Spicy enthusiasts: 6 models are good, spicy and delicious, and children can eat with confidence

If there is a ranking of snacks, it must be ranked among the top.

It is not only a kind of snack that relieves deliciousness, but also a lot of childhood memories of the 80s and 90s. At that time, if you can buy a pack of peppers in school, it feels the happiest person.Many childhood snacks have been discontinued, but spicy strips are becoming more and more popular. Not only are some old -fashioned spicy strips still hot, but some new flavors of spicy bars also sell well.

Many people will stock some spicy strips. When they are mouthful, a pack of packages and chasing a drama can be eaten at any time.Now different in the past, there are more and more types of spicy bars, and you may "step on the pit" when you buy it.

I will share with you 6 spicy strips that do not "step on the pit". Each ingredients are high -quality, spicy and delicious, and small snacks can be eaten with confidence.

The spicy prince is the hottest one in the category of Changsha. It can also be said that it is the handle of the spicy bars in Changsha. The spicy prince is relatively spicy, it is very spicy, very spicy and spicy and spicy.Two types of spicy and spicy flavors, you can choose according to your own taste.

And although there are two flavors, the taste is still popular, basically in the acceptable range of the public.When you are in your spare time or chasing the drama, open a bag to eat a spicy taste instantly stimulated the taste buds. The appetite is open instantly, and there is not so much oil. It is not greasy to taste.

The packaging of the Spicy Prince is particularly intimate. Whether it is a box or a bag, there are small bags of packaging in it. There are five spicy strips in each small packaging. It tastes convenient and hygienic.Can’t finish.

The spicy prince spicy strips not only taste good, but also tore off the label of low -end junk food. It is an authentic spicy bar that focuses on making healthy.With Henan Chaotian Beil, it tastes spicy and refreshing, spicy, and there are few additives. The non -fried manufacturing process makes people eat more at ease. They no longer have to buy spicy bars with my mother.Spicy Prince Tuning Spicy Bands ¥ 29.9 Buy

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