Several phenomena of pregnancy

Women who have sex in normal age are the possibility of pregnancy.Generally speaking, if women are pregnant, menstruation is the earliest symptom.At the same time, it is normal to feel burnout, drowsiness or breast swelling in the early stages of pregnancy.The following eight symptoms also need to pay special attention:

1. Increased body temperature

If you have already tested your body temperature and noticed that the temperature has continued to be high for 18 days, you may be pregnant.

2. Frequent urination

Shortly after pregnancy, you may find that you go to the toilet frequently.Why? This is mainly because the blood and other liquids in the body increase during pregnancy, which causes additional fluids to flow to the bladder through your kidneys.This symptom can start from six weeks to three months of pregnancy, and continue to deteriorate with the increase of the baby’s additional pressure on your bladder.

3. Relax of food

Although some women insist that they are eager to get certain foods during pregnancy, they are even more common to food.You may suddenly find some foods you once enjoyed, but now you are completely disgusted.This feeling may come and go several times during pregnancy.

4. Nausea or vomiting

If you do n’t have the trouble of morning vomiting like most women, until about one pregnancy (a few pregnant women may be spit on pregnancy).But some women will feel unwell in the stomach earlier.And not only in the morning -nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy may appear in the morning, noon, or even night.About half of pregnant women’s pregnancy will be relieved during the second pregnancy.Other pregnant women may take another month to reduce symptoms.

5, sensitive, breast swelling

One of the early days of pregnancy is the sensitivity caused by the increasing increase of hormones, and breast swelling and pain.This pain is very similar to the exaggerated version of your chest pain before the menstruation.As your body adapts to hormones, these discomfort will be significantly reduced after the first pregnancy.

6. Men stop menstruation

The menstrual cycle is always normal. When the menstruation does not see menstruation, this is a sign of pregnancy.Of course, factors such as high fever, severe anemia, tuberculosis, and endocrine diseases do not belong to this scope.

7. Emotional and irritable

With so many symptoms of pregnancy to be treated, and the sudden increased hormones, will you still be surprised by pregnant women’s often emotional and irritable?In addition, women must adjust their emotions to accept new responsibilities.Their world has changed.Although some expectant mothers have carefully arranged their own pregnancy things, they will inevitably have problems such as their careers, economy, insurance, and the relationship between mother and child, and even future life.It is natural for pregnant women to feel complicated. Whether they are surprised or melancholy, happy or sad, whether it is laughing or tears, it is the natural expression of their complex emotions.The partner may be confused because of this, or even less supportive.Pregnant women need to explain to their partners: emotional ups and downs are caused by pregnancy, and they need the understanding and support of the other half.

8. Fat fat

Unavoidable weight gain is a symptom of pregnancy.Your clothes will be tighter and tighter, you will feel that you are getting fat, and your weight continues to rise.Your body will become bigger and bigger, which is one of the results of pregnancy.

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