Seven months pregnant, because I didn’t want to wash clothes, I was furious by my mother -in -law: the clothes were not cleaned, and I was not allowed to eat.

Hello everyone, my name is Hao Jing, I am 34 years old.

When I did n’t get married, I often heard others say that before marrying people, we must first understand the morality of my mother -in -law and their usual atmosphere, because this will affect the construction of our small families in the future.

At the beginning, I was not serious. I think I was married to my husband, and I did n’t marry my in -laws. Why do I know about their lines, and I did n’t intend to live with them after marriage. Then meThere is no reason to understand.

As long as my husband is good to me, but after the marriage, I found that I was wrong. Although I didn’t live with my in -laws, they often interfered with our little family, which made my relationship with my in -laws very nervous.

I married my husband 7 years ago. After marrying him, I was very angry. I was pregnant soon, but after pregnancy, my husband often conflicted with me because of some trivial things.

Although I am very annoyed, I also understand him. After all, at that time, our days were not very good, and I still rented a house outside. The monthly salary paid the rent.Money.

So because of money, my husband often quarreled with me. At that time, I wanted to sue with my in -laws and want them to control my husband. After all, I was pregnant and I couldn’t get angry often.

But my mother -in -law came directly to the sentence, "Who made you spend money, is it easy for my son to make money outside work alone?" At that time, I felt very uncomfortable. Is it a few more meat every week and a few more more meat, a few more more than a few more, and eating a few more more.Egg, is it called disorderly spending money?

And I eat these mainly for children who can absorb a little more nutrition. If I have no pregnancy, I can do not eat meat for a week, but now it is not a special stage. I think it is not too much to add a little nutrition.

I will not let my mother -in -law be judged in the back. I think she said that she was towards her son and would not speak for me, but I would not find her later, and she took the initiative to come to the door.

She was so beautiful that she was looking at me and wanted to come to take care of my diet. In fact, I knew she was the "spy" sent by my husband.

Because I heard my husband call my mother -in -law once, saying that let my mother -in -law come over for a while, so that I can control my expenses.

At that time, after my husband finished calling, I really wanted to talk to him in person, but I also thought of the end of the theory.It’s too tired.

After my mother -in -law came to live, I readily accepted it. At first I felt that my mother -in -law suddenly visited, and I would definitely not let the food fall at once. After all, there must be a gradual process.

But my mother -in -law came to my house’s first meal to make meat minced eggplant, plus two green vegetables, not only the oil flowers were so poor, but the meat of the meat minced eggplant was not visible at all.Stir -fried eggplant.

At that time, I felt that my mother -in -law was really too cruel. Sure enough, Jiang was still old. After eating a few meals made by my mother -in -law, I started to protest:

"Mom, you can put too little meat in your meat. I am pregnant now, eat more nutritious things." "Where there is less, there is a good meat every meal, you still pick the three."

After seeing my mother -in -law so unreasonable, I didn’t want to argue with her anymore. Later, for the children in my belly, I had a nutrition.

At that time, my parents also knew our situation, so every time I went, they were delicious and delicious for me. In fact, they also persuaded me to consider this marriage carefully. After all, I marriedNot happy.

But I think we have just got married, and maybe the day is better. The relationship between my husband and my in -laws is a bit better. Since I say so, my parents are not easy to say anything.

But my mother -in -law later had a big trouble with me because I went to my mother’s house to eat meals. She said that I lost her face, and it would also make outsiders joke, saying that her mother -in -law is not sensible, she is not sensible.Daughter -in -law at home, do not give good food.

But this is the case, but I can’t say these words, but for the children in the stomach to be more nutritious, I still let her get a little better.

But I said that, it was anger on her. She threw all the things in the kitchen on the spot, and sat in front of the house and cried and said that my daughter -in -law bullied her.

At that time, I was really unpredictable, but I didn’t want to pour fuel on the fire, so I apologized to her, so that she would not make any noise anymore.

But she still sat at the door of the house, and I didn’t care about her behind, so I went back to the house to rest, but my husband came back from get off work to see my mother -in -law, and went into the room to train me fiercely.

And I slapped me. At that time, I cried aggrieved. I had a bad stomach pain that night. I asked my husband to take me to the hospital to see it, but my husband slept like a dead pig.

Then I went to knocking on my mother -in -law’s room, but my mother -in -law had no voice for a long time, and I knew that I couldn’t expect them anymore, so I quickly called the 120 emergency call.

But in the end, the child did not keep it, and miscarriage.

At that time, I couldn’t accept it. I was crying and I was going to divorce my husband. At this time, my husband began to be nervous. I asked me to be happy and not divorced. My in -laws also said a lot of good words on the side, sayingI will treat me well in the future.

Looking at my old heart, I really regretted it. At that time, my heart was a bit shaken, so I did not mention divorce for the time being, but I also wanted him to swear that I must treat me well in the future.

After seeing that I did not mention divorce, he immediately agreed to my request. After I lived in my mother’s house for a while, my husband and my in -laws took me back. After I went back this time, their family members were all family members.Very good to me.

My mother -in -law also moved back to her own home and no longer lived with us. After the interference of my mother -in -law, and my husband took care of me so much, so our little home gradually became warm again.It’s right.

After that, I would have a career with my husband. If the child’s affairs want to wait a few years, I will talk about it for a few years. After struggling together for many years, my husband and I have finally bought a house that belongs to our own.It’s enough for us to live.

After a few years later, I was pregnant again. At that time, my husband was very happy. My husband did not treat me this time. Not only did he buy me bird’s nest, but the food was also very good.

But this beautiful scene only maintained in just a few months, and later he was "revealed". Not only did he have a bad temper, but he did not have supplements to eat, and the meal was worse.

At that time, I was talking to him again, because during that time, his business was at a loss. I thought that after he returned to spring after his business was, his attitude may change.

However, the business in the back not only did not improve, but also took our house in. After the house, I had to return to my mother’s house, because I was afraid that I would not get along with my mother -in -law.

So I stayed in my mother’s house for several months. When I was 7 months pregnant, I went back to my mother’s house, because I have lived in my mother’s house for a long time.Essence

One is familiar with the environment there, and the other is to have a better relationship with my mother -in -law in advance. After all, I take care of my mother -in -law after confinement, so I asked my husband to take me back to my mother -in -law’s house to live.

At the beginning, my in -laws were pretty good to me, and I didn’t treat me very much in my food, but I slowly found that my father -in -law was always tempering to my mother -in -law.Sprinkle qi on me.

Once I was in a hurry, I accidentally moved the fetal gas, and my stomach was a bit uncomfortable. I lay on the bed and rest for a while, so my mother -in -law explained that I didn’t wash the clothes I washed.

After seeing that I did n’t wash my clothes, my mother -in -law yelled at me. "The clothes were not cleaned, and I was not allowed to eat." At that time, I was very angry. The father -in -law provoked her.On the body.

So because of this incident, I quarreled with her. After the quarrel, I immediately asked my parents to pick me up. This time, I was going to divorce my husband.

I think I will not be happy to live in such a family. My husband’s emotional is unstable, and the in -laws do not have a elder. I only have a breath here.

Do you think I’m right?

I might as well be born to the sun. Remember to like what I share, comment on the comments, thank you for your support!

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