Sexual life should pay attention to harmony and moderate. These 5 cases should not be sexual life.

Sexual life can bring the ultimate beautiful experience, and it can also make the relationship between the two people get better and better. Many people are sexual life in life.However, there is a degree of everything, and some periods are indeed not suitable for sexual life, otherwise it will affect people’s health.These periods are not suitable for sexual life, let’s take a look at it together.

1. Women’s pregnancy period

Women must be cautious during pregnancy, especially the first three months and the second three months in the more dangerous period, that is, the early and late stages of pregnancy.In the first three months of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs have just been bed. At this time, the binding force of embryo tissue and uterus is not particularly strong. If it continues to perform sexual life, it will increase the risk of miscarriage.The latter of women in the next three months is getting bigger and bigger. At this time, it should be restless. If you have sexual life, you will increase the possibility of premature birth.Women can perform proper sexual life in the middle of pregnancy, but the movements must be mild, and they must stop immediately.

2. Women’s menstrual period

Many people think that there is no need to take contraceptive measures during sexual life during women’s menstruation, but women are not suitable for sexual life during menstruation.During the menstrual period of women, the vaginal environment will change. In this time period, if the men’s penis is carried with bacteria, entering the cervix of women through the vagina can easily cause gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis.Many women have dysmenorrhea during menstruation. In addition to dysmenorrhea, there will be other uncomfortable feelings. At this time, if sexual life is performed, women not only cannot realize pleasure, but also feel very injured and affect the feelings of the two people.

3. Emphasized activities before and after

If an important thing happened on the day, people felt very tired and their spirits were tight. At this time, they had to take a good rest when they returned home.If there are important things to do the next day, for example, major exams, interviews, etc., do not perform sexual life the day before the event. This is to ensure that there is a good mental state the next day.

4. A contradiction between husband and wife

When a husband and wife conflict, whether to conduct sexual life should be considered as appropriate.Some people believe in the small contradictions of the end of the bed and the end of the bed, which can indeed be resolved through sexual life.But if it is some in principle contradictions or quarrels very well, at this time, sexual life is not good for emotional repair.

5. Performance problems

Both men and women may have a decline in sexual ability. The decline in sexuality of men is mainly reflected in sexual dysfunction such as too fast ejaculation or obtaining impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction.EssenceRegardless of the problem of the performance of the performance, at this time, it must be suspended, actively find the cause, and then solve it.If you don’t stop sexing at this time, not only will it strike people’s confidence, but it will also make the problem more serious.

Sexual life is not a matter of one person. When doing sexual life, we must consider more comprehensive to see if it is suitable for sexual life.These special periods are not suitable for sexual life. I hope everyone can remember it. This is also for the need for health.

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