Six abdominal pain during pregnancy, pregnant moms need to know the cause and relief method

Many women feel abdominal pain or discomfort during pregnancy. Sometimes they are just mild pain, and sometimes they have a diarrhea.Experts say: Abdominal pain during pregnancy is normal, and most of them occur in the early stages of pregnancy or a few days before the pelvis.However, there are many causes of abdominal pain. If you can distinguish the symptoms, you can understand the cause of abdominal pain, help yourself to soothe the discomfort or understand when to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Symptom 1:

In the early stages of pregnancy, most women will feel the dullness, bloating, or slight soreness and heavy falling feeling of the lower abdomen. It is a bit similar to the discomfort before the physiological period, which is normal physiological change.Mainly because the luteal hormone in the body increases, causing the uterine to swell, causing abdominal pain or uncomfortable.

how to improve:

It is recommended that pregnant moms try to gently massage their belly for themselves, take the navel as the center, and massage for 50 times in the direction of the clock, and then massage 50 times against the clock to help relieve discomfort.

Symptom 2:

Although pregnancy is confirmed during pregnancy, if an ectopic pregnancy occurs, women can feel abdominal pain.Generally speaking, common clinical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include unilateral lower abdominal pain, and sometimes accompanied by some vaginal bleeding.

how to improve:

There is indeed the possibility of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy. The most direct method is to pass the B -ultrasound.If it is proven to be an ectopic pregnancy, it can be treated through surgery or drug.

Symptom three:

When the baby keeps growing, the uterus will increase. At this time, the round ligament that supports the uterus near the pelvic cavity will be pulled, causing spasm, causing pregnant women to feel lower abdomen pain. It is one of the normal symptoms often during pregnancy.EssenceIn addition, the uterus at this time will also compress the bladder due to the pull of the ligament, causing the lower abdomen uncomfortable. This situation is usually accompanied by the feeling of urine or waist soreness.

how to improve:

Because this is one of the natural physiological changes, the only way can only ask pregnant moms to avoid urination as much as possible. If there is a burning sensation and lower abdominal pain when hematuria or urination occurs, it is likely that the urethral inflammation should be treated as soon as possible.

Symptom 4:

Sometimes pregnant women are also easy to feel abdominal pain because of gastrointestinal discomfort (maybe they may feel heart pest at the same time). Everyone’s condition is different. Some people have stomach pain when they are hungry.Gastrointestinal ulcers, flatulence, chronic gastritis or gastroesophageal current.

how to improve:

If you encounter this situation, please change your diet and try to avoid irritating foods (too sour, too spicy, fried, too sweet or too salty), and it is not recommended to flatten it immediately after eatingLie and rest to avoid aggravating gastroesophageal.In addition, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, it can also help relieve the two acupoints of "Neiguan" and "Liangqiu".The "Neiguan Acupoint" is mainly related to the diseases of the "heart, chest, and stomach" department. Every three uncomfortable encounters can press the Neiguan acupoint by themselves."Liangqiu Point" is an acupuncture point of the "stomach meridian", which can relieve acute gastric pain.To generally, the "Hegu Point" and "Zusanli" we hear can indeed slow gastrointestinal discomfort, but it is not suitable for pregnant women, because these two acupoints can cause uterine contraction, affect the fetus, and avoid pressing.

Symptom 5:

When the uterine contraction is too strong, it is also easy to make pregnant women feel abdominal pain.Generally, the causes of uterine contraction are mostly from drug side effects, frightening, falling, too intense sex, some acupoints, or due to the due date, reminding pregnant moms to prepare for production.

how to improve:

If it does not reach the due date, the pregnant mommy should pay attention to any drugs taken, and they must be licensed by the physician and relax a lot. They are slow and careful, and avoid too intense sexual behavior.At the same time, you can also press "Gongsun Point" by yourself to help lift the problem of uterine contraction.If the contraction is too strong, you should seek medical treatment immediately to avoid affecting the safety of the fetus.

Symptom 6:

"Placental stripping" is also one of the causes of abdominal pain in pregnant women. It is a dangerous situation and the possibility of abortion.At this time, there are usually bleeding phenomena and strong uterine contraction. Some mothers can not feel fetal movement or back pain, and severe abdominal pain.

how to improve:

Go to the hospital as soon as possible, this is the only way!Because this represents the danger of the fetus and affects the safety of Mommy, it is necessary to find a doctor to help as soon as possible to see if there is still a way to settle the fetus or further treatment.When the situation is critical, it is even possible to produce or terminate pregnancy in advance, so as not to cause the danger of a large amount of bleeding in the fetus or the maternal bleeding.

If the abdominal pain during pregnancy suddenly occurs, severe and continuous, even accompanied by vomiting, vaginal bleeding, strong uterine contraction, and fetal movement (maybe the fetal umbilical cord around the neck. Generally speakingFetal movement) represents the pain caused by normal physiological changes. Pregnant moms must not be careless to find out the cause in time to protect the safety of themselves and their children.

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