Star Baby Birth Chronicles: Nine months of pregnancy, abortion, fetal malformations, and embryonic dysplasia

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The production of this matter has been irreversible to women’s bodies from ancient times to the present.

However, recently, we have just discovered one thing that the uterus of human beings is only the size of eggs.

When pregnancy, the uterus quickly expands by more than 1,000 times.

The most fair thing in the world is production. Whether it is poverty or rich, none of the suffering that should be suffered.

Even as a female star, with the wealth that ordinary people do not have.

Being able to enjoy the world’s advanced medical care, many stars still have the suffering of production.

Huo Siyan is one of the examples.

Huo Siyan and Du Jiang are a typical sister -in -law love. Both men and women are five years old.

At the age of 32 at Huo Siyan, the two talents announced their marriage.

At this time, for a woman, she is already an elderly mother.

But Huo Siyan wanted to have the crystallization of their love, or chose to have a child without any care.

However, I did not expect that this pregnancy almost wanted to get my own life.

Although Du Jiang’s love for Huo Siyan was scared to fall in his palm, he was afraid of it in his mouth.

Even a fixed time every day will apply essential oil to Huo Siyan.

Twice a day, do not let go of any skin from the neck to the heel.

And drink beauty soup every day, and there are special doctors nanny to take care of.

Just to prevent her from growing a stretch mark.

According to the production treatment of stars than ordinary people, they don’t know how much they are.

Then she will have a child easily!

Unfortunately, things are contrary to their wishes.

Because of physical problems, Huo Siyan was 160 pounds when she was pregnant.

Even the media couldn’t believe that this was Huo Siyan.

You know that female stars care about their weight very much.

She had only 80 pounds of weight before.

How can you get a fat and get a fat?

Too many behaviors to gain weight in a short time are definitely not good for the body.

Unsurprisingly, Huo Siyan bleeds during production, and once came to the point where he was in danger of illness.

This time the production was really closed from the ghost door.

Although Huo Siyan likes children very much, because the first child has a shadow.

Let her have no courage to have a second child.

But in the past two years, some netizens met Huo Siyan’s family out to play, and it seemed to follow a little girl.

She looked a few years younger than Humm, so some netizens ate melon speculated that this was a little sister who was born again.

We can’t know what the real reason is.

Another well -known fertility household is a big S.

At that time, the big S and Wang Xiaofei met for a few days and hurriedly married.

The relationship between the newlywed Yaner’s little couple is just a sweet time, and the big S has lived in Taiwan since childhood.As well as

The thoughts of men and women in the family also had a huge impact on her.

No matter how hard she eats, she must insist on giving birth to a son for Wang Xiaofei.

In the past few years of marriage, Big S followed Wang Xiaofei to live with Wang Xiaofei based on the literacy of a qualified daughter -in -law.

But the huge life differences and environmental differences in Taiwan and Beijing made her unbearable.

And Wang Xiaofei is an authentic Beijing master.

Every day I like to talk to fox friends and dog friends, and often go home drunk.

Coupled with her mother -in -law Zhang Lan is not easy to mess with.

According to Da S, her mother -in -law Zhang Lan will force Big S to eat fat that does not like when they are chatting with their sisters.

This is the book "Beauty King" from the big S.

In order to maintain a better figure, big S has not eaten meat for many years, and only eats vegetarian vegetables.

As a result, her stomach can no longer accept too greasy things.

But in order to allow Big S to give birth to a son, her mother -in -law ignored her acceptance.

It was forced to force her to eat fat.

Big S also wanted to give birth to his son.

Even if she couldn’t stand it, she still endured the pain.

Breaking the habit of eating vegetarian food for many years.

Eventually Huang Tian lived up to the careless people. After many years of marriage, Big S was pregnant.

However, she was not good for her during pregnancy.

Because of the late marriage, Big S was considered to be an older pregnant woman at the time.

There was an extra risk during production.

However, Da S still suffers from epilepsy. It happened that it happened during production and almost lived.

Although so much suffering for having a child.

But when she appeared in front of the public again, she was still ridiculed by netizens.

At that time, she must be very uncomfortable!

However, her suffering has not finished eating.

Because the first child was a daughter, Da S ignored his body that his body had not recovered well, and he was not suitable for continuing to have children.

Persist in giving birth to a son for Wang Xiaofei.

She injected medicine and took medicine just to get pregnant as soon as possible, and finally she successfully conceived her second child to give birth to a son.

During this period, she stopped all her jobs and broke her body, and finally got her wish.

This matter is far from over, she wants to fight another third child.

Unfortunately, things are contrary to their wishes.

Although she was pregnant with three babies, she didn’t keep the child because the body was too bad.

Big S, who had two children, almost chose to seal his belly without having his own life.

To this day, the marriage between the two has not been kept.

Even getting along with enemies is a relationship.

Another family of happy marriage is also troublesome to have children.

Originally a combination of strong men and men, Li Chengyi voluntarily paid for the family for Qi Wei’s career choice.

When they gave birth to the first child, Lucky, Li Chengyi believed that women’s workplace career was limited.

Therefore, he supports Qi Wei to do what he wants to do, and he is willing to be a "family cooking husband" at home.

In the past few years, the two were divided into a clear division of labor, and the days of the small family were booming.

Li Chengyi also did not fear the outside world gossip, which was given to Qi Wei’s sense of security.

In recent years, their daughter Lucky has gradually grown up.

Li Chengyi can also slowly come out and pick up jobs.

At this time, the news of Qi Wei was pregnant again.

It is a pity that such a handsome guy is going home to see his children again.

This time Qi Wei bravely stood up and said: She wants to choose to return to the family and give it to Li Chengyi outside.

I thought Qi Wei would give birth to the child smoothly at home, and then the family of four lived a happy life.

However, when I heard Qi Wei tell the story of pregnancy again, I still felt scared.

It turned out that she spent on a wheelchair during the whole confinement after the birth of the second child.

It was because she was tripped by a small and small step when she was walking during pregnancy.

It was a time to give birth.

If she was not pregnant at the time, she would definitely notice this step.

If she was not pregnant at the time, this step would not affect her.

Unfortunately, there is no if.

At that time, Qi Wei couldn’t control his body and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Chen Xiaochun supported it next to it, which did not cause the tragedy.

Despite this, the accident still affected Qi Wei.

As a result, she could not stand at all in the late pregnancy and confinement.

Not only that, according to Qi Wei himself, it broke the news.

Between the first and second babies, she actually had a baby.

It’s just that because there is no protection, there is no fate to come to this world.

After giving birth, Qi Wei came out for the first time to participate in variety shows.

I am very afraid that everyone will laugh at her figure.

Therefore, she specifically sent Weibo to laugh at herself first, hoping that netizens can show mercy.

However, there are still many netizens who can’t understand it, and think that female stars must maintain a perfect posture even after giving birth.

This is too high.

Not only the above, almost all women who have had children have admitted that their bodies have changed more or less.

Tang Wei couldn’t control the leakage of urine after just after giving birth.

Then when filming, he was spit out by the same group of male actors because of frequent running to the toilet.

The wealthy daughter -in -law Wu Mengyao also said that the birth of a child is simply "life is better than death". In this life, he doesn’t want to experience this process.

Ying Caier also said that he left the sequelae of back pain after giving birth.

Xie Na could fall asleep at night after giving birth to a sleeping pill, otherwise her waist would be too painful.

"Heavenly King" Fang Yuan also shared his waist and cervical spine on Weibo on Weibo that he could not control the back and cervical spine.

Mei Ting even encountered "amniotic fluid embolism", which had a chance of one thousandth.

It can be seen that the sequelae left by pregnancy have nothing to do with whether there is money.

It is only related to the physical fitness of the mother, and most of them will leave irreversible damage.

In fact, pregnancy is a process of plundering resources in the fetus and mother.

The uterus is used to protect the mother, so as not to let the fetus dry the mother.

Although the mother likes her child, the process of pregnancy, the child is a foreign body in the mother’s body.

For mothers, pregnancy, childbirth, including lactating later, is a selfless dedication.

The mother who had given birth to a child was a person who experienced a war.

There is a saying in "Game of Thrones": Mother’s battlefield is in the birth bed.

Moms who have experienced war often leave more or less sequelae.

We admire these selfless dedication mothers.

However, in the current society, there are still many prejudices to mothers.

Think these are things that mothers should bear.

Perhaps the shackles of this society on the mother’s body are too deep.

That’s why more and more women are unwilling to get married and have children.

I hope that everyone can care for mothers, and do not let every mother live in the dual pain of physical and psychological.

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