Soymilk will increase estrogen, drink male to become mothers, women suffer from cancer?Don’t be fooled anymore

Drink soy milk as water every day, but drink the D cup?

Is there such a "good thing"?

Lao Liu, from Zhejiang, has good economic conditions in the family, and usually attaches great importance to health, but has a lot of entertainment, often big fish and meat, so he thought about a way to drink soy milk to keep healthy, cheap, and not as expensive as milk. Drink every day. Drink every day.There are few 500ml. In addition, they also like to eat breeding aquaculture such as scutellaria baicalensis.

In the past two years, Lao Liu found that his chest had developed and developed to the D cup.If this change is placed on a woman, it is estimated that there is fun, but Lao Liu is a big man. This change is too abnormal. With embarrassed psychology, Lao Liu went to the hospital for examination. The doctor found that the hormone in the body was abnormal.Essence

Seeing this news, many men and women are worried about it. They can usually see some news on the Internet. They say that there are many estrogen in soy milk. Men often drink "change mothers". Women often drink gynecological cancer. Thisis that true?

Soy milk contains plant estrogen. Among them, soy isoflavones are the most important ingredients. Because its structure is similar to estrogen, it is also called estrogen -like.So, what will happen to the body after men’s intake of soybean flavonoids?

American clinical researchers have performed an accuracy analysis to evaluate the effects of soy isoflavones in the measotone, free testosterone, and sex hormone bin protein indicators. The results show that soybean isoflavones will not affect the reproductive hormone concentration of male reproductive hormones at any age group.Essence

Geng Xue, a nutritionist at the Nutrition Department of the First People’s Hospital of Jining, said that compared with the real estrogen, the estrogen -like estrogen content is very low, and the role that can be played after gastric acid digestion is even less.Active estrogen does not allow men to feed, this view is unscientific.

The size of the breast is more inherited, and people basically "set" after puberty.Whether the breasts are full are mainly determined by the level of estrogen in the body, and soybean isoflavonoids themselves are very small.It is obviously incapable of relying on drinking soy milk to affect the size of the breast.

Simply put, drinking soy milk will not make men change their mothers.Seeing this, many people have doubts again. Although it does not affect men, the impact of drinking soy milk on women is real. Some women who often drink soy milk have cancer!Is this true?

Wang Yan, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Union Hospital, said that the occurrence of some cancer (endometrial cancer, breast cancer) is indeed related to estrogen.Estrogen is more sensitive, which has a certain relationship with heredity.

However, the soybean isoflavones contained in soymilk belong to plant hormones. After cooking, the content of soy isoflavones will be reduced by a certain amount.And soy isoflavones are regulated on the human body’s estrogen. When the estrogen content in the body is insufficient, soy isoflavones can help make up for deficiencies.When the estrogen content in the body is excessive, soy isoflavones can help hinder estrogen to further rise.

A forward -looking study in Japan was incorporated into the data of 1,5607 years> 35 -year -old healthy women, and after a 16 -year follow -up, it was found that the more female soy isoflavones after menopause, the lower the risk of breast cancer.

Coincidentally, the study of the survival of breast cancer in Shanghai in my country also confirmed this statement.Studies have been included in more than 5,000 patients with breast cancer, and the amount of soybean products in the diet will be classified in 4 ways.It was discovered that the intake of soybean products was inversely proportional to the mortality and recurrence rate of patients with breast cancer.

Normal soy milk can drink with confidence in daily life. We should really be alert to this kind of soy milk, and we must stay away.

According to news reports, Ms. Wang has the habit of making soy milk on breakfast. One morning, she was a bit late. She hurriedly cooked a bowl of soy milk for her son to drink. After drinking, the child went to school.It didn’t take long for the child to have symptoms of breathing difficulties, and then the stomach swelling and nerve swelling disorders appeared.

But the teacher thought it was simple and uncomfortable, and did not attract attention to the treatment of medical treatment.Soon, the child’s situation worsen, and the symptoms of vomiting began to occur, and then shock.When he was sent to the hospital, he was declared death after rescue.Forensic doctors found that the cause of the child’s death was that there was no cooked soy milk!

Raw soy milk contains toxic substances, anti -enthusiasts and other ingredients. After entering the body, these substances will inhibit the activity of protein decomposition of the human body, causing normal physiological metabolism in the human body, and then can induce acute gastroenteritis such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal distension.It is recommended to heat up soymilk daily, and continue to cook after boiling for five minutes before eating to prevent soy milk from cooking.

At this stage, many people feel controversial about drinking soy milk or drinking milk in the morning. They are in a state of reasonable publicity and publicity. What should I drink in the morning?

In fact, there is no exact answer to this question, and specific choices should be made according to the specific situation of each person.

1. Suitable for soymilk:

① lactose intolerance

Almost all carbohydrates in milk are lactose. For lactose intolerance, it is easy to cause diarrhea symptoms after drinking milk.The carbohydrates in soymilk are mainly starch and soybean hypotonal, which is also suitable for people who are not tolerated by lactose.

② Middle -aged and elderly people who have abnormal obesity, blood lipids or suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

The small amount of fat in soy milk is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, and it is rich in potassium, and sodium elements are lower than milk. It is very suitable for middle -aged and elderly people with cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease.

2. Suitable for milk:

① People who supplement protein

The protein content in 100g of milk is about 3.6g, and it is a high -quality protein. The digestive and absorption rate can reach about 96%. It is very suitable for people who need to supplement protein.

② Calcium supplement

Milk is the leader of calcium supplementation in natural foods. Drinking 300g of milk daily can supplement 40 ~ 50%of the calcium required for the human body.

Chinese residents’ dietary Guidelines 2022 recommendations. When adults consume 300 ~ 500g of milk daily, it is advisable to consume about 25g of soy products.As one of the common foods in life, soy milk has a lot of rumors about it. We must learn to screen for this and do not step into misunderstandings!””””

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