She became pregnant with her wife. She said that this is a pregnancy -prone constitution. How should contraception be better?

Regarding pregnancy, every woman has their own troubles.Some women are difficult to get pregnant, no matter how hard they work, they are more difficult than the Mark Six, but some women are always "unexpectedly" pregnant and are susceptible to pregnancy.Recently, Jiayi Jun received a fan message: It was easy to get pregnant, and it was clear that his husband had only one or two minutes, but because the sleeve was broken, he could win the prize every time.His good sisters can also win the prize without "release".Want to know, does the pregnancy -prone constitution really exist?Today, the family doctor will take everyone to crack this mystery!

In fact, the prone body refers to a state in a state of conception. If a person is in such a state, it may increase the chance of conception.These women have 4 characteristics.

1. It is in the age of childbirth

There is also a shelf life. Women are best to have births between the age of 24 and 30.At this stage, all agencies of the whole body are completely mature, estrogen secretion is the most vigorous, ovarian and uterine are good and stable, and egg cell quality is excellent.

Once more than 30 years old, ovarian function will slowly decrease, the number of egg cells decreases, and the quality of eggs will become worse.Especially after the age of 35, ovarian function has decreased sharply. The number of egg cells is more than 50%less than when it is young. The ability to fertilize is weakened and it is not easy to get pregnant.

2. The weight index is normal

Whether it is a pregnancy -prone constitution and strong correlation with weight.Overweight or obesity, too thin, etc. will affect the menstrual cycle, disturb the balance of hormones, and increase the difficulty of pregnancy.The role of estrogen in women is self -evident, determining whether the menstrual cycle and ovulation are normal, and the level of estrogen is closely related to fat content.

Let’s talk about thinness first, because the fat content in the body is small, estrogen synthesis is hindered, it is easy to cause irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, disturb the ovulation mechanism, and even cause no ovulation.

Let’s talk about obesity, obese people account for a large proportion of fat, fat can promote estrogen secretion, affect the secretion of gonad hormone, disturb the ovulation cycle, and cause irregular menstruation. In addition, obesity is a high -risk factor of polycystic, plus plus addAccompanied by insulin resistance, the eggs develop abnormal, so that they cannot be combined normally with sperm, which leads to infertility.

3. Menstruation and ovulation normal

The rule of menstrual cycle represents the health of reproductive function.The menstrual cycle is from 21 days to 35 days. After a menstrual experience of 2 to 7 days, 1 ~ 2 packs of sanitary napkins can be used, which indicates the rule of menstruation.The rule of menstruation indicates that ovulation is also regular, and the power of pregnancy is also high.

4. Reproductive system health

Pregnancy is a very complicated process, and each reproductive organs are involved.The effect of ovarian is to discharge eggs and estrogen. The function of the fallopian tube is to combine sperm and eggs and transport. The role of the uterus is to make the fertilized eggs bed.Whether it is fallopian tubes, uterus or ovarian lesions, it will affect women’s conception.

1. Male condom

Mastering the correct method of using condoms not only has a high contraceptive rate, but also prevents diseases.Be sure to choose a regular condom to understand the small details used to avoid accidental pregnancy.

2. Oral contraceptive pill

Oral short -acting contraceptive pills are for 21 days in a row. The contraceptive success is high. At the same time, it can also assist in treating a variety of gynecological diseases, including polycystic and menstrual disorders, but cannot be missed or forgotten.

3. In -the -palace health device

Putting the birth ring in the uterus to inhibit the fertilized eggs, so as to achieve the contraceptive effect. This method is suitable for the couple that has been born.

Drought drought death, waterlogging.Some people can get pregnant easily, but some people pray that the blessing comes like waiting for a lot of lottery.How can these women develop "easy to get pregnant"?The family doctor has 3 reminders.

1. Avoid cold

The uterus is more sensitive to temperature. Once the cold is cold, it will affect the uterine environment and affect the fertilized eggs in bed and development. Therefore, women should focus on keeping warm, especially to protect the lower abdomen and feet, and refuse to wear low waist pants and exposed navel.At the same time, avoid eating frozen foods, such as ice cream, frozen food and so on.Too cold foods may stimulate the uterus. If women who originally had symptoms of palace cold would eat, it would aggravate the condition.

2. Maintain normal weight

The weight index is the most standard at 18.5 ~ 23.9.Obesity must control weight by balanced diet and exercise; those with normal weight index should not lose weight blindly, so as not to quickly lose weight and disturb the menstrual cycle, affecting conception.

3. Keep optimistic emotions

The quality of the mood affects physical health and maintains positive and optimistic emotions so that hormones can be secreted normally.If the emotions have been low, even menstruation will not come on time, let alone getting pregnant.Therefore, there must be more positive thoughts in life. When you are in a bad mood, you can transfer your emotions through exercise, reading, or telling friends.

In fact, it is not difficult to develop. As long as you pay attention to the small details of life.Adjust your menstruation in a timely manner to keep it in a normal state; maintain a regular schedule, increase the amount of exercise, and not overwhelm it or leisure.

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