Seeing red during pregnancy may be the signal of these problems. The second is very dangerous.

Early pregnancy is one of the most sensitive and prone problems during the entire pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers have seen red during pregnancy.Regarding the red, there are the saying of "ten men and nine missing", which means that if a boy is pregnant, there will often be bleeding symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.Is there a scientific basis for this statement?

From a medical perspective, the abortion rate of a boy is slightly higher than the girl, but this does not show that there is redness during pregnancy, that is, the performance of the boy.Take me, for example, my two babies in my family did not appear red during pregnancy, and they were all male treasures in the end.

It can be seen that seeing redness and the gender of the fetus is not directly related. Seeing red during pregnancy may be signals of certain diseases. The following situations are often accompanied by bleeding. Do not care about it, especially the second, which may threaten pregnancy.Mom’s life is safe.

1. Breakal abortion

More than half of the threatened abortion occurred in the early pregnancy.The first symptom of aura abortion is that there are a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, which is often dark red. It is often accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdominal pain and low back pain.When the above symptoms occur, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for examination in time.Pay attention to bed rest in life to avoid sexual life.

Breakal abortion does not necessarily have a miscarriage. Pregnant mothers need to be too worried. According to a medical research statistics, more than 50%of pregnant women can pass the bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. Generally, as the embryonic development is becoming more and more stable, the threatened abortion will be aborted.Symptoms will also disappear.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a very dangerous situation during pregnancy, and seriously threatens the life of pregnant mothers.As the name implies, ectopic pregnancy means that the embryo does not bed in the uterus, but bed outside the uterus. Fallopian tube pregnancy is the most common ectopic pregnancy.If ectopic pregnancy is found in time and the embryo continues to grow, it may cause fallopian tubes to rupture and cause major bleeding.

The sooner the extraterrestrial pregnancy is found, the better, and the smaller the physical damage of the pregnant mother.Therefore, after confirming pregnancy, women should go to the hospital in time to measure B -ultrasound or progesterone to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

3. Port

One of the manifestations of hydatidiform is irregular vaginal bleeding, starting with a small amount, and it is easy to be misdiagnosed as a threatened abortion. In the future, it gradually increases, and often repeatedly bleeds.

4. Early stripping placenta

The placenta part or all from the uterine wall is called early peeling.After pregnancy, the fetus obtains oxygen and nutrients from the mother through the placenta and umbilical cord. Early peeling of the placenta will seriously threaten the safety of the fetus in the abdomen.Its main manifestations are also vaginal bleeding. The amount of bleeding is generally large and the color is dark red.

During pregnancy, there are many reasons for redness. Some will threaten the safety of the fetus and mothers. As long as there is bleeding, pregnant mothers must not care about it and go to the hospital for examination in time.

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