Shock!Dehua’s prospective mother is still soaked in 3 months of pregnancy, drunk drunk driving with a car collision


It is a major event in every woman’s life,

It is also a family event.


A expectant mother in Dehua not only drinks when she is three months pregnant.

It’s still drunk,

Alcohol concentration is 154.31mg/100ml!

About 2 times the standard of drunk driving!

Trial site

Recently, the Dehua Court concluded this stunning dangerous driving case.

Lin was a expectant mother. On the evening of November 20, 2018, she was alone in March to drink to a music bar alone. During this period, she drank a few bottles of beer.

In the early morning of the 21st, Lin had finished drinking and drove home.When driving to the intersection of a community in Dehua South Third Ring Road, a traffic accident occurred with a car driving, causing Lin’s injury and damage to the two cars.

The Traffic Police Brigade of the Dehua County Public Security Bureau immediately sent the police after receiving the alarm. At the scene, when the police heard that Lin said that he was injured and was pregnant, he was surprised.It was taken to the hospital for examination. After inspection, it was determined that the fetus in her abdomen had no afterwards, and everyone was relieved.

But at this time, the keen police smelled Lin Mou’s strong wine flavor, and immediately conducted alcohol tests to Lin and extracted his blood samples.

After identification, at the time of the incident, the concentration of ethanol in Lin’s blood was 154.31mg/100ml, which had reached the standard of drunk.Seeing the identification results of the police was very surprised, he squeezed a sweat for Lin, drinking still, and drunk. Such a dangerous behavior was not what a expectant mother should do.

On June 13 this year, the Dehua Court tried the case.After trial, it was believed that Lin’s driving motor vehicle on the road after drunk has constituted a crime of dangerous driving.The comprehensive case, the guilty attitude of the defendant, and the breastfeeding period, then sentenced Lin to the crime of dangerous driving, sentenced him to one month, suspended two months, and fined 4,000 yuan.

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Can pregnant women drink alcohol?

The answer is not.Alcohol can prevent the absorption of folic acid and vitamin B, causing anemia or multiple neuritis.Even drinking a small amount of alcohol, alcohol flows into the fetal brain through the placenta, eroding the fetal brain, which is likely to cause brain cells to be damaged and damage the health of the fetus.

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Can pregnant women drive?

The answer is okay, but try not to open.In the early pregnancy, because the fetal growth and development is relatively slow, the stomach of the pregnant woman is not obvious. It will not affect the fetus when driving, but it cannot be drove for a long time. The long -term sitting position may affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the pregnant woman.In the middle and late pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant woman has been bulged, and long -term sedentary can make the pregnant woman numbness and even edema.In addition, often driving will also make the pregnant woman’s spiritual tension and affect the endocrine of pregnant women. Therefore, in the middle and late pregnancy, try not to let pregnant women drive.

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