Science of medical science: Sperm only go in a little bit, will you not get pregnant in time if you clean it in time?

Hello everyone, I am a smart medical doctor.

Male friends and girls are easy to heat up, but the medical doctors remind girls here not to rush to have a relationship with their boyfriend.If you are popping, girls must pay attention to protect themselves, take contraceptive measures, and avoid accidental pregnancy because of no contraceptive knowledge. There must be no slavery by the scene, so that the scumbag man cheated himself.

The medical doctors are here to science the contraceptive knowledge to avoid being deceived by girls.

Girls regret


As long as it is ejaculated in the body, it is possible to get pregnant. Because men will shoot hundreds of millions of sperm at a time, even if they only shoot a little bit, they may be pregnant.Moreover, the vitality of Xiao Yan is very strong and tenacious. Washing with water alone cannot have the effect of contraception.

Wonderful moment


Men’s sperm is very active. Even if male sperm shoots in female vulva, it may cause women to get pregnant.Sperm with super tenacious vitality will move in women by themselves and complete the combination with eggs.Moreover, do not have much hope for men’s control ability. It is difficult to ensure that it is unattended before the orgasm.

I just want to say, girls, do you really believe that men say "just can’t get in"?

Well, even if you believe it, the medical doctor will give the girls a science: if you can’t get in, you will be pregnant!

This is because men (prostate liquids) secreted in the "foreplay" contain a part of the semen.Moreover, most men have leakage, and the number of sperm and ability of the leakage sperm is sufficient to cause pregnancy.

Let’s first understand what is the safe period.Simply put, women with normal menstruation generally ovulation day is about 14 days before the next menstrual period, and 4 to 5 days before ovulation date is a dangerous period (easy to conceive), and other times can be regarded as a safe period.It is easy to understand, which is 7 days before the menstrual period, 8 days after the end of menstruation, or 3 days before, 4 days later.However, even in a safe period, it is possible to get pregnant.

Because if you have irregular menstruation, it is not easy to calculate the ovulation day and safety period, and it is easy to get pregnant unexpectedly.In addition, even if your menstrual rules, our ovulation period will be affected by our own hormones, external weather conditions, diet, and even mood, and ovulation will be advanced or postponed.

There is also a possibility that it is mentioned above. Don’t underestimate the vitality of Xiao Yan. It may live in your body to a sister of eggs in your body!

The above is the situation that the medical doctor may be pregnant. At present, the relatively effective and safe contraceptive method is condoms and oral contraceptives.

When girls have a relationship with boys, they must know how to protect themselves and not be stunned by love.Do not cause fear of contraceptives, relative to the harm of the body on the body, the impact of oral short -term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives on the body is really too small.

Women who learn to refuse are more beautiful

For unexpected pregnancy, if you want to say that girls, you must protect themselves.

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