Sisters eat what you want to eat, but remember the right amount …#vlog

It’s nine weeks today, and I can go to NT for half a month.Old sisters of pregnant mothers, what we want to eat, but we must know the right amount.I am eating garbage food again, or I can’t eat things on this day, turkey noodles.Recently, I found that these pregnant mothers in our family have worrieds in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is these issues that these sisters who are the same as me in the early pregnancy.What fat HCG is not long, and the pregnant buttocks are not doubled.

Just like me, I tested my pregnancy from February 18th to March 18th, and it would still be weak.After I finished in the past 6 weeks, I couldn’t measure the fetal -shaped sprouts at 7 weeks, and I was in a hurry. I went to the hospital every week.The person coming here tells you that it is normal, and some of them are bed late.You can see the fetal -shaped fetal eyes on the Internet in 4 weeks and 5 weeks. You are anxious. People are different from people and children.When you look at the fat, you will not guarantee it, you will be anxious.

Don’t be so anxious, let me send me a letter together.Then I comforted each other and gave me a letter.Is it really 9 weeks now? There is still a long way to do. During pregnancy, we all give each other for each other. Not much to say that I am going to eat it later.I didn’t plan to eat turkey noodles today. I want to eat some buns or something, but my husband went out in the morning, and I was too lazy to do it, and then I cooked noodles to eat.There are many sisters who say, how do you always eat junk food or something, in fact, I don’t always eat. You watch my video, what hot and sour powder I always eat, I am all in the right amount, such as the ice cream, I may just like itEat half, I may eat half a barrel of hot and sour powder, and sometimes even a few mouthfuls.I didn’t say that it was rampant before pregnancy. I wanted to eat and eat, and now it is appropriate. Don’t care too much about this thing.It is said that I can eat what I am pregnant. As long as you want to eat, you can eat less. You can’t eat it throughout your pregnancy, such as watermelon or something.Isn’t watermelon particularly cold, or you don’t eat too much.I have a friend who wants to eat watermelon when I eat the whole pregnancy. He especially wants to eat it and then he always eats it. As a result, you can eat prematurely when you are 7 months. You can eat it but you need to know the word.Many sisters asked me, what was this.

Last time, there was a sister who asked me, what could be eaten, or what could be eaten in instant noodles, I don’t know how to reply to him, because I feel that he cares about this thing, that is, you can appropriate, I can eat it in an appropriate amount.Then thank you for your concern. Let’s talk about it. The turkey noodles have eaten a spicy melon.Bye-Bye.

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