Sleep during pregnancy troubles pregnant moms, this will improve

Since pregnancy, sleeping seems to have become out of reach.After pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones, most pregnant mothers will be drowsy in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is prone to insomnia in the third trimester. Such a sleep state affects the spirit of pregnant mothers and even affect life and work.

Dyslexia in the early pregnancy is normal!This is the hormone effect during the development of pregnant eggs and the physical response made by the mother to adapt to the changes in the fetus.The pregnant mother feels tired, the eyelids often "fight", have no spirit during the day, and can’t help but do things.How to solve such drowsiness?To improve the sleeping situation, the Guangdong Aimi Confinement will teach you to try the following methods:

1. Sleep for a while

When you feel weak and want to sleep for a while, you may wish to stop the work on hand and rest for half an hour to ensure sufficient energy.In addition, go to bed on time at night to develop a regular schedule, and take a nap for a while.

2. Keep an optimistic mentality

The tight spirit is not conducive to the health and mental health of the pregnant mother, and it is not conducive to the development of fetal treasure, and it has no good impact on sleep.Therefore, we must maintain a cheerful mood, think about some good things, chat with my husband and friends more, and relieve psychological burden.

3. Cultivate hobbies

Many pregnant mothers did not go to work after pregnancy, but a person stayed at home and was easy to do.It is recommended that pregnant mothers cultivate more hobbies and find something interesting to do. For example, doing handmade, drawing, baking, etc. are good. It can not only alleviate the drowsiness, but also be part of the prenatal education.

4. Proper supplementation of nutrition

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers were affected by early pregnancy reactions, and appetite was no better than before.At this time, you can adjust your diet habits. Pay attention to the balanced diet in your diet, comprehensive nutrition, avoid overeating, so as to eat less meals. In addition to dining, eat some fruits, biscuits, and drink some milk to ensure the energy supply of the body.

Pregnant mothers do 4 things well to improve insomnia in the third trimester

As the month is getting bigger and bigger, the body of the pregnant mother is getting clumsy. When she sleeps, she is afraid of pressing fetal treasures, back pain, etc., making it difficult for pregnant mothers to find a suitable sleeping position.Long night, I can’t sleep often, really bad!How to do it?The Guangdong Aiya Confinement Club tells you that the following three methods may wish to try.

1. Adjust the sleeping position

The pregnant mother sleeps and moves, and the fetal treasure will not sleep steadily.It is recommended that pregnant mothers feel the fetal treasure and take a suitable sleeping position. Generally, it is recommended to sleep on the left side.

If it is really difficult to fall asleep, you can choose the right pregnant woman’s pillow to support the waist and abdomen and sleep more stable.You can also put the pillow under the abdomen or pinching in the middle of your legs, which is more comfortable to sleep.

2. Avoid playing mobile phones for a long time before bedtime

Some pregnant mothers have developed the habit of brushing their mobile phones before going to bed before pregnancy, and they cannot quit after pregnancy, but playing mobile phones will become more and more excited.Therefore, the pregnant mother is prepared to fall asleep early and put down the phone.If you feel bored, you can look at parenting books, prenatal education books, etc., or listening to prenatal education music, which helps to sleep, and can do prenatal education.

In addition, do more during the day, do appropriate exercise, let alone sleep.Don’t have too much psychological pressure even if insomnia, you can’t sleep as much as you do.

3. Appropriate exercise

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers become more and more lazy, and this state is not conducive to themselves and fetal treasures.In the case of physical conditioning after pregnancy, you can maintain a certain amount of exercise, such as walking, gymnastics during pregnancy under the guidance of coaches, yoga training, etc., which is very helpful to alleviate drowsiness and help to give birth.

4. Control the diet

Eat less meals during pregnancy, and pay attention to the balanced nutrition. Before going to bed, you should not eat greasy and too sweet foods before going to bed, and should not be too full.Especially spicy food, do not eat at night to prevent heartburn.

In the end, the Guangdong Aiya Confinement Club warmly reminded the sleep problem that it is likely to bother the pregnant mother’s pregnancy. The pregnant mother should relax and not have a burden.Pregnant mothers have a good mood, which is also very helpful to improve sleep quality.

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