Shijiao officers, do dogs dream too?Sleep a good time is also very important for dogs

We often dream when we sleep. Some dreams are empty and the scenes are strange.Sometimes I even dream of falling or flying.Then do you have to find that the dogs are about to call out when they sleep or move their claws, and they look like dreaming.So does a dog dream too?

Dogs need to sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day, and puppies and elderly dogs even sleep until 18 to 20 hours.However, the dog’s deep sleep is only 5 to 6 hours, and other times are light sleeping.The reason why there is such a long sleeping time is because the dog’s hunting nature requires the changes around the alert.When the dog usually sleeps, as long as it is a little moved, the dog will get up.Because the dog’s ancestors need to consume a lot of energy when hunting, the dog will take a break when you have free time.If no one is disturbed when the dog sleeps, the dog will enter the sleep stage.

The timing of our humans in dreams is that we are rapidly eye -catching. At this time, we are entering the stage of deep sleep.Is it true of dogs?In fact, the same mammalian, like a dog, also dreams when sleeping deeply.But dogs’ dreams are different from humans.Humans have a strong self -awareness, so dreams are more complicated and strange.The dog’s dream is relatively simple.By studying the dog brain radio waves, the dreams of dogs are their memory and experience composition.When dogs dream, they are similar to their daily experiences or memory fragments.Because these dreams are a combination of fragments, the content in the dream may be such a paragraph of our usual film editing.For example, the dog secretly stole the snacks hidden by the owner yesterday, so the dog may play the picture of eating snacks in a loop in the dream of the dog.

Of course, the dream of dogs is not necessarily beautiful, and dogs will also have nightmares, because his dream is the release of his memory.So if he is waiting for you boring at home every day, or you often scold him, and even some abused dogs, his dream is likely to replay the memory of memory, anxiety, sadness, and pain.

Because the dog can’t speak, when he was shaking his mouth, when he was 呱 因为 呱, sometimes the shoveling officer was sometimes unclear whether he was having a happy dream, a sad dream, or a really afraid that he was afraid of him.Nightmare, want to wake him up to touch the dog who is dreaming.In fact, it is quite dangerous.Because you don’t know if the dog is dreaming, is you chasing prey or eating chicken legs.If you suddenly touch or wake up the dog, it is likely to give you a bite.At this time, as long as the shovel officers wait for a while, the dog will slowly end the dream.

Deepness is good for humans. It can rest and restore physical strength. The same is true for dogs, so the shoveling officers must make their dogs fully rest.

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