Second spring?The 30 -year -old man suddenly grew nearly 1.9 meters tall, but his face value directly collapsed

30 -year -old Mr. Qin

I didn’t expect that I would have a long time at this age,

But although it is a good thing,

But with the growth of height,

The face value is significantly declined …

What made him even more scared is that

After the doctor understands the situation

Let him go to neurosurgery as soon as possible,

Otherwise, the situation is not optimistic.

"Second Spring" brings trouble and fear

The 30 -year -old Mr. Qin lived in Tong Township, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. He suddenly "grows and develops" three or four years ago. It turned out that the height of more than 180 cm grew to nearly 190 centimeters. Colleagues and friends would be interesting, and it would not be the "second spring".

At the beginning, Mr. Qin’s heart was also beautiful, but gradually, everyone found that his "strangeness" was found.

The troubles follow:

After that, Mr. Qin had more drinking and urine. He was weak, and people began to lose weight slowly. He lost more than 20 pounds a year, but he did not pay attention and did not go to the hospital for treatment.Not long ago, Mr. Qin found that the empty stomach blood sugar was 3-4 times the normal value during physical examination.

After going to the first People’s Hospital of Tongxiang City, the doctor asked him to go to neurosurgery after understanding the condition. Sure enough, the head of the head of the head of the head of the head of the pituitary body showed that the pathogen of the right part of the pituitary body was 15 times that of the serum growth hormone.

The doctor is in the operation

After the doctor understands the medical history in detail and the analysis and examination report, it is clear that Mr. Qin suffers from the growth of hormone pituitte adenoma, and it is a relatively rare type of pituitary tumor.

A series of drama changes such as the fierceness of Mr. Qin, the decreased face value, and the surge of blood sugar are all caused by it.Knowing the truth, Mr. Qin suddenly had a blank mind, but fortunately, he could be treated with surgery.

Next, doctors performed a minimally invasive surgery — under the nasal endoscopy through vertical brain tumor resection, and removed nearly 2 cm tumors.

After the surgery, Mr. Qin’s serum growth hormone returned to normal level, and blood sugar tended to be stable. The pituitary enhanced magnetic resonance examination prompted the tumor to be completely cut. On the 8th after the operation, Mr. Qin was discharged.

Recently, Mr. Qin’s outpatient review was reviewed. The pommel area enhanced the magnetic resonance tumor without residuals, thirsty, polyphonia, polyuria and other symptoms disappeared, and the levels of growth hormones and other pituitary hormones were normal, which prompted that the endocrine level was cured.What excites him, and his appearance gradually softened.

The face is fierce, the face value decreases

Alert pituitary tumor

According to the doctor, the pituitary is located in the center of the bottom of the brain, with a weight of about 0.6 grams, and the peas are generally large. It can secrete a variety of hormones including growth hormones. Most of the human life activities are inseparable from it.Various factors such as external stimuli and genetics have tumors on the pituitary gland, which is called pituitary tumor.

Depending on the type of hormone secretion, hormone secretion pituitary tumors can be divided into prolactor -type pituitary tumors, growth hormone pituitary tumors, etc.

"Growth hormone -type pituitary tumors account for about one -third of the secretion -type pituitary tumor. Excessive secretion of growth hormone can cause excessive growth of limbs, muscles, and internal organs, causing changes in limbs and appearance.The skull and face are wide and the cheekbones are high, and the sound of hoarseness and sleep snoring will also occur, which will affect the patient’s face value and harm health. Allowing its development will threaten life. Growing hormone pituitary tumors will develop slowly, hidden symptoms, and it is easy to be early in the early stage.Low diagnosis. "

"At present, about 95%of pituitary tumor surgery can remove tumors through nasal butterfly, safe and effective, and can achieve the ultimate goal of full -cut tumor root treatment." The doctor said.

Source: Guangzhou Anti -Evil

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