Seeing my in -laws for the first time, my mother -in -law asked my daughter -in -law to get pregnant before getting married.

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Each marriage involves the problem of "trust", and many times, we have to use "front trust".

The so -called "employment is not doubt, no suspects do not need to", if you are sure to marry someone, then you must have corresponding trust. Otherwise, you always suspect that the other party cheats the marriage, so don’t get married.

Some people may say that they have trusted each other, but they are still deceived. What is this?This is this:

If you do not distinguish the blind trust of the blue and red soap, and do not do a little bit about the other party at all, then your trust is worthless; the "front trust" we mentioned above is based on your understanding of the other party. You find it credibleJust let me, just take a step to take a step.

For example, a couple who has been in love for many years should not suddenly lose trust if they are determined to get married, otherwise they will be destined to end in tragedy.

The reason why this woman abandon her marriage after seeing her in -laws for the first time, because the man did not trust her, and tried to stab her through the way of "marriage".What do you say.

Although many husbands and wives are married in reality, shouldn’t this kind of thing be based on the voluntary basis of both parties?If the man forcibly asked the woman to marry, I think it would be unreasonable, which is too unfair to the woman.

The reason why I broke up with my ex -boyfriend was because I encountered this kind of problem. He and his parents asked me to "get pregnant before getting married". It was ridiculous to say that there was a handle in their hands to prevent me from cheating.

Before this incident, I never thought that my ex -boyfriend would obey his parents. He has always been a person who respects me very much.Overview.

When I took him to my family to see my parents, my parents did not make any excessive request, saying that everything respects the wishes of us, but when I go to his house to see my parents, I ask me to "get married first and get married".Why!

When my mother -in -law chatted with me at first, her attitude was not bad. I thought she had recognized me and thought she could get married with her son smoothly, but who knew she later said:

"Daughter -in -law, you also know, you have to spend a lot of money to marry my son.It ’s not that I do n’t trust you. The key is that many people are not credible now. I’ m a little precaution. Is n’t it wrong?I think if you are me, you will have the same idea as me.

In other words, in order to prevent our family from spending money unjustly and not allowing our family’s money to make water, we have to formulate a reasonable and fair condition: our family can spend money to marry you into the door, but the premise is that you must get pregnant first first., That is, the so -called Fengzi married.

If you are not pregnant, our money is not practical, otherwise in case we spend money, you have to divorce, which is too heavy for us.When you get pregnant before you get married, you have a handle in my hands and save you regret. This is good for both of us."

I didn’t rush to reply to my mother -in -law, but turned around and asked my ex -boyfriend, "What do you think?"

He glanced at his mother and said obediently, "I think my mother said it makes sense!" I confirmed to him again. What he said was the same, so I decided to give up, "That being the case, then this marriage, then this marriageDon’t end, go to someone else to get married! I can’t accept pregnancy before getting married! "

I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but after speaking the decision to give up, I had no intention to explain anything.Yes, I can indeed play a role in restraining me when I am pregnant. But the problem is that if they hold this handle, then turn their faces without giving gifts, and do n’t buy a house, who do I cry?

I didn’t expect that we have been in love for so many years. He didn’t have any trust in me. His mother suspected that I would deceive the marriage, and he followed that I would cheat my marriage. Alas, what does this kind of man marry!

In the above case, the kind of lovers who have made a "crisis in trust" in front of their marriage usually have two scatters, because a crisis of trust will destroy the foundation of trust for many years.

Couples who have decided to get married for many years are different from couples who talk about marriage when they just know. They talk about marriage and marrying each other just when they know each other. They do n’t trust each other. They can understand them.I have been together for so many years, and I have long been able to trust each other. In this case, there is still a crisis of trust in a trust before marriage.

I hope other men can learn from the case above: If you do not trust your girlfriend, then don’t talk about marriage and marry, you should break up early;When marrying her as a wife, then you should not be doubtful when you talk about marriage, especially because you do n’t doubt them because of the disorder of your parents, otherwise you will hurt the other party and do n’t get married in the end. For you, you are not married.It is also a loss.

For women, if you encounter the "crisis of trust" in the case, if you are sure that you are fine, then don’t marry.When a man talks about marriage, he obeys his parents. You should easily think of what kind of state will be after marriage. At that time, he bullies you with his parents. It is yourself who suffers.

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If you are asked to get pregnant first and then get married, will you still marry?

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