So sour! Zion’s dancer girlfriend is pregnant, adult actress firing: I was not pregnant just last week?

News on June 8th, the Pelicans as a star Zion Williams just announced that she was a father, and was immediately kicked by an adult actress.According to the actress, the two had just had a date last week, and asked Zion in anger, why did they not be pregnant?

On June 7, Zion just announced on social media that he would become his father’s good news. He and the 29 -year -old strip dancer Rose will usher in a daughter.

Zion’s girlfriend Rose is not an average person. He also has a 6 -year -old son with his predecessor, but Zion is willing to accept a "dragging oil bottle".

Unexpectedly, the news announced by Zion made Moriah Mills from Miami very annoyed, and she said that Zion was deceived.

Moriah Mills continued to "accuse" the latter in social media, and she also revealed that she was still dating Zion last week.

Mels wrote like this: "I hate you! Zion looks like you have a girlfriend, carrying me with me and other women to bed! You liar !!!"

"You’d better pray that I am not pregnant, because my holiday is postponed."

"Last week I was with you in New Orleans, you can’t tell me you are pregnant, after all, I have done so much for you."

"You are so smelly! There is no way to get the real adult female star to get pregnant"

"I told you that you will be the next king next to LeBron, I inspire you this way. You BM is the reason for your weight gain, she is poisonous! You use this to hurt me, and I can’t sleep all night last night.","

"Do you know why I am so angry? She is 29 years old and still bring a child. I know what will happen to a girlfriend as a basketball star. I know you will have other women, but I don’t expect youZi Zi pregnancy. "

"I constantly inspire you to restore your body. I let you use me in various ways, and shoot me with a mobile phone, but you let a low -end stripper dancer pregnant !!!"

"Don’t call me anymore! You will never lose me."

At present, Zion has not responded to this.

Regarding this, netizens have said that "the gold content of the 19 -year draft year is still rising."

"This figure looks like a gourd"

"Harden application adds a friend"

"This woman does not need makeup"

"Zion’s taste is unique"

"It’s time to say, the aesthetics of the black people are really different."

"Really, no wonder the NBA local star is not as good as a generation, one by one, one by one."

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