Several things that do the last regret during pregnancy

The two friends were almost pregnant at the same time, but they gave birth at 38 weeks, and the other was born from 41 weeks. The baby who gave birth to less than 6 pounds at 38 weeks, and the baby born in 41 weeks is more than 7 pounds.

After the child’s birth was stable, I visited the two respectively. Friends who gave birth at 38 weeks looked at the thin little baby and pulled my words to talk about her most regretted what she did during pregnancy and regretted it.

1. Weight is not controlled.

Friends are petite, and the height of 160 is dual -digit weight, but after pregnancy, she gains weight like a balloon.In her words, "I finally have a reason to eat and drink indulgence."

She was almost 40 pounds heavier than during pregnancy. If the baby comes out in two weeks later, it is estimated that it can soar more than 50 pounds.The organs of the body can’t support this weight, so they can only give birth in advance.

2. Love to eat chili.

Friends are all spicy and unhappy. Chongqing friends and Hunan friends who are together can not eat spicy.

There was no jealousy throughout pregnancy, and two bowls of super spicy rolling noodles were killed two days before the baby was born.As a result, after the child was born, the corners of the two eyes were all red, and they loved their tongue.

I don’t know if there is a scientific connection between the two, but my friends are very sure.

3. Excessive exercise.

Friends especially like sports. They have always adhered to yoga lessons during pregnancy, and at about 36 weeks, they also rode a bicycle in order to hurry. When they said it was cold sweat, I couldn’t help but lament that she was really heartbroken at that time.Nothing happened, otherwise you have to regret death.

In addition to yoga, she also insists on walking more than 10,000 steps every day.In the later period, the weight and stomach are getting bigger and bigger, and the exercise is too much.

This is probably one of the reasons why the baby comes out in 38 weeks.

But the good thing is that she was born faster. It took about 5 hours from pain to birth, and there was no side cut and tear.

4. Painless.

I was surprised when I heard this, why did I regret it painless?

Friends said that she had three fingers when she had a child in Hangzhou and asked the doctor to have painless pain, but the doctor did not give it to death, saying that it would affect the birth process after the three fingers.

She had a child in her hometown and had four fingers and asked for painlessness. The doctor only arranged it after an hour. At the time of playing, the 5 fingers had been opened. There was no effect.

Another Baoma in the production area had not yet opened the palace, and asked the painless doctor to fight.

As a result, she still had to die after she finished playing, and the other was sleeping.

She couldn’t help but sigh: "If I didn’t hit the pain, I can give birth faster."

Looking at the photos shared by everyone in the group, the baby born at 41 weeks is a big circle than 38 weeks, and it looks stronger.

Until now, both babies are one year old, and they are still tall and strong, a thin and small.

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