Shanxi Middle School teachers have seduced female students many times, causing pregnancy and abortion, teacher: I am wronged

The teacher is a sacred career, teaching and educating people, and is called the gardener of the new era, and selflessly irrigate the flowers of the motherland.If you want to be a teacher, the knowledge of Teacher Deby is even more important. Professor Ai Yuejin once said that every teacher is worthy of respect, except for people who are corrupted by teacher ethics.A teacher in Shouyang, Shanxi received a report today. The teacher seduced his students many times and even caused the girls to be born.

According to reports on June 30, a graduate of a graduate in a school in Shouyang, Shanxi sent information to the relevant departments that Wu Mou (teacher) had repeatedly deceived the students who raped themselves, and they were also the victims of them.One member.According to the content of the report, Wu Mou often uses his position to help female students learn homework, but he does have bad thoughts.

The persecuted female student dare not refuse, and can only allow Wu to go up and down through the reason of learning homework.According to the report, I learned that in Wu’s home, the victim’s home (while his parents were not), in the school’s office, the car in the parking lot was all in the case of the crime, and there was no safety measures when he committed the crime, resulting in a safety measures, which led to leading to a safety measure, which led to leading to a safety measure, which led to leading to a safety measure.A female student was pregnant, and Wu took the opportunity to take the female student to get a fetus.

After the report was completed, the reporters also passed their own posters to schools, parks, and residential buildings.With the gradual expansion of the police intervention, the police attach great importance to this kind of thing.But so far the police have not found the parties to be reported, and conducted a investigation of the schools mentioned, and a secret visit to the students, but the situation learned according to the investigation is completely inconsistent with the report.

Police now infer that Wu may be framed, or that the school has a darkest corner that he has not explored it.The incident is still under investigation so far, and we should be based on the news given by the police.

The editor believes that if Wu is framed, then this matter should be tested to the end and caught the students who made rumors.It is much more difficult to prove that you have not done this.Just like the boss of Lao Lai Xiaohui Jun, if it wasn’t for a member of Xiao Huijun’s conscience, it would not be possible to vote in this matter.

If Wu is not framed, then such people must not let go. The teacher’s morality is corrupted, which is an insult to the word of the people’s teachers.Okay, what do you think of this matter?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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