Speed on life and death!Only 26 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women’s severe placenta is successfully rescued early

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On the evening of June 16th, Xiao Yu (a pseudonym), who was only over 26 weeks pregnant, was burning vegetables at home. At that time, the belly was swollen and dizzy.Immediately after, she found that her lower body had a small amount of bleeding and was worried that the situation was not good, so she immediately dialed 120.

After the doctor picked up Xiaoyu on the ambulance, the examination found that the blood pressure of pregnant women was low, the amount of bleeding from the lower body gradually increased, and her complexion became pale.

"The situation is not good, and the performance of early shock means that there will be more serious changes later."While monitoring the life signs of pregnant women, the doctor immediately phone to notify the obstetrician doctors of Yuhang District Second People’s Hospital to allow them to make good preparations for rescue.

20: 27, 120 ambulances arrived at Yuhang Second Hospital. The medical care of the emergency department was waiting at the door. The green channel was opened and sent to the rescue room.At this time, the blood pressure of pregnant women is only 93/63mmHg (normal: 90 ~ 140mmHg/60 ~ 90mmHg).Essence

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Yao Aiqin, chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology, quickly made a judgment based on the current situation: this is the major bleeding caused by the "premature peel of the placenta".

"Immediately emergency cesarean section!" Yang Zhihong and Yao Aiqin, two chief physicians and experts of obstetrics and gynecology, immediately agreed to perform "cesarean section" as soon as possible to terminate pregnancy, and the sooner the surgery, the better.

At the same time, Yuhang Second Hospital launched a rescue plan for critical cases. The operating room, anesthesiology, neonatal department, ICU, inspection department and other related departments quickly linked into intense rescue.

Life hangs a line, and you will win the "Death" in seconds

At 21:10, the surplus of the operating room was pushed down, and the blood pressure continued to fall down. Only 70/40mmHg, the fetal heart could not be measured.

During the operation, the doctor found that there were a lot of blood clots in the uterine cavity of Xiaoyu. Part of the disconnection was visible to the placenta. It was also accompanied by active bleeding. It was initially evaluated that the amount of bleeding was 2000ml, which was quite tricky.

"Hurry up, change blood immediately!" 6 units of red blood cells, plasma 760ml, and medical staff infused for the patient for the first time.But the degree of danger is still increasing, the placenta peeling is fast, and both pregnant women and fetuses are facing great risks.

On the operating table, obstetricians, anesthesia doctors, and surgery nurse closely cooperated. After 2 minutes, the child was delivered from the mother’s body. After "uterine arterial ligation+back zone suture hemostatic", the uterus successfully stopped the hemostasis and the blood pressure also rose.Pulling Xiaoyu back from the "Ghost Gate" back.After surgery, she was successfully transferred to the intensive care room.

The baby who just left the mother weighs 880g, her complexion is pale, and there is no crying. The newborn score is only 1 point (normal score: 10 points).

The anesthesiology department and the neonatal department will be rescued simultaneously, and the tracheal intubation will be treated in a timely manner. After the newborn’s life signs tend to stabilize, the pediatrics and anesthesia doctors of Yuhang Second Hospital will be escorted to Zhejiang Children’s Hospital for the next process.

Time is life.Under the multi -disciplinary cooperation of Yuhang Second Hospital, decisive decisions, fast rescue, and strong measures, and the pregnant woman Xiao Yu, who finally hangs one line, is out of danger of life.At present, Xiaoyu’s life signs in the ICU ward are stable, and various indicators have improved significantly, and they will be transferred to the general ward recently.

How to prevent placenta early peeling

After 20 weeks of pregnancy or childbirth, the placenta in the normal position before the fetal delivery, all or part of the uterine wall, which is called early peeling of the placenta.If the placenta is stripped early, it will cause severe blood loss in pregnant women, and the fetus does not lack oxygen and nutrition. If it is not treated in time, it is likely to bring life to the fetus and mother.

The obstetricians particularly reminded that pregnant mothers should be as gentle as possible during pregnancy to avoid impact on the abdomen. Do not squat for a long time, do not lie flat for a long time, lie on the side when you get up, support the bed with your hands, and then slowly get up.

If the fetal movement is abnormal, the vaginal bleeding is more than the usual menstrual flow, or the sudden abdominal pain, backache or back pain, you must rush to a comprehensive hospital with production conditions as soon as possible. It is best to call 120 to request professional rescue.

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