Seven weeks of pregnancy, if you have these signs, congratulations: the fetus is good

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s size is similar to the blueberry.Your embryo has grown about 1.3 cm, and has doubled since last week.He or she hasn’t completely turned over, but it grows crazy in your 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Your 7 -week embryo produces about 100 new brain cells per minute! Not only the baby’s brain becomes more and more complicated, but the heart becomes more and more complicated.The same important thing is that babies are forming permanent kidneys, and their arms and leg joints are also forming.

The baby’s hands and feet are highlighted from the development of the arms and legs.Technically, your baby is still considered an embryo, and there is a small tail, which is an extension of her tailbone.The tail will disappear within a few weeks, but this is the only thing that becomes smaller.

If you can see the inside of your uterus, you will find that her eyes are already somewhat colored, the folds of the eyelids cover her eyes, and the small veins under her nose and thin skin.The two hemispheres of the baby’s brain are developing, and her liver is making a large number of red blood cells until her bone marrow forms and takes over the role.She also has an appendix and a pancreas that eventually secrete insulin to help digestion.There is a circuit in the growing intestine, which will swell into her umbilical cord. There are unique blood vessels in the umbilical cord, which can transport oxygen and nutrition to her small body.

There will be many symptoms in 7 weeks of pregnancy. The following are the most common::


Morning vomiting may appear in the 7th week of pregnancy.Some expectant mothers press ginger, vitamin B-6, and acupoints to press the wrist to relieve the stomach. This is an effective method of sending.Specific mothers who are pregnant at 7 weeks may be easier to feel nausea and vomiting, because the hormonal levels in their bodies may rise, and these hormones will cause morning vomiting.

Desire and/or disgust of food.

You may find that you want to eat some special, even strange food.Disguisating food is a natural way to keep you away from potential dangerous foods

Frequent urine.

Your uterus has doubled, and the blood flow of your pelvis has also increased, which will always make you feel urinating.


Breakthrough is due to changes in hormones in your body.

Swing in sleep

Additional saliva is a symptom you have never thought of. Excessive saliva may also be caused by hormones, or it may be related to nausea.

Emotional fluctuation

Not only your hormones, but you may not get used to pregnancy, which will make you more emotional.

Of course, in seven weeks, you may have no symptoms!

This is the development of the fetus for seven weeks. Let’s take a look at the fetal development for eight weeks.

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