specific mothers should move less, stay in bed, do not mention heavy objects, and add moisture, and go to the doctor in time.

If the pain is intensified or continuously bleeding, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

If a unilateral lower abdomen pain, accompanied by bleeding or faint, may be an ectopic pregnancy, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Therefore, after a month of pregnancy or early pregnancy, do n’t deal with it blindly. It is best to go to the hospital for examination and then treat it. Do not delay the illness of the treatment.

Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy may not be caused by pregnancy, and many other circumstances can also cause abdominal pain.Doctors will consider some of the most common abdominal pain and diseases: Stomachvirus, food poisoning, appendicitis, kidney stones, hepatitis, gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, etc.

3. What should I do if the pregnant mother encounters abdominal pain?

① When you feel abnormal abnormalities such as waist soreness and severe abdomen, stop activities in time, rest more, and pay attention to observation.

② Avoid excessive fatigue and severe activities. Within 3 months of pregnancy, there is a high miscarriage period, and you should try to avoid intimateness as much as possible;

③ If abdominal pain is accompanied by coffee -like and brown blood outflow, you need to seek medical treatment in time and treat tire preservation according to the doctor’s order.

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