Stomach anti -acidity during pregnancy?Don’t be nervous, these 6 response methods may effectively alleviate

Many women will have acid reflux after pregnancy, especially the symptoms of stomach acid reflux after dinner will increase, so they are also very worried that they will affect the health of the baby.Food with increased stomach acid secretion.

What are the relieving methods of pregnancy -induced gastric acid reflux?

1. Eat less meals: Stomach anti -acid after pregnancy should first avoid overeating and overeating, because the more content of the stomach, the more likely to cause symptoms of stomach acid. Therefore, you should usually take a small amount of meals, low fat, low sugar, etc.Methods Diet can significantly reduce the degree of gastric acid and reflux frequency.Secondly, you can usually eat alkaline food properly, which can neutralize gastric acid, thereby reducing the symptoms of acid reflux.

2. Far away from food that can cause stomach acid: tea and coffee drinks contain caffeine, which causes the splash of the esophageal muscle to relax and increase the chance of gastric acid reflux. ThereforeDrink tea and coffee; carbonated drinks can cause abdominal distension and aggravate gastric acid reflux problems, so it is also a drink that cannot be exposed during pregnancy. Secondly, various spicy foods can stimulate gastric fluid secretion, and expectant mothers with uncomfortable stomach should also eat less or eat less or eat less or eat less or eat less or eat less or eat less.Don’t eat.

3. Stay away from second -hand cigarettes: Female friends who are pregnant should not only smoke, but also pay attention to stay away from second -hand smoke even if there are no symptoms of gastric acid, because the ingredients in tobacco will stimulate gastric acid secretion, aggravate the symptoms of gastric acid and heartburn, and even treat the fetus for the fetus.The baby’s growth and development have a adverse effect.

4. Wear comfortable and loose clothes: If wearing too tight clothes after pregnancy, it will not only affect the baby’s activity, but also cause the stomach to be oppressed, which will affect the digestive ability and increase the chance of gastric fluid reflux. Therefore, women after pregnancyFriends should wear comfortable and loose clothes.

5. Mainly maintain a good mood: the impact of mental state on the stomach and intestines is also very great. If mental tension and excessive pressure will also cause gastric acid secretion, pregnant mothers should pay attention to keeping their mood comfortable during the whole pregnancy, and to relieve the spirit through effective methods in time through effective methods.pressure.

6. Raise the bedside when sleeping: Flatming up flat when the expectant mother sleeps at night, it will also cause symptoms such as gastric acid and heartburn, so it can be properly raised by the bedside for 10-15 cm.Pillow, can also help reduce the symptoms of gastric fluid reflux.

In general, there are many ways to alleviate gastric acid reflux after pregnancy, but if gastric acid reflux after pregnancy is used to alleviate the above method, there is no effect, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to check to see if it is caused by other diseases.If you need to take medication, you must follow the doctor’s advice. Do not blindly treat it yourself, so as not to be affected by your own health and the health of the baby.

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