Side restoration of the truth 28 years of life: The self -prosecution of Henan mother who applied for fertility indicators in 1992

Yao Ce and Guo Wei had changed his life for 28 years. Xu Min, Yao Shibing, Guo Wei complained that Huaihe Hospital of Henan University and Du Xinzhi ended the trial. After some trial details were disclosed by the anchors of the two sides, this has aroused widespread attention.EssenceIn the 28th year of Ms. Du Xinzhi, Ms. Du Xinzhi has been in the "mutual recognition of the two sides", focusing on her repeated contradictions and preface of her in 1992.In line with, this has aroused the anger of many Henan Province and her peers.

Yesterday, a mother from Henan Province told me privately that I applied for fertility indicators in 1992 and then gave birth to the whole process.Dong Jiangbo’s record is as follows to prove the audiovisual and understand the understanding of netizens.I am also very welcome. Our relevant public service agencies in Henan to confirm to refute.

The following is the original text of Henan’s mother, who is 28 years older than Xu Min, who is 28 years old than Du Xinzhi.For the convenience of reading and explaining when I live broadcast in the afternoon, I will add some notes and slightly supplement the subject -like guests and other sentences under the premise of strictly following the original appearance.The original text is as follows:

Hello Teacher Dong!

I am a mother in Henan Province!Applying for indicators in 1992 (Note: Refers to fertility indicators), which is very clear about the family planning policy of Henan at that time!I want to talk to you about the pregnancy permit, quasi -student certificate, birth permit, hukou, check file file, and re -birth certificate in the application indicators!I have experienced these!Could you please get in your mutual management (Note: so that you can send me the details, you can only send three), thank you!

Teacher Dong, I don’t want to Lian Mai, I just want to write you the situation I know.I saw that some people talked about the matter of our Henan Province in 1992 in the media. I think there is a difference with the facts!

I want to find someone to tell my experience and let everyone know that it is going on in 1992 in our Henan Province!At the same time, I also used my actual experience to restore the actual situation at the time to let the majority of netizens know.

1. Regarding the family planning policy of Henan Province in 1992 (second child):

1. At that time, Henan Province implemented a policy of advocating one child, controlling the second child, and eliminating the policy of preventing the third child!2. Second child policy: first -child disability, or rural account, the first child is a girl, can have a second child.But it takes 4 years, and the mother is 28 years old (not clear whether it is the age of the application indicator or the age of childbirth, generally default to the age when the second child is produced).According to the current public information, Du Xinzhi should be born in 1963. The first child was born in 1985. In 1992, Du Xinzhi was 29 years old and his daughter was 7 years old.Du Xinzhi is a city hukou (she admits that there are many related videos and materials). Therefore, anyway, Du Xinzhi gave birth to a second child in 1992, which is fully in line with the fertility policy of the second child in Henan Province!

2. Application procedure for maternity index in Henan Province in 1992:

1. Application for the application of the family planning office of the woman’s work unit, or the application of the family planning office where the woman’s household registration is located.If the woman does not have a job, she can also apply at the family planning office as a family member as a family member.2. Apply for a pregnancy certificate first, and then apply for a quasi -student certificate after pregnancy.3. If you meet the policy, you can immediately apply for a maternity index at the Family Planning Office and apply for a permit.

At that time, the family planning policy of Henan Province was very strict. The slogan was "I would rather flow the blood into the river, and it would never be overlore!" There is no quasi -student permit.If you go to a public hospital, you will immediately implement abortion or induction of labor, even if you are about to reach the due date, you must lead him!There are only one quasi -student certificate. It is only used when admitting in production and cannot be used for hukou!

Third, if it does not meet the planning policy, it is planned to be pregnant and has already given birth. At that time (referred to as 1992), it was generally a fine of 300 to 500 yuan, and the hukou could be available.

Objectively speaking, although this situation is not unusual in rural Henan Province, it is also more common.The reason is that the risk of many men and women should be secretly born.But they all hid in Tibet after pregnancy, and they swayed back after being born!Because no one dares to "strangle" baby!However, it can be bright and reasonable "to kill" fetus (abortion or induction)!Even how many of the production of the planning of the family planning office at that time was still the results of the Family Planning Office!

Du Xinzhi is completely different from ordinary people. She is a big shake to go to a public hospital to produce, but she is born to hide in Tibet for 3 years!There must be monsters when they are abnormal!The details of the trial disclosed on September 18, 2021 confirmed that she took Guo Wei for 3 years when she did have a permit.As for whether Du Xinzhi is hiding Xu Min, whether he is hiding children, is it in "Washing White" to hide your identity information, this is unknown.The final sentence, the truth is really white, can you know.

Fourth, Henan Province in 1992 Baby hukou.

At that time (referred to as 1992), the baby in Henan Province went to the mother to follow the mother. The mother was a rural household registration. The child must be a rural account.There are only one permit permit (the hospital is submitted to the hospital), and the household registration does not need to be a quasi -birth certificate, only the birth certificate!Lao Du is a city hukou. Needless to say, children are naturally a city hukou!There are no unreasonable places for going to the city’s hukou at all.

Therefore, Du Xinzhi said that in order to give the child a city residence, he specially applied for a city permit for a city in 1993, which is a doubt!Dong Jiangbo again added the above article again. According to public information, Du Xinzhi’s residence is in Zhumadian City, Henan, and Guo Xikuan’s hukou is in Kaifeng City, Henan Province.The village has a quasi -student certificate, which is impossible at all!Can’t do it!

Of course, if Du Xinzhi was suspected of being illegal and disciplined when he applied for this permit, then he could do it.Moreover, Du Xinzhi said that it is not a one or two, and there are many acquaintances and classmates. It is not difficult to apply for a "fake student permit". Normal people are not good!(Note: Some so -called hardcore Du Xinzhi fans claimed that it was normal to apply for a fake permit that year. This kind of remarks deviate from the actual situation and legal knowledge, which makes people despise.)

5. Regarding the issue of quasi -student permits and birth certificates in Henan Province in 1992.

1. Children cannot apply for a quasi -student certificate after birth!According to this Henan mother, we can reasonably question: Du Xinzhi’s quasi -student permit for Du Xinzhi in 1993 must not be re -applied, and it must be re -applied, but at that time Henan Province was not allowed to have three babies.There is another possibility: she is holding a 1993 second childbirth permit with a death certificate (or abortion and outlet certificate) issued by Huaihe Hospital (or other hospitals) in Henan University in 1992 to apply for) In this case, children in 1992 must not survive and die!This situation can be seen from her previous autobiography "Surprising Case".

At the same time, when the people from Du Xinzhi’s unit learned about her fertility in 1992, she said that the child was dropped and did not generate!In 1992, after applying for a quasi -student permit (valid), if you were born or not born, you must give an explanation of the unit and the record!If there is no suspected illegal discipline, then Du Xinzhi may have a death certificate (or abortion, output permit) at the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University in 1992.Under normal circumstances, this certificate should apply for the family planning office of the 1993 second childbirth permit!

2. Certificate of birth: At the hospital of the child, the birth certificate is issued when discharged, and the special seal of the birth certificate is stamped, not the obstetrics official seal.At that time, my child was born in two couplets, and some places were triad!One couple of hospitals, individuals, and household registrations!At that time, I had only one connection in my hands. When the child was in the household registration, he stayed in the household registration department of the police station!This certificate is unique. After being lost, you can go to the child’s birth hospital to make up for it, but the birth certificate is not the same as the original. The number is handwritten, and a "supplement" is added!

At that time, I only got a certificate of birth from the hospital.In October 2009, I went to the hospital to check my medical records 15 years ago. I found it in less than 10 minutes, and I saw the original medical records!The hospital quickly made me a white paper black (not green) birth medical certificate (but the use of Yao Shibing was used for 3 days in 2020, which is too normal.Convenient, even electronic version)!

Moreover, Du Xinzhi gave the child (referring to Guo Wei) to the hukou, and he could go to Huaihe Hospital, Henan University to make a certificate of birth. There is no need to find an acquaintance to apply for a fake certificate!Children (referring to Guo Wei) are not born at the family planning station in Zhumadian City, Henan Province. Under normal circumstances, they cannot issue a certificate of birth!Therefore, either violates the law or discipline, or it is false.

Therefore, my Dong Jiangbo combined with this Henan mother’s own experience to come to a conclusion of the possibility. Du Xinzhi and Guo Wei, who had just been born for so long, may be suspected of being "washing the white" identity information.I am afraid that someone will find this child. As for who she is afraid of finding, it is unknown!Moreover, after the details of the trial on September 18, 2021, the so -called hiding family planning policy she told by Du Xinzhi before did not exist at all, it was obviously contradictory.

Therefore, this Du Xinzhi is really puzzling. Perhaps, only the day when the truth really came, Du Xinzhi’s back and forth contradictions, and even lies could not attack himself.(The full text is over. The author Dong Jiangbo, the pen name is cold, and the letter is like a wind.

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