#Simply can not stop

Luxury five -star hotel room, who are you rolling away?As soon as San Siqiao opened his eyes, he saw a greasy face.San Siqiao was frightened and disgusting, struggling with obese men who wanted to push away.Little beauty, who I am not important, what is important is that you are my person soon.The man showed a lascivious smile, grabbed a needle tube around him, and pierced it on San Siqiao. The liquid in the needle pipe was injected. San Siqiao suddenly dizzy, a loud noise, the door of the hotel room was slammed sharply.open.

Zhuang Chi was full of anger and exploded in his ear.Sheng Siqiao, you bitch, dare to steal people with me.He looked at the slender figure at the door, a tear at the end of his red eyes, and then fell into darkness.When he woke up, he was already lying in the hospital, surrounded by white, bright, and suddenly his eyes.

Zhuang Chichi was sitting with a gloomy and mysterious face beside his bed. His good sister was standing at the window and playing selfies with great interest.Seeing that he woke up, Zhuang Chi said a cold hum.Sheng Siqiao, you are too hungry and don’t choose to eat, first find such a color color to derail.Sheng Siqiao reluctantly argued with him, turned over and closed his eyes.

At this moment, Sheng Siqiao could only laugh at his stupidity, and suddenly received anonymous calls. When Zhuang Chiwei appeared, he determined that he was derailed.Where there will be such a clever thing in the world, I’m afraid he will get his set.I know you want to throw away me, but you don’t have to use such a means to destroy my reputation to you?

Zhuang Chihuan’s face was clear and he didn’t speak, as if he was thinking about something.At this time, God came over, and asked his sister with two big eyes, so why did you be in the hotel, still with a man like a man.Sheng Siqiao looked at the pretending expression of God Moon, and forced the nausea of his chest to roll out his chest: You just want me to promise to divorce. Why must you destroy me? Do you leave?

Zhuang Chidao had a malicious smile on his face. He was a momentary colors. He couldn’t leave this marriage. Marrying into the dealer was once dreaming of what he dreamed, not to mention his mother.If he knows his happy marriage mask, the terrible truth, how sad it should be, I’m afraid that the mother will be looked down on the Shen family.

Sheng Siqiao suddenly had a nausea and couldn’t help but slay a few times.

At this time, Shen Yueyue said: Even if my sister likes me like me, you can’t practice yourself like this. Didn’t you discredit the dealer and Shen Jia like this?

Zhuang Chichi saw that Saint Siqiao’s face was pale and embarrassed. He was a little soft -hearted, and his complexion was gloomy when he heard this.

What is the reputation of this door of this greed for vanity?Yueyue, go out first.He said to Shen Yueyue that although Shen Yueyue was reluctant, he retreated obediently.He remembered that Sheng Siqiao’s reaction just now, he had a doubt in his heart, turned around to sound the door of the attending doctor’s office, and checked whether the patient who was 3.801 was pregnant.

He paused, and made up a sentence that he didn’t have to tell him about everything. This was what Mr. Zhuang meant.After Shen Yueyue left, there were only two people in the ward left in the ward, which made him uncomfortable.For more than a year, they rarely have such a chance.

Zhuang Chichi went to the door and locked the door. What did you do?San Siqiao suddenly became nervous, his clothes took off, he ordered him coldly, Sheng Siqiao covered his chest subconsciously.

Zhuang Chi Mo left, and came to rudely open his placket: What do you bastard, I can’t touch my own wife’s body, can that idiot can be touched casually?

Zhuang Chimo’s fingers slid all the way from his forehead nose and lips all the way. He quickly released indifferently, and he was boring.

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