Small belly, big problem, old Chinese medicine teach you health reduction

After the "enhanced version of holidays" in the previous period, in addition to the age, the fastest growth is the waist circumference.What’s more, the limbs have not increased at all, but the small belly grows like "blowing".Obesity is a phenomenon caused by excessive accumulation of fat in the human body.Obesity not only affects the beauty of the body, but also causes inconvenience to life. It is more important that it is easy to cause a variety of complications and accelerate aging and cause disease.Compared with the skin fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips, and calves, excessive visceral fat causes higher danger of various chronic diseases.To date, heart obesity is an important indicator of medical personnel used to measure the incidence of chronic diseases.Men of all ages and women after menopause are more likely to form heart obese, and their body shape will become like an apple.Various health problems followed, and the risk of illness began to increase.This means that there may be many health problems behind the small belly.As long as the waist circumference is a little thick, the risk of disease may be increased.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that obesity is a kind of syndrome of virtuality, reality, and miscellaneous.Whether it is water, humidity or phlegm stasis, it is the nature of yin and cold.Qi deficiency promotes fatigue, and the loss of yang has no power, causing water, wet phlegm and stasis to accumulate in the body, and form obesity.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine theory, abdominal obesity is also related to spleen deficiency."The Yellow Emperor’s Canon" calls such obese crowds, and has the characteristics of "vertical abdomen, slow skin, and not strong meat", which means that the vertical abdomen, drooping meat, loose belly, meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, the meat in the belly, and the meat in the belly.Not hard.Among the internal organs, the spleen is mainly responsible for transportation of water and wetness. When the temper is weak, the wetness cannot be transported in time and stops internal.The stagnant wetness is a kind of evil spirits. After a long stasis, it will condense the evil qi that is relatively viscous. Traditional Chinese medicine is called sputum, and sputum and dampness will form a belly with sputum dampness.Fat people are more dampness, which is also for this reason.

"Said the text" said: "The spleen is the main letter, and the belief is born in the soil."Regular exercise and diet are the main way to strengthen the spleen and dampness.

Generally speaking, there are the following types of exercises that effectively reduce belly.

The first is that the diet is festival.Three meals a day, diet, do not overeating, use nuts and seed foods instead of animal ingredients such as lard, butter, etc., which is a wise choice to reduce abdominal fat.Drink the abdomen tea drink: 5 grams of raw atractylodes, 5 grams of Chenpi, 5 grams of Poria, 5 grams of Zexie, 5 grams of large abdomen skin, and boiled for 15-20 minutes.

The second is "moving to have yang".A lot of calories can be generated in muscle exercise, which can warm the spleen and yang, so people with spleen and yang deficiency can exercise appropriately.Walk fast every day: walk fast or fast, 45-60 minutes every day, on the one hand, you can lose abdominal fat, on the other hand, it will not make people excessive exercise.Medium -strength aerobic exercise: Although exercise is not recommended, exercise still requires a certain strength.For example, do more running, cycling, swimming and other exercises.

Another way is to knock the pulse.The position where the belly is located is the intersection of the pulse and the Six Classics, just like the crossroads on the street.If the meridians are not connected at the intersection, it will form obesity when the stagnant point is formed and the garbage cannot be discharged.By knocking, you can open the accumulated point and discharge the garbage.The method is from the front of the navel for a week, until the middle of the lumbar spine, knocking for a week, the force is a bit bigger, and it feels the best with a slight pain or swelling.For those who do not reach the level of fat, but those who are prone to bloating and belly after eating, they can eat the pulse for half an hour after eating.

(The author is deputy chief physician of Beijing Chaoyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital)

Author: Wang Hongrui

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